Donations Of These Items After Sunset Can Invite Troubles

In Sanatan Dharma, making donations is considered to be pious and auspicious. It is believed that one is blessed with the most desired fruits by doing so. Although donation has been given special importance in fasts and festivals, certain rules related to it have been defined. As per the rules, some items are prohibited to donate after sunset. If these things are donated during the night, then you are likely to face challenges in your life.

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Today, in this blog by AstroSage, we are going to tell you about those things which are not allowed to donate after the sunset.

Avoid Donating these Items after Sunset

Milk: Donating milk after sunset is prohibited. As per the mythology, milk is related to Maa Lakshmi and Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. In this context, donating milk after sunset makes the Maa Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu angry and thus, a person suffers from misfortune and poverty in life. So, avoid making such donations.

Curd: According to Vedic astrology, the curd is related to Venus, and Venus is considered to be the significator of materialistic pleasures and married life in the horoscope of any person. In such a scenario, if a person donates curd after sunset, then the planet Venus gets displeased and therefore, a person is devoid of worldly pleasures in life. Apart from this, their married life remains full of sorrows and sufferings. Besides this, the weak position of Venus in women causes miscarriage.

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Onion and Garlic: As per the prevailing story, there was a demon named Swarabhanu who consumed some drops of divine nectar after the Samudra Manthan and this came to the knowledge of Surya Dev and Chandra Dev and in return, they informed Lord Vishnu about the consumption of Nectar by Swarabhanu. Before Swarabhanu could consume the whole nectar, Lord Vishnu beheaded him with his Sudarshan Chakra. As a result, his head became immortal and therefore, the upper part became Rahu and the lower part became Ketu. 

It is said that when Swarabhanu was beheaded, a few drops fell on the earth which gave birth to garlic and onion, and hence, these two things are related to Rahu and Ketu, and donating these items after sunset makes Rahu and Ketu furious.

Turmeric: Turmeric is related to Lord Jupiter. Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of children and education etc., in the horoscope of any person. In such a situation, the donation of turmeric on Thursday is forbidden. Especially after sunset, avoid making donation of turmeric. Donating such item weakens the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.

Wealth: It is said that Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, knocks the door after sunset. In such a situation, donating money after sunset annoys Maa Lakshmi and therefore, she does not come back, and hence, people suffer from poverty.  

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