Board Exams Over, What Next? CogniAstro Has All the Answers to your Questions

Are you a student of the 10th or 12th Standard? Are there any board exam candidates in your family or neighbourhood? If the answer is yes, then this blog is what you should read leaving everything behind.

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The board exams for the 10th standard have come to an end and the 12th board exams will also conclude shortly. Each and every 10th standard student is only focusing on their stream selection as their sole strategy now seems to be to get enrolled in a desirable stream which also ensures 100% success.

The stream and subject selection after the tenth standard is not only a difficult job, but also a very crucial one as it lays the backbone of a student’s future. Quite a few times, many children end up selecting a course/stream out of peer pressure. Of course, the societal and parental pressure add some extra fumes to their terrible choices.

Most of the time, they are not capable of selecting a course which guarantees success and satisfaction in the future. Surely a wrong decision on their part can take a toll on their upcoming life and career, as he/she ends up learning a particular subject in depth which doesn’t interest him/her.

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The question which immediately arises is what should be done in such a situation. Keeping all these things in mind, has come up with an extraordinary report named CogniAstro report, which has been prepared after long term research and calculations.

It puts to use the principles of psychology and astrology and can solve the problems of students in no time. With the help of this, students of the tenth standard can easily decide which stream they should select for 11th.

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There is no doubt that astrology has the capability to determine your career. However, many people find it difficult to acknowledge this statement.

On this note, you can read an article written by senior journalist and satirist, Piyush Pandey who has clearly specified how his profession was determined by astrology at a very early age. You can click here to read this piece and get a gist of the wonders astrology can do.

Bollywood figures like Manoj Vajpayee and Sanjay Mishra also have mentioned in some of interviews that their birth charts were studied by astrologers during their childhood and they were destined to move ahead and earn name and fame in the world of Hindi Film Industry.

Actually, astrology has very well made it possible for you to understand which field will be ruled by you. CogniAstro 10th grade report describes what the child’s personality type is like, and which subjects he/she should select so that success and satisfaction flows in easily.

There is also a CogniAstro report for twelfth standard students, which will help students to evaluate which career field should be chosen after twelfth. For instance, if you choose the humanities stream, you can go for career options like Journalism, Fashion Designing, Film Making and numerous other paths.

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The CogniAstro report has been prepared after many years of study and research. Alok Puranik, a professor of commerce at Maharaja Agrasen College of Delhi University says, “After taking a look at the CogniAstro report, one realizes a massive amount of research can also be done in career determination. I got a report done of my daughter, which was curated according to her personality. I am now confident that she will definitely excel in her academic path which she has selected after her 10th.”

The CogniAstro report also frees the students as well as their parents from all kinds of stress and anxiety, which they have been fighting through all these years. This happens because they are unsure about the path they or their children have selected as it does not ensure 100% success and satisfaction at the same time.

Once the board examinations of the 10th and 12th standard are over, this is the perfect time to pay attention towards career making and development.

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Now, you might be wondering, if you are not a student of the 10th or 12th Standard, what Good will this Report do to you? What you can do here is, spread the word about this report amongst your acquaintances. Imagine the success your known ones will achieve after receiving this report.

Also, there is a specialized CogniAstro report for professionals, which will definitely help to get rid of all your career related worries.

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May you have a successful academic life and career ahead. Thankyou for connecting with us!! 

CogniAstro: Your Perfect Career Guide!

For Professionals

For Professionals

In today’s world, everyone wishes to have a successful career and ride the path of fame, but at times it becomes hard to balance out “Success” and “Satisfaction” equally. With such situations, CogniAstro Report for Professionals turns out to be your ultimate saviour! The CogniAstro Report reveals your personality type and analyses the best career options for you, based on it.

For Students 10th

For Students 10th


Similarly, CogniAstro Report For 10th Grade Students gives a quick insight regarding the more suitable stream for your higher studies.


For Students 12th

For Students 12th

CogniAstro Report For 12th Grade Students sheds light on adequate courses, best colleges, and career options.


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