Baisakhi is one of our important festivals, which is celebrated with great pomp and show all throughout India and known by various names. 

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This day marks the beginning of our Solar New year, based on the Vikram Samvat calendar. It is a Spring harvest festival that is celebrated to thank the supreme one for making the harvest possible. This year it will be celebrated on Monday, the 13th April 2020, when the Sun will be making its transit. 

Though this festival is celebrated throughout the country, it holds a special importance in the Northern parts of India especially in Punjab and Haryana, where the Sikh population is in majority. Because, in Sikhism “Baisakhi” marks the start of the Khalsa Panth(sect) that was formed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. On this day, Sikhs decorate their Gurudwaras and hold Kirtans in celebration of this festival. 

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This festival is important for Hindus as it marks the beginning of the sacred month of  Baisakh for them, which they consider very auspicious. On this day, many people take dip in holy waters, visit temples, meet friends and take part in their festivities. It is known by different names in the other regions of the Indian subcontinent. For instance, it is known as the “Bikhoti” festival in Uttarakhand, where they celebrate it by beating symbolic stones represented as Demons with sticks. 

 In Kerala it is called “Bisu” and in Assam it is celebrated as “ Bohag Bihu”, which is also the Assamese new year. In orissa, it is observed as “Maha Vishuva” Sankranti where it is a custom to hang pieces of Neem branches with leaves in front of their houses to receive health benefits. 

In Bengal it is known by the name of “Pohela Boishakh” or “Nabo Barsha” as it marks the first day of the Bengali new year. Also, it is observed as “Puthandu” in Tamil and “Jurshital” in Bihar. Hence, many states on this day celebrate their new year from this day onwards. 

So, this is how this festival is celebrated in the whole of the country with great aplomb and fervor. 

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This day is also considered as an important day in astrology as the Sun which is considered as the life force of our solar system gets exalted in the sign of Aries on this day. As the Aries is the first sign of the zodiac system, so it is marked as the beginning of the new solar year. It is also very natural to celebrate the exaltation of the Sun in the form of a festival as the Sun provides us with great vitality, enthusiasm, valor and courage. Although, according to the folklore, it is celebrated on 14th April but in astrology at the time when Sun transits from the Pisces to Aries is considered as Vaisakhi. On this day, we parepare the horoscope and it is called the “Jagat Kundali”  and calculate what the year has in store for us. This year, the Sun is taking its nest in Aries on 13th April at 20:14 pm. As we prepare the horoscope/Kundli, ascendant rising this time is Libra and the Moon sign is coming out to be Sagittarius. 

Now let’ s see what results are in store for all the zodiac signs this new year. 

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Aries are likely to get auspicious results this new year starting from 13th April. They are likely to enter into new relationships and business agreements this new year. The natives looking to expand their family may see their dreams come true. Undertaking voyages and travels are likely to bring profits and gains to the natives born under the sign of the Ram. Although, considering the Pandemic outbreak, we advise you to wait even though the nationwide lockdown comes to an end. The position of multiple planets in your house of career makes you willful, action oriented and it provides you the directional strength to achieve your aims and goals. However, avoid being hasty and aggressive.


Taurus natives are likely to face some challenges, obstacles in their path this year as the ascendant of the new year horoscope which falls in their sixth house that represents obstructions and challenges. The health of the natives may remain fragile. Though multiple planets are in the ninth house which indicates that you are likely to come across many opportunities, but as only one planet is positioned in your fixed sign which indicates that your decision making will not be firm, making you miss out on a lot of opportunities. Also, the presence of Venus in your ascendant indicates that giving  time to your creativity and hobbies like music, dance etc. will bring good results for you. It will help you to uncover the hidden potentials present in you. It also indicates that instead of going after materialistic pleasures this year, giving time to your family will bring auspicious results.


This year will bring auspicious news for the people born under the sign of twins. Good planetary positions indicate that increase in progeny can be expected for some. Single natives are likely to meet their special someone, married natives will most probably see an increase in love and harmony in their relationships. Students who were looking to do their further studies from abroad, are likely to see their dreams come true. However, your ascendant Mercury being in a debilitated position indicates that fear of making mistakes and hesitation may stop you from accomplishing your desired goals and objectives. So, be more confident, expressive and bold in your attitude, this will help you to gain better results from this period. 

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The position of the ascendant of the new year in the fourth house of the Cancer natives indicates that you are going to receive profits and benefits in the matters pertaining to real estate and lands. This position also suggests that you will be more interested in doing tasks or endeavors that bring you peace of mind and contentment. Multiple planets positioned in your seventh house indicates that your reputation in society will increase and you are going to enjoy a good fan following. The strong position of the second house Lord, Sun and the eleventh house Lord, Venus indicates that you are likely to earn good riches this year without making too much of an effort. However, the position of the ascendant Lord Moon in conjunction with malefic Ketu can sometimes make you vindictive and unforgiving in nature, which can make you waste a lot of your energy in trying to bring others down rather than uplift yourself. This can also have a negative effect on your health. 


Loe natives will host the ascendant sign of the new year horoscope in their third house which states that you will be full of courage, valour and enthusiasm this whole year. The position of the maximum planets in your sixth house indicates that you are likely to overcome your obstacles and enemies through your sheer willpower and strength. Your strong instincts and intuition are going to lead you towards new achievements this year. Your efforts will be supported by luck and fortune in this duration thereby bringing you name, fame and money. Good news can come through mail, internet etc.. It is also a very good time to exchange your ideas and information, so try and be social in this duration which is likely to bring you more exposure and experience necessary for success. However, your family life may remain a little disturbed this year, especially the health and wellbeing of your child can be a big source of worry for you. 


This year the natives born under the sign of the Maiden may come across many opportunities to multiply their income as the ascendant of the new year horoscope is positioned in your second house of accumulated wealth, savings and family. This will also see you getting gains and profits from any investments or savings done previously. This is also a very good time to make new investments which will help secure you and your family’s future. Those of the natives involved in family business will get the opportunity to rake in good income and gains. The planetary alignments will also help them to take their legacy forward this year. However, your ascendant Lord Mercury in a debilitated condition may sometimes make you confused, indecisive and slow in your approach. Because of this, you may not fully utilise the opportunities presented to you. This can make you regret later on, so be firm and quick in decision making to gain better results this year.

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Libra natives will see the ascendant of the new year in their first house of personality and self. This is likely to bring auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of scales. The position of multiple planets in your fourth house at the start of the year promises you a comfortable life with all good pleasures and luxuries. Planetary alignments will make you earn good gains and profits through your contacts and social circle.  Your spouse is also likely to make good progress in their respective professional fields. They are also likely to contribute to your financial improvement this year. Your ascendant lord Venus is positioned in the house of sudden gains, this indicates that you may receive sudden gifts and profits in this duration. However, it also indicates that despite having potential, you may lack self confidence and belief, which may stop you from achieving results as per your capabilities. So, have trust in yourself and be optimistic, this will make you achieve better results during the year. 

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Multiple planets positioned in your third house of efforts, courage and valour is a very powerful combination which makes you courageous, explorer and adventurous. This combination also enables you to do multiple things at a given time and makes you always try to do something new and better. This is likely to provide you success in your desired fields and areas. Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to pass through them with flying colours. Those of you, working in a multinational and  looking to settle abroad, they may get good news this year. However, health should be of paramount importance as it is going to eat away a lot of your savings and time. These planetary alignments also indicate that you may sometimes become overconfident in approach and may procrastinate things till the last moment. This may create undue stress and anxiety in the process and stop you from achieving the desired results. Debilitated Mercury indicates that indulging in stock market or trading can bring you losses instead of providing you with profits. Overindulgence of any kind be it in terms of food or any other thing may lead to serious impacts on health. 


Sagittarians are likely to witness an increase in your wealth and status this year as the ascendant of the New year is placed in your eleventh house of profits and success. The position of the multiple planets in your second house this year will provide you with great capacity to earn a good amount of wealth. You are likely to increase your family’s name and fame this year. Also, this combination is likely to make you come across ample opportunities that will help you lead a luxurious and affluent life. You are also likely to win over your enemies. 

Students of this sign will most probably perform to the best of their abilities in their academics. However, the presence of the Sun in your fifth house and the aspect of Mars on it can make you stubborn and self righteous in approach. You may not be ready to listen to others and think that you are always right in your approach.This may make things complicated for you both in personal and professional life. 


Capricorn natives will host the ascendant of the New Year in their tenth house of career and profession. This indicates that auspicious happenings on the career front can be seen for some. You are likely to implement and execute your plans with proficiency which may lead to progress and gains at the career front. Businessmen will see their high persuasive powers providing them with new contracts and business proposals. The presence of the Multiple planets in your ascendant will strengthen your personality and provide you with good health, versatility and broader vision. This will help you create strong perception in the society making you popular in your social circle. However, the health of your spouse may remain a source of worry and anxiety for you. Debilitated Mercury in your third house of efforts may make you nervous and anxious at the pretext of the small situations and make you always concerned about the future. Because of all this, you will not be able to enjoy the present moment.


Aquarius natives will see themselves participating and indulging in spiritual activities with great enthusiasm and energy as the New year ascendant will be positioned  in your ninth house which represents spirituality, fortune and luck. Professionals are likely to receive new opportunities coupled with higher incentives. Some of the natives may witness auspicious happenings at the home front. The presence of multiple planets in your twelfth house also indicates that you are likely to gain connections and profits from foreign lands. However, a debilitated Mercury’s presence in your second house indicates that indulging in speculation and trading like the stock market etc. should be avoided in this duration. Your previously loaned money will take some time in coming, which may disrupt your financial budget. So, maintaining and managing the resources at your disposal is of paramount importance. This also indicates that you should avoid making any satire or jokes about anyone especially in the initial stages of the year, otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble.

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Multiple planets positioned in your eleventh house of success and profits indicate that you are likely to achieve good status in society and profits in your endeavours this year. This combination also indicates that you are likely to earn from multiple sources of income this year. However, the presence of Venus in your third house indicates that you may get stubborn for your comforts, which may stop you from achieving results as per your potential. However, you may face some complications related to health as the new year ascendant will be positioned in your eighth house of uncertainty and transformation. So, maintaining your health is of paramount importance, because when you are healthy, then only you can make better use of the opportunities present in front of you. During the initial stages of the year, you may face some legal matters from your relatives over some property related issues, in which you are likely to win later on. But your peace of mind may get disturbed in the process. The health of your children can also be a source of worry, they can get persistent problems related to cold and cough this year. Differences with the spouse or beloved can come across for many.  

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