Avoid Performing Auspicious Activities, Even After Holashtak!

Colours make us feel more lively. Therefore, the importance of Holi, the festival of colours, is much more than the religious boundaries. This year, Holi is falling on March 18. Holashtak starts 8 days before Holi, which will end on Holika Dahan, i.e. on March 17. According to religious beliefs, the people do not get the auspicious results for the work done in this period because, during Holashtak, the nature of the planets becomes fiery, and this is the reason no auspicious work or activity is performed during this time.

But this year, even after Holashtak, the natives will be unable to perform auspicious work due to the onset of Kharmas. On March 15, the Sun, king of the planets, transiting from Aquarius to Pisces, will remain in this sign till April 13. In astrology, this transit period of the Sun in Pisces is called Kharmas. This one month period of Kharmas is considered prohibited for conducting any kind of auspicious work like marriage, home-inauguration, engagement, Mundan, etc. However, worship, Bhajan, Satsang and Kirtan etc. can be done personally during this time.

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Worshipping Lord Vishnu In Kharmas Will Fulfil Wishes

In Sanatan Dharma, special importance has been given to the worship of Lord Vishnu and the Sun during this period. It is said that if you wake up early in the morning in Kharmas, take a bath, and do charity, it will bring auspicious results for the natives. According to Vedic Legends, worshipping Lord Krishna in Kharmas of Phalgun month destroys all sins.

To attain the special blessings of the Sun, one must offer Arghya to the Sun during this time. By doing so, the natives can increase self-confidence and their health-related problems also get minimized.

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According to Vedic Astrology, whenever the Sun is in the sign of its friendly planet Jupiter, no auspicious work can be done at this time, and this period is called Kharmas. This time, the Sun is going to transit in Pisces from March 15 to April 13. Therefore, even after the end of Holashtak, all auspicious activities have been considered prohibited for the next one month, except for the funerals.

Marriage Muhurta will remain for the coming three months from April 17. From the beginning of the Devshayan period in July, there will be no marriage Muhurat for the next four months.

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Kharmas And Charity

This month is considered to be highly auspicious for donation, chanting etc. It is believed that the natives who perform donation with a pious heart are blessed with the fulfilment of all desires of their life. In addition to this, serving Brahmins, cows, saints etc. holds high significance on this day. It is believed that one gets rid of problems and pains if he/she worships during this month.

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