Balram Jayanti : Associated Legends and Importance of Fasting on this day!

On the occasion of Balram Jayanti, there is a tradition of fasting and obtaining and performing certain specific rituals which have been celebrated for centuries. If you wish to know anything about this fast, then pick up your phone and speak to our renowned astrologers.

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Balarama was the elder brother of Lord Krishna. According to ancient scriptures, the depiction of Balarama is not only restricted to being the elder brother of Lord Krishna. So, let’s learn about Balram on the occasion of this Jayanti. Also, know why a fast is observed on the day of Balarama Jayanti, and what are the correct Puja Vidhi to follow on this day!

According to the Hindu Panchang, this festival is celebrated on the sixth Tithi of Krishna Paksha. It is believed that those women who fast and worship on this day with a devoted heart and mind, witness their children getting a long and happy life. Also, if a childless woman observes this fast, then she is most likely to be blessed with a child. Now, let’s learn the right manner of performing the Puja Vidhi on this day.

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Not only this, but those married natives can also observe a fast on this day whose children remain inflicted with diseases on a daily basis.

Auspicious Timings/Shubh Muhurat for Balram Jayanti

  • Shashti Tithi Begins: 04:21 – 9 August 2020
  • Shashti Tithi Ends: 06:45 – 10 August 2020

Balram Jayanti Pujan Vidhi 

The festival of Balarama Jayanti is celebrated exactly six days after Raksha Bandhan on the day of Shravan Purnima. Balaram Jayanti is also known by the names like Lalhi Chhath, Baldev Chhath, Randhan Chhath, Halachhath, Harchatha Vrat, Chandan Chhath, Tinachthi, Tinni Chhath etc. It is believed that on this day Sheshnag Ji manifested on the face of the earth as Lord Balarama. Considering this, there is a custom of worshipping Lord Balram on this day. Let us now find out what are the rituals which should be followed on this day.

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  • Like it is done in all the other fasts, wake up early in the morning on this day too,  take a bath and then you can observe fast with all rituals.
  • Generally, this fast is observed by women who are blessed with sons.
  • Women observe this fast for the long and happy life of their sons.
  • On this day worship, a plough is also worshiped along with Balram Ji. Also, It is believed the seeds, vegetables, etc. which are sown by a plough should not be consumed on this day.
  • On this day, buffalo milk is specially used. Also, there is a tradition of observing fast on this very day.

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Apart from this, there are some other things that must be included in order to perform the complete rituals. It is believed that it results in absolute happiness. The things which should be used are Mahua leaf, rice grown in a pond, ‘Tinny rice’, roasted Gram (Chana), Mahua roasted in ghee, Red Sandalwood, earthen lamp, curd made from buffalo milk and ghee. Besides these, some grains like paddy, turmeric, a new piece of cloth, Janeu and kush etc. are also a part of the items required for the rituals.

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Vrat Katha of Balram Jayanti

According to the prevalent legend associated with Lord Balaram, when Kansa came to know that the children of Vasudev and Devaki would be the cause of his death, he imprisoned both of them and then killed their children one by one.

After this, when Devaki was about to become a mother for the seventh time, she was advised by Narada Muni to observe the fast of Goddess Halashti. He said that if she would do as advised, then her unborn child can be saved from Kansa. Agreeing to Narada Muni’s advice, she observed the fast of Goddess Halashti.

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By observing this fast, the unborn child was transferred to the womb of the elder queen of Vasudeva by Yogmaya. With this, even Kansa got bewildered and thought that he had killed Devaki’s seventh son too. On the other hand, Lord Balarama was born to Rohini. After this, Shri Krishna was born as their eighth son from Devaki. It is believed that due to Devaki’s fast, both of her sons were protected and since then this fast is considered to be quite auspicious.

Janamasthmi is the next major festival, which is going to be celebrated on 11th August 2020 i.e. Tuesday. For more information on festivals and fasts, stay connected with us.

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