Biggest Update of AstroSage Kundli App

We are happy to share probably the biggest update to the AstroSage Kundli app ever. Our Astro gurus can now rejoice as AstroSage announces and explains the benefits of the new features, which will further make their user experience and their interaction with the app better. So, the BIG news is that AstroSage is set to launch some new features solely for our beloved astrologers which will help ease and enhance the prediction making process for them. Excited, aren’t you? Hope you enjoy and have as much fun while reading about these features and actually experiencing them while using the app as we had during its development process. 

We’re sure you’d like to know what are those miscellaneous features so read on to understand further. 

10 New Big Features

Yogas & Doshas

The positive Yogas and the negative Doshas forming in a certain individual’s chart will now be at the fingertips of our astrologers with this feature being displayed on their screen providing the ease of access and saving loads of time for them. So this is definitely something to look forward to.


Astrology and its predictions are largely dependent on the remedies an astrologer can provide to solve an individual’s problems and no doubt our astro gurus have to remember many remedies suitable to each individual horoscope. Keeping this in mind AstroSage is now coming up with a feature where astrologers will readily find some important remedies to prescribe to their clients, saving on their time and energy. Isn’t that cool? Go check out this feature now. 



Panchadhikari is the term referred to the five lords ruling the Varshphal horoscope of an individual during a particular year. This feature would definitely come in use for the ones making detailed yearly predictions with accuracy for their clients. Do check this one out. 


Our dear astrologers would be aware of the term ‘Karak’ for sure. ‘Karak’ is defined as the significance of a particular planet. For eg: Moon is the significator of our emotions, Jupiter is the significator of knowledge and so on. This feature ‘Karak’ will now help you check the significations of different planets within seconds. It is a great feature even for those who are learning Astrology. 


This feature talks about the state that a planet is in while it is positioned in a certain rashi and house. Meaning, whether it is Muditha, Jagrat, Susupta, etc. The Astro gurus here will very well understand what we are talking about. This feature will now let you readily know the state of the planet and further strengthen your predictions.


We’re sure that each one of you will agree that Vedic Astrology is based around the framework of nakshatras. These 27 nakshatras are basically divided into 9 categories starting from Janam Tara, Sampat, Vipat and so on. Now there will be no need for you to even fiddle around with looking for Navataras as we have this exciting feature right at your disposal. 


Upgraha Table 

Upgrahas are basically the ‘chaya’ planets which are categorized as the lower planets but still have a significant impact on our lives and are an important part of the astrology calculations. Planets such as Gulika, Maandi, etc play a significant part in turning our life events upside down. Now the Upgraha Table feature will help our astrologers make predictions with an added ease and accuracy.

Arudha Chart

An Arudha Chart refers to the physical manifestation of a House in a Natal Chart. Meaning, this particular chart shows how the world perceives us and how we can improve and enhance those perceptions. This is another important feature used by many astrologers for making predictions and we have tried our best to make it easy for you by making this feature available on the kundli app now.

Ruling Planets for KP System 

Current ruling planets are one of the most important determinants while making a prediction and its accuracy, especially in KP Astrology. This feature will definitely be one of the most used and loved features amongst this list.


Shodashvarga Table 

The Shodash Varga table is basically a chart showing all 16 divisions of a horoscope. Each division represents a specific area of life and offers valuable insights into different aspects of an individual’s personality, career, relationships, and more. This table will now make all these charts and the planetary values just a glance away and further ease the process of making predictions while our gurus are at work. 



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