August : A Month Full of Hope, Festivities and Patriotism!

Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna, who was the eighth child of Mata Devaki, will be celebrated with great pomp and show in the eighth month of this year. The month of August will bring many changes in life, adorned with many festivals and a total of five transits of four planets like Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury. In such a situation, a question will automatically arise in your mind concerning how will all these affect your life and how will the month of August be for you? So, to know the answer to any question that is popping in your mind, click here now and get some relevant advice from our expert astrologers.

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When this year started, the whole country was filled with new hopes and dreams, but no one has any notion where this year is heading towards in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic. Some people are worried about their businesses and jobs while many people are losing their lives because of the health crisis. At such a time, festivals create excitement in our lives. If we want to live life trouble and tension-free, let’s have a look at August 2020 and know what this month will bring for us?

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Know some of the characteristics of people born in August, as well as earn complete information about all the important fast-festivals and planetary movements in this month. Also, you will find some important predictions related to the same month.

Some Special Things for those Born in the Month of August

Personality of people born in August: People born in August are very gentle by nature and they pay full attention to the truth and honesty in life. They have a good lifestyle and are always ready to serve and help others. They like to live a comfortable life. They usually have short hair on their head. The fate of people born in August often stays with them.

Romance of August-born people: People born in August respect and value truth about life. They talk a lot to tell about themselves and also flirt, but suddenly they get married to someone whose personality is not very effective. These people are good in the matter of love but often in the matter of hearing their praise, they get weak in the matter of love.

Careers of August-born people: People born in August want to get all happiness in life and luck also supports them, so less hard work can often lead to better results. They are of free thought and give the most importance to their progress. They are talented and therefore they get work soon, but sometimes owning their will and defying waste stops them from moving forward. They can still be a good businessman, engineer, artist or teacher.

The financial side of people born in August: People born in August can be said to misers as they keep an account of every penny, so they are often able to add money to your life and thus, financially they are considered good.

The health of people born in August: People born in August are sometimes negligent about their health and spend more money on their health. They may have arthritis, eye and groin disease, hardening of the arteries, gout or blood-related problems.

People born in August have respect in society: People born in August face ups and downs in terms of fame. They can often be of a fiery nature, due to which many a times they have to face problems, but these people remain at the forefront, helping people. Celebrities like Mother Teresa, Saif Ali Khan, Mahesh Babu, Satya Nadella, Sara Ali Khan, Tapsi Pannu, Sridevi, Nagarjuna, Sunil Chhetri, Kishore Kumar, Rajiv Gandhi, Vaani Kapoor, Chiranjeevi, Kajol, The Great Khali, Genelia D’Souza were also born only in the month of August.

Auspiciousness for August-born people

People born in August have their lucky numbers as 2,5,9 and lucky colours are grey, golden and red. Sunday, Friday and Wednesday are very auspicious for them.

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Detailed Information on Fasts and Festivals During August

1, August, Saturday: Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla) is an extremely auspicious and very fruitful fast dedicated to Lord Shiva. This Vrat comes during Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha in every month and is considered the best fast for the worship of Lord Shankar and his consort Parvati. This fast is usually kept on “Trayodashi Tithi”.

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3 August, Monday: Raksha Bandhan, Shravan Poornima fast

The full Moon of Shravan month is celebrated as the holy festival of “Raksha Bandhan”. On this day, the sisters tie a Rakhi for “Raksha Sutra” on their brother’s wrist and wish them prosperity and the brothers give them a gift and promise to protect them from all problems.

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The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full Moon Tithi of the month of Shravan. It is also called the festival of “Kajari Purnima” in North India and Central India. On this day, charity, bathing and meditation are of special importance. If there is a malefic presence of Moon in one’s horoscope, then fasting of Shravan Purnima is considered to be the best for getting rid of it.

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6 August, Thursday : Kajri Teej Vrat

Every year on the Tritiya Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, Kajri Teej is celebrated. It is also called “Kajali Teej”. In some places it is also called “Saturi Teej”. It is the main festival for married women like other Teej festivals. On this day, married women observe a fast to achieve happiness and increase prosperity in married life.

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7 August, Friday : Sankashti Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is said to be the first deity one pays to, because the beginning of any auspicious work in the world is possible only with the grace of Lord Ganesha. The same Lord Ganesha is also called “Sankat Harta” and is also referred as the destroyer of calamities. “Sankashti Chaturthi” is observed to please Lord Ganesha.

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12 August, Wednesday : Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami fast is the birth celebration of Shri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which is celebrated as a very big festival along with the fast, because on the same day Lord Shri Krishna, as the eighth child of Mata Devaki, in Bhadrapada incarnated during the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha. Every year, this festival is celebrated as “Shri Krishna Janmotsav” to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

(To know about the auspicious “Puja Muhurat” of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, click here)

15 August, Saturday: Aja Ekadashi, India’s Independence Day

The day of “Aja Ekadashi” is considered to be the best day of worship of Lord Vishnu as Ekadashi Tithi is very dear to Him. This Ekadashi is also called “Annada Ekadashi”. Fasting on this day brings blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi and all the happiness in life.

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India’s Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15 August because India got freedom from English slavery on 15 August 1947. It is a great festival symbolizing the unity and integrity of our country which every Indian celebrates.

16 August, Sunday : Singh Sankranti, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

The transit of the Sun God into Leo sign is called Singh Sankranti. “Surya” is the primary deity and is called the father and soul of the world. The movement of the Sun between zodiac signs is known as transit as well as Sankranti and is considered to be an important day.

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People who believe in Lord Shiva also keep “Pradosh” fast. Pradosh fast is also observed during Krishna Paksha, which is considered to be very fruitful. Lord Shiva fulfills all the wishes of the devotees as a result of this fast.

17 August, Monday : Masik Shivratri

The Chaturdashi Tithi of the Krishna Paksha of each month is known as the Masik Shivaratri. The fast of Shivaratri is also kept to appease Lord Shiva and keeping this fast helps a person to gain control over his/her senses.

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19 August, Wednesday: Bhadrapada Amavasya

Amavasya that falls in Bhadrapada month is called “Bhadrapada Amavasya”. Donating and doing charity for the peace of fathers is considered very fruitful on this day.

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21 August, Friday : Hartalika teej

Hartalika is celebrated on Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Teej Bhadrapada month. In particular, this day is considered to be a very important day for worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Married women also observe “Nirjala fast” on this day. According to a belief, Goddess Parvati performed this fast to get Lord Shiva as her husband. By observing this fast, one gets good luck.

Know the auspicious time of “Hartalika Teej” according to your city

22 August, Saturday : Shri Ganesh Chaturthi

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is observed to please Lord Ganesha. It is celebrated every year on Chaturthi Tithi of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha. According to a belief, Lord Ganesha was born on the Chaturthi of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha in the mid-day period on Monday in Swati Nakshatra and Singh Lagna/ascendant, hence it is considered to be the most important Chaturthi and this Ganesh Chaturthi is named as “Vinayaka Chaturthi” or “Kalank Chaturthi”. According to folk traditions, it is also called “Danda Chauth”.

Get  information about “Shri Ganesh Chaturthi” according to your city

29 August, Saturday : Channi Ekadashi

Parlatini Ekadashi is a perfect day to worship Lord Vishnu. Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu is mainly worshipped on this day. Channi Ekadashi is also known as Padma Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu takes rest while being on his bed, which is why it is called “Parlatini Ekadashi”. Through this fast, a person gets freedom from all sins and by worshiping Goddess Mahalakshmi, one attains unlimited wealth.

31 August, Monday : Thiruvonam

Onam is a ten-day festival celebrated in the state of Kerala, India. The last and tenth day of this festival is very special which is called “Thiruvonam”. In Malayalam language, Shravan Nakshatra is called Thiruvonam. This festival is celebrated every year on the predominance of Thiruvonam, i.e., Shravan Nakshatra in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar.

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Transit in August

The month of August is also very important for the transit of planets, because this month four planets are going to transit. The transit of the planets Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury will take shape in the month of August. The movement of planets on such a large scale will affect people from all walks of life.

Transit of Venus

The transit of Venus into Gemini will be on 1 August 2020 at 4:56 am. Venus will be located in this zodiac sign until the morning of September 1, till 1.50 am.

Click here to know more about this transit

Transit of Mercury

The transit of Mercury planet into Cancer will be on August 2 at 03:23am and it will remain in the same sign till August 17 at 08:18.

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The second transit of Mercury planet into the Leo zodiac sign from Cancer will be on 17 August 2020, at around 08:18 and the Mercury planet will be located in this zodiac until September 2, 2020 from 11 to 52 minutes.

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Transit of the Sun

The transit of the planet called Sun into Leo will be on August 16 at 18:56 and Sun God will be in this sign until September 16, 2020 by 18:52.

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Transit of Mars

On 16 August, Mars will depart from Pisces and will transit into Aries at  20:37. It will start its retrograde motion from September 10 in Aries itself and Mars will return to Pisces on October 4, by 21:55.

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Some Important Predictions Related to this Month:

  • In the month of August, there will be transit of the Sun into Leo, Mars into Aries, Venus into Gemini, Cancer and Mercury into Leo. Thus, the center points will be mainly  Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Leo.
  • The Sun will be in its zodiac Leo and will be a good force that will improve the personality of the people and the Sun, which is called the healer, will provide good health by being in its zodiac sign, which will improve the health of the people and strengthen the body to prevent the corona epidemic.
  • Mars will also be powerful due to its zodiac sign in Aries, so that people will see a special awareness about health and all people will show responsibility towards their health.

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  • On the economic front, people will benefit and those who were having problems related to jobs will now get some good results and may get a chance to earn their professional life back. 
  • The conjunction of the Sun and Mars will increase the leadership and administrative qualities of the people and will increase the supremacy of police and forces in the country and their rights and their images will be strengthened.
  • According to planetary transits, the month of August will be good for people working in the government sector, administrative people, law and politics and artists as they will get progress in their fields.

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  • Apart from this, the conjunction of Venus and Rahu into Gemini sign and the debilitated nature of Jupiter will also increase the intimate relationships, but you have to be in decent behavior, take special care of it, otherwise problems may increase.
  • Thus, this month of August is going to bring a lot with it. We advise you to face any challenge with full force and if there is any problem then try to overcome it. Don’t be afraid of them. Keep a positive attitude in life and whatever you try to do, do with strong self-confidence and you will get success in that.

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