These Preachings of Lord Buddha Can Help you Get Through This Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic outbreak and the chaos following it, we will be celebrating another important festival of the year, which is Buddha Purnima.

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The Hindu Panchang which is thoroughly followed in India states that this festival arrives during the Purnima Tithi of the Vaisakh month. In the current year, it will be celebrated on Thursday, the 7th of May. It also goes by the name of Vesak and Buddha Jayanti. As this day is celebrated to mark the day when Lord Buddha who achieved his enlightenment on this day and also embraced his death. Meanwhile, many others also celebrate this day as Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary. 

Many commemorate fasts and Pujas on the day of Buddha or Vaiskah Purnima, which is why we will give away the auspicious Muhurat for this day before getting started with other important trivia about this festival. 

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Buddha Purnima Puja Muhurat

May 6, 2020, Purnima Begins From 19:46:37 

May 7, 2020, Purnima Ends At 16:16:48 

Note : This Muhurat is valid for New Delhi area only. Click here to know the Muhurat for your city. 

Why is Buddha Purnima Celebrated? 

Those of you who do not know much about Lord Buddha, let me begin by saying that he was a prince who gave up his worldly possessions for the sake of humanity. Mahatma Buddha founded the now widely popular religion Buddhism and was born as Siddhartha. He was also born as a Kshatriya to the Shakya clan on Vaishakh Purnima. Also, on this very same Tithi he gave up his physical life and attained enlightenment. As Buddhism is a very popular religion in today’s era and it has attracted tons of followers, natives of Japan, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka , Indonesia and many others also celebrate this day with great joy and fervour. This roughly translates into 180 crore population which can be said following Buddhism ardently. 

How Do the Celebrations of Buddha Purnima Take Place?

As it has been already stated, Buddha Purnima celebrations take place quite joyously. It is known to all that Gaya situated in Bihar happens to be the place where the Lord attained enlightenment and salvation. The “Mahabodhi Temple” situated here has served as a principal hub for academic enlightenment and Buddhist monks have been visiting this place since ancient times. The indoors and outdoors of the temple are especially decorated on the occasion of Budh Purnima. Unfortunately, this year we would not witness any such majestic celebrations taking place at religious shrines due to the Covid-19 outbreak. But, people will still celebrate this day and pay tribute to Buddha Dev by hosting some minimal engagements at their respective houses. 

To Know More About this Festival, Click Here and Watch the Video! 

On this note, we would like to mention some of the preachings of Lord Buddha which can be of great help to cope up with the mental stress in these adverse times. They can not only change our perception, but also help us look at the brighter side of things. Let us take a look at them. 

  • Buddha has talked about the three universal truths. First is that nothing is permanent in this life, impermanence is what is responsible for suffering and lastly the concept of ‘self’ does not exist. 
  • There are also four noble truths as preached by Buddha. He said that our world is filled with sufferings, our desires and attachments are the primary reasons for our sufferings and also they can be overcome by practicing the noble eightfold path. 
  • Of all the other preachings, the noble eightfold path would help us to reflect upon this adverse time in a better manner. 
  • The noble eightfold path basically consists of behavorial guidelines which can help us to look past our desires and fancies. They basically urge us to follow the right seeings, house the right thoughts in our mind, speak in the right manner, perform righteous actions, have a right amount of concentration, right amount of mindfulness, right endeavours and also to be in the right occupation and earn a  livelihood. Following these can help us to maintain the perfect mental balance and get through these negative times. 
  • Adding to this, it would also be beneficial if you adopt the Buddhist way of life and practice some mindfulness meditation. It is a specific meditation technique where an individual narrows down his/her attention towards the surrounding things and objects. 
  • This meditation should be done for 10 minutes regularly. 
  • Also, it would be better if you perform it in front of a Buddha statue in your room. 

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Also, this day is an equally important day for the followers of Hinduism as the religious scriptures consider Lord Buddha to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is hailed as the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which is why there is a great significance of worshipping both the Lords and reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram on this day. It was on this very day that Sudama, Lord Krishna’s childhood friend, got past a miserable life. Hence, people follow this ritual and fast on this New Moon, Purnima so as to remove all kinds of financial obstacles from their lives. 

There are also many important and easy rites and rituals which can be followed on this day. Considering the situation we are currently in, these rituals can be carried out at home easily. 

Some of them are mentioned below. 

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Buddha Purnima : Rites and Rituals to Follow

  • Wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath before sunrise on the day of  Vaishakh Purnima.
  • After doing so, offer Arghya to the sun while reciting the Surya Mantra.
  • Now, take an oath to observe the fast and eulogize Lord Vishnu.
  • After this, pay reverence to Lord Vishnu and his ninth incarnation, Lord Buddha with a devoted heart and mind.
  • On this day, you should light a sesame oil lamp at your house and also donate some sesame seeds if it is possible at all. 
  • You should also keep in mind that food can be consumed once in a day if you are observing this fast. 

So this was all you need to know about Vaisakh Purnima/Buddha Purnima. Hope you will find this blog insightful. Thankyou for connecting with us. Stay safe and stay healthy!!

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