Black Fungus & Heart Attack : The Dasha of Planets Reveal It All!

While the country is still fighting the second wave of Coronavirus, in the meantime, a disease called black fungus’ outbreak has initiated. Just like Coronavirus, this disease named Black Fungus is proving to be extremely dangerous and fatal. According to the doctors, this problem named Black Fungus has the ability to kill a person by reaching through their nose to their lungs and brain. The statistics are surprising, but like the Coronavirus, the constant increase in black fungus patients now seems to be intimidating.

In such a situation, we can read this piece by Acharya Raman who conducts an astrological analysis on this and is of the view that three are certain planets in the horoscope of the person that increases the risk of getting these fatal diseases (black fungus and heart attack). Let us know what they are. 

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What is Black Fungus ? 

After the second wave of Covid, circles have been going around the headlines regarding a new disease called Black Fungus. As per the doctors this is an infection in the eyes which affects the eyesight of the people and can also prove to be fatal in some cases .

The medical reason for this is the use of steroids which makes one immune to Covid but also increases the possibility of developing this fungus in the body particularly to those who have sugar problems. The number of cases are horrifying because just like Coronavirus, the cases concerning this disease have also been on the rise. 

Blood clotting is another repercussion of this disease which is killing people suddenly either by heart attack or brain stroke.

These States are Facing the Turmoil of Balck Fungus Extravagantly

As per sources, most outbreaks of black fungus have been seen in Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bihar, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

Astrological Causes & Remedies of this Disease

Venus is the Karaka/significator planet for the eyes along with Sun and Moon as they are called luminaries but I will focus on Venus as this thing has started somewhere after the movement of Venus changed. It is also the planet for Sugar element in the body so whenever there is affliction to Venus, the 12th and 2nd houses , Venus connecting with them in any way and /or is placed in the evil houses like 6-8-12 and the native is suffering from Covid, you are advised not to take steroids etc. otherwise you may end blind for life or die.

Planetary Positions State the Reasons for Stroke/Brain Damage

People having affliction to the Moon and Mars, Mars connecting with 4th or the 1st house in any way and Moon hemmed in malefic will cause heart attack/ brain stroke even after Covid has gone and recovery mode is on.  If you are not aware of the planetary movements affecting your life and ongoing in your Kundli, then click here to call or chat with our expert astrologers and know the same. 

Symptoms of This Fatal Disease 

Fighting any disease is possible only when we are able to detect its symptoms from time to time so that we can cure that disease in time. In this case, let us talk about the symptoms of Black Fungus. 

  • Eye pain and redness of eyes
  • fever
  • cough
  • Headache
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Unmistakable
  • Vomiting

These are some of the initial symptoms and you are advised to talk to the doctor as soon as you see their manifestation.

Remedies to Safeguard Yourself in this Era of Diseases

Do consult the available doctor in your vicinity and don’t pay attention to Facebook or Whatsapp forwards as they should be banned for some time in India at least where every second proclaims to be a doctor, astrologer and astronaut all by himself.

Also, step out of the house only if it is very important. Follow the official guidelines completely. Wash hands and your mouth from time to time. Use a mask and make social distancing a part of your life.

Recite Hanuman chalisa and Devi Kavach. There is no need to do anything else or more.

For more information, talk to Acharya Raman over a call or text! 

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