Auspicious Yoga In Pisces After 100 Years: These Zodiacs Will Never See Financial Crisis

Laxmi Narayan & Budhaditya Rajyoga 2024: Mercury is renowned as the “prince of planets” in Vedic astrology because it governs intelligence, speech, and logic. Changes in Mercury’s zodiac sign, condition, and location are important, and on April 2, 2024, Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, Mars’ zodiac sign. Jupiter will move retrograde into Pisces. As a result, these will form two extremely lucky combinations. This AstroSage blog will teach you about two very lucky combinations that occur when Mercury enters Pisces. So let’s get started and learn about these Yogas. 

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Sun, Venus & Mercury Conjunction Forming 2 Auspicious Yogas  

However, Mercury will form a conjunction with the planets Sun and Venus, which will already be in Pisces, when it transits there in its retrograde state. In such a case, the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will result in two extremely favorable Yogas. The first Yoga, the conjunction of Venus and Mercury, will produce Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga, whilst the conjunction of Sun and Mercury will produce Budhaditya Rajyoga. The effects of these two auspicious Yogas will be seen in all twelve zodiac signs. However, this yoga would bring good fortune to three lucky zodiac signs. Let us go ahead and introduce you to the three zodiac signs.

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Budhaditya & Laxminarayan Rajyoga Bringing Golden Period For 3 Zodiacs 


Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga and Budhaditya Rajyoga, formed by the conjunction of Mercury, Sun, and Venus in Pisces, will be extremely beneficial to Taureans. Both of these Rajyogas will form in your income and profit houses, therefore this period will present you with profits through investing. In addition, you will have new sources of income, which will improve your bank balance. People born under the sign of Taurus may receive wonderful news about their children. Those who are engaged in the stock market, betting, and the lottery are likely to produce large profits.


Budhaditya Rajyoga and Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga are highly favorable for Leos since they will form in your eighth house. In such a case, all of these people’s wishes will be granted, and you will have the opportunity to purchase more land or a new car. Businesspeople born under this sign will be able to grow their businesses. Aside from that, Leo individuals will have the support of their families at all times, and their health will be good. Whatever plans these natives make, they will be successful. 

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Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga and Budhaditya Rajyoga will only form in Pisces. Both of these Yogas will form in Pisces’ Karma house. In such a case, this yoga will be beneficial to you because it will offer you good fortune. During this time, you will make significant developments in your career and business. There will also be high career success, with some people receiving excellent work possibilities. Traders will make good earnings and receive new orders.

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