3 Major Transits In October Across First 3 Days: Lucky For These Zodiacs

3 Major Transits In October: The planets keep changing their positions after certain time intervals and it varies as per its characteristics. In Vedic Astrology, there is special importance on the transit movement of the planets as it impacts the zodiacs in different ways.

In October 2023, 3 big transits are going to happen in the first 3 days of the month and it will have an effect on all the zodiacs. This AstroSage blog highlights the details of these 3 major transits in October along with lucky zodiacs benefitting from the auspicious period. 

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3 Major Transits In October That Impacts The Lives Of Natives 

Mercury Transit In Virgo 

Mercury is the indicator of creativity, intelligence, and logic among individuals, and Virgo is referred to as the dual sign where the natives will be consistent in their all-round efforts. The Mercury transit in Virgo will bring both auspicious & inauspicious outcomes in the lives of natives. 

Date & Time: Mercury Transit In Virgo

Among the 3 major transits in October, the Mercury Transit In Virgo occurs on 01 October at 20:29 hrs. 

List Of Lucky Zodiacs During Mercury Transit In Virgo 


The transit will bring positive outcomes in the life of Taurus natives and they will attain a higher level of life satisfaction. Their financial capacity will rise and thus the spending becomes comfortable. The health situation will remain comfortable and the situation with the life partner will remain stable. 

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For Leo people, it will be idle time to earn a handsome amount of money to fulfill their requirements. There will be new opportunities in your job life and businesses will be able to make good profit from their operations. The chances of happiness in the relationship are prominent and the health will also remain secure. 

Venus Transit In Leo 

The planet Venus is the factor of love & beauty and the Venus transit in Leo will bring prosperity to the lives of natives. There are a lot of benefits availed by the zodiacs and they’ll be able to deal with disturbances successfully. Let us look into the zodiac signs benefitting from the Venus transit in Leo zodiac. 

Date And Time: Venus Transit In Leo 

Among the 3 major transits in October, the Venus transit in Leo happens on 02 October 2023 and at 00:43 hrs. 

List Of Lucky Zodiacs During Venus Transit In Leo 


The Gemini people will get all the success in their lives due to Venus’s transit in the Leo zodiac. There will be a rise in travel needs related to financial or career matters. Get new job opportunities in the period and also get recognition in your present workplace. 

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For Sagittarius people, it is the best opportunity to earn the right kind of financial benefits and move their career goals in a positive direction. The profitability of businesses rises during the period and achieves a higher level of satisfaction. The Sagittarius people will be able to grab the job opportunities more clearly. 

Mars Transit In Libra 

The influence of the Mars planet will make the individual bold and straightforward in reaching specific goals in life. Associate or transit of planet Mars in the Libra sign will make the natives confident in their daily activities and also increase memory power & concentration levels. Also, the natives will be able to develop a higher level of intelligence and shine across planned business missions due to Mars transit in Libra

Date And Time: Mars Transit In Libra

Among the 3 major transits in October, the Mars transit in Libra happened on 03 October 2023 at 17:12 hrs. 

List Lucky Zodiacs During Mars Transit In Libra 


For Virgo natives, it is the best time to join a new company to avail job opportunities. It is the best time to make the right moves in your career and achieve the right level of success. The health of natives will remain intact and make conscious efforts toward the family’s well-being. 


For Capricorn natives, the Mars transit in Libra will be the best time to make progress in their professional careers. The personal life will be filled with happiness and the love life will also stay protected. Your health will remain intact and it will be the best time to make investments across different sectors. 

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Q1. Which planetary transit predicts marriage?

Ans. Jupiter affects your marriage timing and the transit to specific signs will deliver suitable outcomes. 

Q2. Which transits result in the rise of wealth?

Ans. The short-term transits are considered favorable and the positioning of the planet across houses will deliver fruitful results. 

Q3. Which house is responsible for money?

Ans. The eleventh house in astrology will be the factor of money & fortune. 

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