How To Offer Bel Leaves To Lord Shiva?

In Sanatan Dharma, Sawan is a month full of devotion and reverence for the followers. They worship Lord Shiva in this entire month and try their best to please him. Among all the other deities, Lord Shiva can be pleased easily. He is fond of some items, and by mere offering these things, one can get his blessings. One such item is the Bel Leaves. 

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But do you know why Lord Shiva is so fond of these leaves? You will find answer in this blog. Along with this, we will also enlighten you with the things to be followed while offering the Bel leaves to Mahadev.

Why Bel Leaves are Dear to Lord Shiva?

Just like you are curious to know the reason for Mahadev’s fondness for the Bel Leaves, Maa Parvati was as equally inquisitive. To pacify Maa Parvati’s curiosity, Mahadev himself told her that the three Bel leaves are just like Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Samaveda. He also compared the Bel leaves with his hair. He said that the Bel tree on earth is similar to the Kalpavriksha in heaven. Apart from this, another reason for his fondness is that Maa Mahalakshmi took the form of a Bel tree on the Shail Mountain. 

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As per another legend, it is said that the Bel tree originates from the drop of sweat that fell from Maa Parvati’s forehead on the Mandara Mountain. Apart from this, it is also believed that Girija resides in the root of the Bel tree, Maheshwari in the stem, Dakshayani in the branch, Parvati in the leaf, and Gauri in the flower. Another common belief is that all the pilgrimages reside in the root of the Bel tree. Therefore, offering the Bel leaves to Mahadev has equal significance to travelling to all the pilgrimage sites.

We will now tell you the things that should be kept in mind while offering Bel leaves to Mahadev.

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Steps to be Followed for Offering Bel Leaves to Mahadev

  • Such Bel leaves whose three leaves are attached together should be offered to Lord Shiva.
  • The leaves you are offering must not have any cuts or holes, and they should not be damaged in any way.
  • One must never pluck the Bel leaves on Monday. So, if you want to offer the leaves to Mahadev on Monday, pluck them a day prior and keep them with you.
  • Bel leaves are never considered impure. One can offer the already offered ones after washing them. It will give the same fruits.
  • Always offer the Bel leaves to Lord Shiva on the smooth side.
  • Offer Bel leaves on Shivling while performing Jalabhishek.
  • Always offer the Bel leaves on Shivling using the ring finger, middle finger, and the thumb.

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