Auspicious Yoga On Bhadrapada Purnima: Note Zodiac-Wise Remedies For Prosperity!

In Sanatan Dharma, there is the special significance of Purnima Tithi. Every year there are 12 moons. Among these, the Purnima or full moon falling on the Bhadrapada month is very important. This Purnima is referred to as Bhadrapada Purnima, Bhado Purnima, and Purnima Shraddha. From this date, the Pitru Paksha starts & continues till the new moon day of Ashwin and thus it is called Poornima Shraddha. People remember their forefathers from the date and pay respect to them for salvation & peace. But, the date is not considered a part of Shraddha Pitru Paksha.

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On the day, taking a bath, worshiping & offering prayers, donations, and more will deliver fruitful results. The special thing this year is the creation of an auspicious yoga on the day of Bhadrapada Purnima and thus the relevance & importance of Purnima increases. Let us proceed forward with details of the Bhadrapada Purnima 2023 date, auspicious puja time, story, and remedies as per zodiacs. Also, get correct information on auspicious yoga formed on a special day.

Bhadrapada Purnima 2023: Date And Time 

The date of Bhadrapada Purnima in 2023 is 29 September 2023. The Purnima Tithi starts at 06:51 pm on 28 September 2023 and ends at 03:29 pm on 29 September 2023. 

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Bhadrapada Purnima 2023: Auspicious Yoga 

On the Bhadrapada Purnima day, a special yoga is formed this year. Also, on the same day, Vriddhi Yoga is formed. The volume of work done in yoga increases sharply and thus is considered the best yoga. There will be no hindrance in work in this yoga and the chances of success are bright. In Vriddhi Yoga, the performing of Puja and Sharddha of ancestors will deliver fruitful outcomes. 

Vriddhi Yoga Timing: The Yoga lasts till 08:02 pm on 29 September. 

The Importance of Bhadrapada Purnima 

On the Bhadrapada Purnima day, the story of Lord Satyanarayan is recited and it is believed that the lord also observes this fast on the day. With the recitation of the Satyanarayan story, a person recovers from the shortage of money and grains sharply. The natives acquire happiness and prosperity by observing fast on this Purnima or full moon day. On this day, the Uma-Maheshwar fast is observed. There is also the tradition of worshiping Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati on this fasting day. Other than that, there is the tradition of donation and bathing on this day. 

Bhadrapada Purnima Fast: Worship Method

  • Wake up early in the morning and take a bath on the Bhadrapada Purnima day. Also, wear clean clothes and take a vow of fasting by visiting a temple.
  • After this, clean the worshiping place and install the Lord Satyanarayana idol.
  • Offer items are Panchamrit, flour, and Semolina to the lord at the time of worship. Then listen to Lord Satyanarayan’s story. 
  • Once the story is completed, do the aarti of Lord Satyanarayan, Mother Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, and Ma Parvati. 
  • Once the aarti is completed, distribute the Prasad to everyone. 
  • Break the fast at night by eating fruit and offering charity in the morning. 

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Story Of Bhadrapada Purnima Fasting 

As per the legend, Maharishi Durvasa was returning after meeting Lord Shankar once, and on the way, he met Lord Vishnu. Maharishi Durvasha told the lord that he was returning after a meeting with Lord Shiva and then presented a Bilvapatra garland to Vishnu Ji. But, rather than wearing the garland, Lord Vishnu gave it to Garuda. The scenario wasn’t liked by Maharishi Durvasha and he became very angry with it. In anger, Maharishi cursed Vishnu Ji and said, ‘You are over proud of yourself, and I curse you that all your happiness ends, wife Ma Lakshmi will be separated from you. Also, Sheshnag won’t be able to support you’.

After that, Lord Vishnu realized his mistake and while seeking forgiveness, the Lord said he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again. Durvasha Maharishi calmed down after it but said I can’t take back the curse. Only by observing the fast of Uma-Maheshwar, freedom from all sins can be obtained. Lord Vishnu observed the fast as mentioned by Maharishi to get back all his strengths and freedom from the sins. 

Must To Do Work On Phadrapada Purnima

  • On this day, in the morning, take a bath in the holy river and then do charity accordingly. If bathing in the river is not an option, then bathe at home with the addition of a little Ganga water to the normal bathing water. 
  • In the Copper pot, take Arghya and offer it to the Sun God. Also with it, chant the mantra of ‘Om Suryay Namah:’. 
  • On the full moon or Purnima day, worship Lord Shiva as per the rules & regulations and offer milk & curd to the lord. Also with it, chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay:’. After this, the Shivling should be offered Belpatra, Shami Dhatura, and Aak Flower. 
  • Other than that, on the Purnima day worship Hanuman Ji as it will provide relevant benefits. Also, recite Hanuman Chalisa or the Sunderkand. 
  • To get extremely fruitful results, listen to the Satyanarayan story on the Bhadrapada Purnima day. 
  • On this day, offer Mustard Oil to Shani Dev. Also, donate items like grains and essential products to needy people. 

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Zodiac-Wise Measures For The Special Yoga On Bhadrapada Day 

On the Bhadrapada day, worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi to get fruitful outcomes. Take the measures along with worship methods to pleasure them. Let us get details of zodiac-wise measures to be taken on this day. 


On the Bhadrapada Purnima day, the Aries natives need to offer a mix of milk and sugar to the Moon or milk pudding as part of the Prasad. 


The Taurus natives should recite ‘Lakshmi Stotra’ or ‘Kanakdhara Stotra’ on this day to attain a good amount of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi should be worshiped on the midnight of full-moon day along with Lord Vishnu. Lit Ghee lamp at the main entrance of your home at night time. It is believed that by doing this, you can reside Goddess Lakshmi in your house. 

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Make the right kind of donations like milk, white sweets, silver, or white clothes to the needy people on this special day. It will result in happiness and prosperity in your lives. 


On the Bhadrapada day, the zodiacs need to worship Goddess Lakshmi following the special rituals. In the Puja session, offer a square piece of silver to Ma Lakshmi. Once the Puja is completed, put the silver piece in your purse. 


On this day, natives should offer water to the Peepal tree and also lamp a light near it. Also, circumambulate the tree seven times to get desirable results. 


At the Moonrise on the Bhadrapada day, the Virgo zodiac needs to offer Arghya mixing raw milk, rice, and sugar in water. Also, chant the mantra ‘Om Srin Srin Sraun S: Chandramse Namah’ during this time. 

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On this full moon or Purnima day, the Libra zodiac should apply the turmeric paste on 11 or 21 cowries and offer it at the feet of Mother Lakshmi in front of the idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi. Also, offer turmeric or saffron tilak as part of rituals in the puja ceremony. On the following day, tie the cowries in a red cloth and keep it in a safe or cupboard. 


On the Bhadrapada Purnima day, the natives should offer perfume and incense sticks to Ma Lakshmi and install Vriddhi Yantra or Shree Yantra in their home or business and thus worship it duly on a regular basis. 


On this special day, the Sagittarius natives should offer fast for Mahalakshmi and offer Kheer at night time. It should be fed to five or seven virgin girls to get suitable results. By donating to girls, one should seek the right kind of blessings as per their capabilities. 


The Capricorn natives, especially the students, to get desirable results one should meditate on Mother Saraswati. Also, donate items like books, erasers, or clothes to the poor or needy people. 


The businessmen belonging to the Aquarius people should light a lamp of desi ghee by placing Saffron in the earthen lamp & near Lord Shiva in the evening. While sitting there, one should chant the Panchakshari mantra after it. 


The Pisces natives should recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times on this day. With this, all your wishes will be fulfilled with the blessing of Hanuman Ji. Before the recitation, worship Hanuman Ji, and offer jaggery-gram prasad, vermilion, red garland, perfume, and others. 

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