Movie Review: John Abraham’s Batla House Creates A Patriotic Buzz

John Abraham starring Batla House is an upcoming action thriller film, which injects a sense of true patriotism within the nation. The movie is based on a real life incident named Operation Batla House against Indian Mujahideen terrorists in the region of Delhi. The character of John Abraham, Police Officer Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, has raised several questions through this movie for which he is seeking answers. The movie is set to release on India’s Independence Day, i.e. 15th August 2019, and directed by Nikkhil Advani. The movie also stars Mrunal Thakur and Ravi Kishan in supporting roles.

Let’s read its astrological analysis and find out how well it will perform at the box office.

Batla House: Movie Review As Per Astrology

Here is a quick analysis of the movie “Batla House” based on Vedic Astrology. The chart attached below is based on the Name Sign or Naam Akshar.

  • Date of Release – 15 August 2019
  • Time of Release – 9 AM
  • Venue – Mumbai
  • Naam Akshar/Name Sign – B (Nakshatra Rohini -2)  (Rashi – Taurus)

After preparing the kundli according to the above details, the kundli is then rotated, therefore making it of Taurus ascendant.

batla house prediction

Below are the movie predictions which can determine whether the movie can be a hit or miss:

  • The kundli is of Taurus ascendant (according to the letter B), and Ascendant lord “Venus” is placed in the 3rd house with Sun – Mercury. Venus is the natural significator for cinema or creative arts.
  • The undergoing Vimshottari Dasha will be Mars – Mars – Mer – Sat – Jup during the first show’s time. Hereby, this dasha and planetary positions will decide the fate of the movie.
  • Mercury is being aspected by Jupiter, which is favourable, whereas Mars placed in the 4th house doesn’t seem suitable. Shani or Saturn, being a malefic planet, acts favourably when posited in the 8th house of the kundli, but since it is with Ketu, therefore, it will behave neutrally. This means that out of four, two planets seem to be in favour, one is neutral and one acts unfavourably.
  • Third house is the house of performing arts like Acting, Dialogue writing, whereas film’s success is represented by the 7th house as per Mundane Astrology. This means that the Writer and Actor (John Abraham) will get all the praises. 
  • 7th house representing film success has Scorpio sign posited with Jupiter. This sign is generally good for Jupiter and from this house, Jupiter is aspecting the 3rd house as well. Due to this position and aspect of Jupiter, it seems that the film will perform above average (will not be a blockbuster or super hit). Though the initial pace of success could be slow, but gradually this movie will earn profits for the producers.
  • The last but not the least is the presence of “Moon” in the 9th house, which shows that this movie will mark a long lasting impact on the viewer’s mind.


After evaluating the kundli, we can predict that the movie will perform average and definitely attract the action-thriller loving audience.

We wish all the best to the full star cast and crew members.


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