Agni Panchak November 2022: Avoid These Actions During Agni Panchak!

Do you know the Agni Panchak is going to start soon? If you have any plans to perform the auspicious tasks then do it before the beginning of Agni Panchak at the end of November 2022. Because once it has started, you will be prohibited to perform any important or inauspicious tasks for five days during this period as it could bring loss and grief in life and your important tasks could be stuck or spoiled. 

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The most significant issue to discuss with you has been selected by AstroSage. Since we genuinely care about our readers and want to keep them informed about everything that can have an effect on their lives. So, there’s no need to worry. This blog will teach you about the upcoming Agni Panchak, which will start in November, as well as certain safety measures and remedies you must use. Let’s discover more about the Agni Panchak and its time and date without further ado.

Agni Panchak 2022 In Vedic Astrology

In astrology, Panchak is seen as an unlucky constellation. There are 5 types of Panchak i.e Rog Panchak, Raj Panchak, Agni Panchak, Mrityu Panchak and Chor Panchak. In Panchak, it is forbidden to perform auspicious work. There are a total of 5 days per month that the Panchang identifies as impure. The negative repercussions of the work done during Panchak are thought to multiply five times. Life can be full of several kinds of crises. The month of November is now in progress. If you want to perform any auspicious work, do it before the end of this month, when Agni Panchak will be held. 

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The Panchak, beginning on Tuesday, is known as Agni Panchak 2022, in accordance with the Vedas. The Nakshatra Chakra really has a total of 27 constellations, the last five of which, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati, are said to be unfavorable. Panchak is the name of the cycle when the Moon transits through Aquarius and Pisces. During these five days, extreme caution is required.

Agni Panchak November 2022 Date And Time

According to Panchang, Agni Panchak will begin on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 7:51 p.m on Sashti Tithi of Shukla Paksha under the Nakshatra of Shravana.  It will end on the next fifth day, which is Sunday, December 4, 2022, at 6:17 p.m on Dwadashi Tithi on Shukla Paksha under the Ashwini Nakshatra. In these five days, do not, even mistakenly, perform any auspicious work. So let’s move ahead and know what tasks you must avoid performing during the Agni Panchak 2022.

Prohibited Tasks On Agni Panchak November 2022 

Following are the tasks which you should avoid performing during the Agni Panchak 2022:

  • Marriages, Mundan and Namakaran ceremonies are prohibited to be performed during the Panchak period.
  • In Agni Panchak, there is a greater fear of fire in Dhanishta Nakshatra, during this there is a possibility of an accident caused by fire, so do not play with it. 
  • Avoid purchasing equipment, tools, and items used in the construction industry and do not begin the related work as it might harm people. 
  • When Panchak is in effect, avoid traveling in the south. This is believed to be the direction of Yamraj.
  • In Agni Panchak, it is believed that objects connected to Mars should be handled with extreme caution. 
  • Avoid getting upset, as it could hurt you and avoid speaking too much or unnecessarily.

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Agni Panchak November 2022: Remedies To Avoid Its Negative Impact

  • During the Panchak period, you should avoid traveling southward; however, if you have to, worship Lord Hanuman with fruits before going ahead. As a result, the defect of the Panchak time on your journey is diminished.
  • If someone passes away during the Panchak period, five figures of the deceased person are put alongside the body to counteract its effects. These figures are created from Kush or flour. In order to eradicate the Panchak fault, these five are cremated alongside the body as well as the full body. 
  • During the Panchak period, worship Goddess Gayatri before purchasing and exchanging any wooden furniture or other items. You won’t suffer a loss by doing this.
  • If constructing the roof of the house is necessary, offer the laborers something sweet to eat before starting the work. By doing this, the impact of the Panchak period will vanish.

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