BJP’s B. S. Yeddyurappa Kundli Reveals His Political Success!

B.S. Yeddyurappa (full name Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa) is a renowned Indian politician who led a victorious political trail in Karnataka as the Chief Minister thrice. For the fourth time ever, the BJP State President swore the oath on Friday, 26 July, 2019as the Chief Minister of Karnataka after H. D. Kumaraswamy’s government lost majority. Yediyurappa is the only political figure to serve as the CM of Karnataka four times in a row! On the advice of his astrologers, he subsequently changed the spelling of his name “Yeddyurappa” to “Yediyurappa” before the oath ceremony to get rid of any malefic omen related to the month of Ashadha. The idea behind this astrological action is to fulfill his duties for a longer period and achieve the goals he has visioned.

We have analysed his birth chart based on the time of the oath and predicted about his political career. Read along to know whether or not he will be able to make it big this time!

Yeddyurappa Kundli Analysis

  • Date of Birth – 27 February 1943
  • Time of Birth  – 2:59:48 (War time corrected)
  • Place of Birth – Mandya, India


He is born in the Sagittarius ascendant under the influence of “Moola Nakshatra”. This nakshatra is ruled by “Ketu Planet’ under the regime of “Vimshottri Dasha System”.

Sagittarius is the ruling sign of Jupiter, which depicts wisdom in life. Due to the influence of this sign, Yeddyurappa is born with great intellect, wisdom and vision. He has the natural ability for leadership and the power to communicate his ideas or plan impressively to the people. Whereas Moola Nakshatra is a tamasic nakshatra, which makes the person aggressive in a peculiar way. Natives of this nakshatra are great revengers, which makes them a cruel enemy in life.

Yediyurappa Kundli Details Based on Oath Ceremony Time

  • Oath Date – 26 July 2019
  • Oath Time – 18:31
  • Oath Place – Bengaluru (Ka)



As per the kundli, he took the oath during the Capricorn Ascendant, which is the 7th house in his Natal (original) kundli. 7th house depicts Elevation (Pad Prapti)  in career.

In Capricorn ascendant, he chose the Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra which is ruled by Sun in Vimshottari Dasha System. The Sun is the first grade planet for politics and authority. This shows the deep connection and faith of Yeddurappa on Indian astrology. If we talk about the dashas that he will be running after taking this oath, then these are:

  1. Venus – Ketu – Sat  (14-7-19 to 21-9-2019)
  2. Venus – Ketu – Mer ( 21-9-19 to 20-11-2019)

Under “Sun” Mahadasha

  1. Sun – Sun ( 20-11-2019 to 5-3-2020)
  2. Sun – Moon (5-3-2020 to 7-9-2020)
  3. Sun – Mars (7-9-2020 to 11-1-2021)
  4. Sun – Rahu (11-1-2021 to 7-12-2021)
  5. Sun – Jup    (7-12-2021 to 26-9-2022)
  6. Sun – Saturn  (26-9-2022 to 8-9-2023)

Political Predictions 

The current and coming dashas in his life (based on natal chart) till next election for KA state are mentioned below:

  • Moon – Mercury – Rahu  (28-7-2019 to 15-10-2019)

During this period, conflicts with the nearby states or board states may arise. He may also witness some sort of party disputes or dispute with the opposition party on religious matters.

  • Moon – Mercury – Jupiter (15-10-2019 to 21-12-2019)

In this period, his health may remain unfavourable. This means that he has to remain very attentive and cautious during this period. Moreover, a prominent event related to women may happen in this duration. There is a high chance that this woman can be from the party itself.

  • Moon – Mercury – Saturn (21-12-2019 to 10-03-2020)

During this period, all the conflicts from the last few months will come to an end. This period will be relaxing for him. Government will remain stable. Plus, there is a possibility that the government will implement some new decisions or project for the welfare of KA people.

  • Moon – Ketu (10-3-2020 to 13-10-2020)

During this period, the party and government will stand strong on the religion based matters. Yediyurappa’s government will remain financially strong, and he may implement some new laws during this period. This could be related to women or travel.

  • Moon – Venus (13-10-2020 to 11-6-2022)

During this period, a woman from the state cabinet’s side will come in limelight. Party will remain in strong condition without much trouble from the opposition.

  • Moon – Sun (11-6-2022 to 12-12-2022)

This period is very dangerous for Yeddyurappa himself. There is a huge possibility of him suffering from heart related ailments, which may shock the natives. Also, this issue may arise while resting at home or while traveling.

  • Mars – Mars (12-12-2022 to 8-5-2023)

As an election in year 2023 is bound to happen, we have considered the dasha till this date only. This period will be favourable for Yediyurappa and his government. This is because in his Lagna kundli, Mars is placed in the friendly sign Sagittarius in the first house, which makes it strong. In the kundli based on the Oath timings, planet Mars is creating a parivartan yog with Moon, which is a good factor. But since Mars is in the last degree in the natal chart, he has to put extra efforts for every matter that will come up during the Mars Dasha.

During this period, the government may face maximum number of problems from rivals. As a result, Yeddyurappa has to act logically and come up with reliable solutions in order to turn out as a winner. He may have to face the anger of his state’s people for the rise in oil prices as well. Moreover, if elections come during this phase, he will have to work harder than before in order to bang the winning title.

We wish him best of luck for his future endeavours and also urge him to take care of his health from September 2019 onwards.


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