Avoid Doing This While Keeping Or Counting Money; It Angers Maa Laxmi!

Goddess Laxmi is revered as the goddess of wealth in Hinduism. Therefore, Lakshmi exists in all forms of prosperity. Some people adhere to the Vastu Shastra guidelines. In addition to the worship, they observe the guidelines to bring Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings and bring joy, serenity, and prosperity into the home. 

These steps are being made to prevent financial hardship in life. Mahalakshmi is said to reside in the home. There is still joy and abundance, and there is no need for money. Poverty enters the home when Goddess Lakshmi is upset. It has an impact on someone’s life. Many people put in a lot of effort to obtain money, but it quickly disappears. In order to satisfy Goddess Lakshmi, it is required to adhere to some Vastu principles in addition to doing worship.

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The roads of progress are opened and a person’s luck can shine if the Vastu Shastra’s rules are correctly applied. Throughout their lives, people take a variety of actions, but frequently they overlook the Vastu guidelines. Whether you adhere to the Vastu Shastra’s guidelines or not, it has an impact, according to it.

It is stated that errors are frequently made when counting money. Goddess Laxmi could be upset with you because of this error. Let’s know which errors in money counting make the goddess Laxmi unhappy.

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Mistakes To Be Avoided While Counting And Keeping Money In Vastu Shastra

  • Do not keep old bills or waste papers with money in your Wallet or purse. Vastu Shastra claims that doing this will have an impact on your income and cause a financial crisis.
  • Some people have the bad habit of using saliva while counting the money which is totally wrong. Vastu claims that by doing this, Lakshmi is insulted and gets angry, and the person could live out the rest of his days in poverty. Additionally, the germs on notes could be unhealthy for a person’s health. The dirt on the notes, though, goes straight to the stomach. This raises the chance of stomach infections or other health problems.

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  • Never tamper with the notes or write anything on them. Not only is this an insult to wealth, but it also violates Indian government laws.
  • Never disrespect money and do not leave notes or coins lying here and there.
  • Avoid sleeping with your wallet or bag around your head at night. Always store cash in a safe place, such as a cabinet, shelf, locker, etc. Additionally, avoid keeping your cash coiled in your bag as this is a sign of disrespect for money and can have an adverse effect on your ability to prosper.

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