Brihat Kundli For your Bright Future, Now Available in 8 Different Languages!

As you all know, AstroSage, the most trusted name in the field of astrology has come up with a special Brihat Kundli report. This report is basically the amalgamation of all the major principles and methods of astrology and with the help of this report, you can get a full idea about all the important aspects of your life. Since this report has been engineered by some of the best astrologers in town, it includes some crucial assessments regarding Raj Yoga, Shani Sade Sati, Kaal Sarp Dosha and Mangal Dosha. The good news is, the report can now be availed at a discounted rate of Rs 750/-

With the help of this report, you can find out the impact of planets and Nakshatras on your life. Along with this, it  also includes some very efficient remedies to bring positive changes to your life. It contains 250+ pages and also the most relevant solutions, remedies and predictions. 

Brihat Kundli Report Available in 8 Different Languages 

Along with Hindi and English, this report is also available in 6 other Indian languages. That is, this report is available in 8 languages in total. Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada and Malayalam are the other languages. 


AstroSage has created this most effective astrology report in Bengali and made things quite easy for the native Bengali speaking population. 


The Marathi speaking population is spread all across the country and quite large in number. Hence, astrology has created the Brihat report in Marathi language too to cater to the needs of these people. 


Gujarati language is spoken by more than five crore people and considering this fact, we have also made the Brihat Kundli available in Gujrati language.  

Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam 

The Brihat Kundli report is also available in certain South Indian Languages. 

Aspects do not somehow tally in both North and South Indian principles of astrology. Therefore, these things are also taken great care of in the Brihat Horoscope report. This is the reason that this report has received much acclaim in North India as well as in South India.

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Some Other Specialties of this Report 

The Brihat Horoscope puts to use some of the most extensive systems of astrology like KP, KCL, Cuspal Interlink, 4- Step and many other crucial methods. Along with this, it also provides information about the auspicious and inauspicious time frames of our life. The report includes details about our Root Number, lucky places and many other things. Not only this, if there are any auspicious Yogas or some harmful Doshas in your Kundli, then they can also be navigated with the help of this report. Overall speaking, it can be said that this Brihat report will play your friend, philosopher and guide in modern times. Each and every person should avail this report. 

Discount on Brihat Kundli 

You can now avail the Brihat Kundli report at a discounted rate i.e. Rs. 750. If there are some ongoing problems in your life and you are not able to put an end to them and you also wish to know the favourable aspects of your life, then Brihat Kundli will be of great help to you. As we have said, it can not only be availed in Hindi and English, but many native languages too. 

We hope for your bright future! Thank you for connecting with us!

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