Basant Panchami 2021: Know Saraswati Puja Shubh Muhurat and Associated Legends

Every year, the festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha during Magha month. This day is considered to be the beginning of spring season in India. The tradition of venerating Maa Saraswati has been followed on the same day. The worship of this day is performed after the sunrise and before afternoon and this time is also known as forenoon.  

For your information, if Panchami Tithi commences after the middle of day’s time then the worship of Basant Panchami is performed on the following day. This is the very reason that the festival is celebrated on Chaturthi Tithi sometimes as per the Hindu Panchang. 

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When will Basant Panchami be in 2021?

  • Basant Panchami 2021 Date: February 16, 2021 i.e. Tuesday
  • Puja Muhurat: 06:59:11 to 12:35:28
  • Duration: 5:36 hours

The above mentioned Muhurat is applicable for Delhi only. Click here to know the Basant Panchami 2021 Muhurat of your city. 

Legends of Basant Panchami 

As per legends, it is said that Devi Rati and Lord Kamdev are worshipped in 16 ways (Shodashopachara Puja) on this day and this is considered to be fruitful and auspicious. It is considered that the life of married couples gets filled with happiness and their relationship becomes stronger if worship is performed with Shodashopachara Vidhi.   

As per the Hindu Panchang, the festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha during Magha month. Brahma Ji, the creator of the universe, created Maa Saraswati on this very day. There is a reference in Puranas that Brahma Ji created human beings at the will of Lord Vishnu at the beginning of the universe because the man was silent in the beginning stage and there had been absolute peace on earth. Then, Brahma Ji saw the universe in this state, he sprinkled water from his pot and then, a beautiful lady with four arms emerged from the earth and she had Veena in one hand while the other hand was in the state of Var Mudra and she was known as Maa Saraswati. When she played the Veena, there was some trembling in all the universe and all got empowered with a voice to express themselves.       

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Saraswati Puja

People worship Maa Saraswati on the day of Basant Panchami and it is considered to be highly auspicious for those who are associated with literature, education and art. One who recites Saraswati Stotra along with the worship of Maa Saraswati, gets blessed with positive results. Below is Saraswati Puja Muhurat for 2021:

  • Saraswati Puja 2021 Date: 16 February 2021, Tuesday
  • Puja Muhurat: 06:59:11 to 12:35:28
  • Duration: 5 Hour 36 Minute

The above mentioned Muhurat is applicable for Delhi only. Click here to know the Saraswati Puja 2021 Muhurat of your city. 

Shri Panchami

The tradition of venerating Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, along with Maa Saraswati and Lord Visnu has been followed on this day. Especially those who are associated with business activities, venerate Maa Lakshmi to have her blessings in their lives. Reciting the Sri Suktam Path along with the worship of Maa Lakshmi can prove to be highly beneficial.         

It is informed you that all the worships should be performed with Panchopchar and Shodashopchar Vidhi

Shodashopchar Puja Sankalp

ॐ विष्णुः विष्णुः विष्णुः, अद्य ब्रह्मणो वयसः परार्धे श्रीश्वेतवाराहकल्पे जम्बूद्वीपे भारतवर्षे,

अमुकनामसंवत्सरे माघशुक्लपञ्चम्याम् अमुकवासरे अमुकगोत्रः अमुकनामाहं सकलपाप – क्षयपूर्वक – श्रुति –

स्मृत्युक्ताखिल – पुण्यफलोपलब्धये सौभाग्य – सुस्वास्थ्यलाभाय अविहित – काम – रति – प्रवृत्तिरोधाय मम

पत्यौ/पत्न्यां आजीवन – नवनवानुरागाय रति – कामदम्पती षोडशोपचारैः पूजयिष्ये।

oṃ viṣṇuḥ viṣṇuḥ viṣṇuḥ, adya brahmaṇo vayasaḥ parārdhe śrīśvetavārāhakalpe jambūdvīpe bhāratavarṣe,

amukanāmasaṃvatsare māghaśuklapañcamyām amukavāsare amukagotraḥ amukanāmāhaṃ sakalapāpa – kṣayapūrvaka – śruti –

smṛtyuktākhila – puṇyaphalopalabdhaye saubhāgya – susvāsthyalābhāya avihita – kāma – rati – pravṛttirodhāya mama

patyau/patnyāṃ ājīvana – navanavānurāgāya rati – kāmadampatī ṣoḍaśopacāraiḥ pūjayiṣye।

Rati-Kamdev Meditation

ॐ वारणे मदनं बाण – पाशांकुशशरासनान्।

धारयन्तं जपारक्तं ध्यायेद्रक्त – विभूषणम्।।

सव्येन पतिमाश्लिष्य वामेनोत्पल – धारिणीम्।

पाणिना रमणांकस्थां रतिं सम्यग् विचिन्तयेत्।।

oṃ vāraṇe madanaṃ bāṇa – pāśāṃkuśaśarāsanān।

dhārayantaṃ japāraktaṃ dhyāyedrakta – vibhūṣaṇam।।

savyena patimāśliṣya vāmenotpala – dhāriṇīm।

pāṇinā ramaṇāṃkasthāṃ ratiṃ samyag vicintayet।।

Festival of Basant Panchami 

The festival of Basant Panchami is considered to be the beginning of spring season. It is also celebrated as the birthday of Maa Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. The glimpses of this festival are also observed in Bangladesh and Nepal and Indians venerate Maa Saraswati wherever they are settled and celebrate this festival with due rituals. Along with this, this day is considered to be extremely significant to attain the grace of Maa Sharda.    

In Bhagavata Purana, there is a mention that Maa Saraswati, the goddess of music, poetry, art, craft, knowledge etc., was born on Panchami Tithi of Magha month during Shukla Paksha. People wear yellow colour clothes on the day of Basant Panchami.   

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Basant Panchami Pujan Vidhi

On this day, those who are associated with education pray to Maa Sharda for gaining more knowledge. In addition to this, Maa Saraswati is worshipped in schools and colleges. Her idol is established in eatern province on this very day and then, it is immersed on the following day. Wearing yellow clothes and applying Tilak of turmeric on Maa Saraswati bears special significance. In this regard, it is believed that one attains the grace of Maa Saraswati in the soonest possible time.  

Here is a web story revealing some interesting details on Basant Panchami:

Significance of Yellow Colour on Basant Panchami

Yellow colour is a symbol of prosperity and ripening of crops. Flowers blossom, mustard plants and wheat crop up in the field during the spring season, which commences with the festival of Basant Panchami. In addition to this, colourful butterflies are visible in the fields and this adds beauty to the atmosphere. This festival is also known by the name of Rishi Panchami at several places.

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Different Ways of Celebrating Basant Panchami

  • Devotees take a dip in holy rivers on this day and worship Maa Saraswati.
  • People belonging to different states come to Haridwar and Allahabad for taking a bath in Ganga and the meeting of three rivers i.e. the Saraswati, Yamuna, and Ganga.
  • Also, devotees from states such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand etc. gather at Tatapani, the hot water source of Himachal Pradesh and take a bath.
  • Along with this, the tradition of making yellow dishes in many parts of north India has been followed and people wear yellow clothes.
  • The villagers of Punjab make merry in the yellow fields of mustard and fly yellow kites.
  • Maa Saraswati is venerated with musical instruments in West Bengal.
  • Grand fairs are organised at Guru Ka Lahore, a famous religious place in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

Special Significance of Basant Panchami

It is believed that one who attains success if he/she begins any work or business from Basant Panchami. Also, the day holds high significance for an auspicious activity like inauguration of any new house. Overall, the day is considered to be highly auspicious and fruitful for beginning any new work or business. 

Things to be Done on Basant Panchami 

  • Worship Maa Saraswati after taking a bath in the holy river.
  • Offer turmeric to Maa Saraswati and write ‘एं’ / ‘eṃ’ on your book with the same.
  • Wearing topaz and pearl is considered to be highly sacred.
  • Offer Kheer as Bhog to Maa Saraswati and distribute the same among family members after the worship.
  • Place a pen in front of the idol of Maa Saraswati at the time of worship and use it throughout the year to achieve greater progress and success in different fields of life.
  • Wear clothes of yellow and white colours.

Things not to be Done on Basant Panchami

  • Do not quarrel with anyone in the family.
  • Do not harvest the crop and cut trees. 
  • Do not eat non vegetarian food and consume alcohol. 

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