Vastu Tips For Home To Boost Positivity & Luck

What is Vastu Shastra? This question has several answers with a different logical explanation every time. Vastu is a place where you live, work or go. It may be your house, your office or anywhere you spend your major time. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture, layout, space arrangement and direction. It offers several concepts and tips to imbibe positivity and fortune within a living space such as home or office. Below we are mentioning some useful Vastu Tips for your home by our esteemed astrologer Acharya Mrunal, which can help you regenerate positive energy within your house instantly.

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What is Vastu Dosha?

Vastu Dosha refers to the misplacement of articles or direction of things that are inappropriate in nature, and add a sense of negativity in the lives of residents or people spending their time in that space. As per Vedic Astrology, all the four major directions are ruled by various deities, and their positive and negative influence inflict favourable and unfavourable effects on the lives of natives in one way or the other. Any negative impact leads to the formation of Vastu Dosha, which can be cured by following special Vastu Tips and remedies.

Special Vastu Tips For Rooms

  • The southwest room should always be kept for the head of the family.
  • North East rooms should be kept for guests.

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Direction Of Bed in a Room

  • Southwest or South Bedrooms-  The person sleeping in the room should always have his/her head towards the south and the legs towards the north for better blood circulation.
  • Southeast and East Bedrooms-  Head should be towards the West and the legs should be towards the East.
  • North East Bedrooms-  Head should be towards the West and legs should be towards the East.
  • North West or North Bedrooms-  Head should be towards the West and legs should be towards the East direction of the room.
  • Angular Bedrooms-  The head of the person sleeping in the room should always be facing the Southwest direction and the feet towards the northeast direction of the room.

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Effective Vastu Tips For Bedrooms

  • The dressing table should not be in front of the bed.
  • We should not have any violent pictures in our rooms.
  • For positivity, we can keep a bowl filled with rock salt and raw amethyst.
  • Furniture in the room should be always made of wood as wood absorbs all the shocks, maintain stability in a room and also creates a positive vibe.
  • The colour of the room should always be in lighter shades.
  • The wardrobe in a room should be on the south or west wall.

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