August Monthly Horoscope ‘22: August Will Bring Happiness For These Zodiac Signs!

The month of August is about to start and people are having new excitement and questions related to this month. We understand this dilemma of yours and that is why before every month, we bring you some important information such as a prediction of the related month, important facts of that month and remedies to make this month more fruitful for you. These predictions and remedies are based on Vedic astrology. 

So, if you also want to know how the 8th month of the year is in terms of financial status, love life, health, business life, experiences, family life, education, and more. and what all good news this month is bringing, come let’s read this special blog by AstroSage and understand!

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With this blog, you will get the Hindu Panchang for August, a list of famous stars having birthdays in this month, stock market predictions for August, and a detailed horoscope of all the 12 zodiac signs through this blog.

Hindu Panchang For August 2022

According to the calculations of Hindu Panchang, August 2022 will begin in the Shravana month under the Purvi Phalguni Nakshatra, on the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha. And this month will end in the Bhadrapada month under the Chitra Nakshatra, on the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha. 

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Shravan-Bhadrapada Months To Come In August

In the English Calendar, there will be 2 Hindu months in August. In this, the first will be the Shravana month which will begin from 14 July 2022, Thursday, to 12 August 2022 Friday, after this, Bhadrapadh month will start from 13 August 2022, Saturday, to 10 September 2022.  

These two days are considered to be very significant in the Hindu religion. If we talk about Shravan month, then this month is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Whereas, the Bhadrapadh is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Krishna, and Ganesha Ji. During these months, by doing puja, donations, etc. you can attain the blessing from these 3 deities in your life.  

There are many fast-festivals in the month of Bhadrapada and Sawan. Apart from this, Chaturmas is also going on in these two months. Chaturmas is that phase when all auspicious tasks are completely restricted.

Remedies To Attain Happiness In Bhadrapad & Sawan Months

  • If any problems are coming in your married life, then perform jal abhishek of Lord Shiva every Monday of Shravan month. Doing this will help you to get rid of all the problems coming in your married life.
  • To get success in job or business, worship Lord Shiva in Shravan month and offer silver anklets to Mata Parvati.
  • Apart from this, if there is Shani Mahadasha in your life then also Shravan month is very effective. During this time, if you worship Lord Shiva then Shani Dev /Saturn becomes happy and you are safe from its wrath.
  • Now, talking about the Bhadrapadh month, donating milk is considered to be very auspicious this month.
  • To get success in business and job, offer white thread this month to Shri Krishna.
  • To attain happiness-prosperity in life, prepare kheer, offer it to the deities and then distribute it among the poor.
  • To increase compatibility and romance in your love life, offer pink flowers to Radha- Krishna. 

List Of Fast & Festivals In August 2022

Date & DayFast & Festivals
02 August, 2022 – TuesdayNaag Panchami
08 August, 2022 –  MondayShravaha putrada Ekadashi
9 August, 2022 –  TuesdayPradosh Vrat (Shukla)
11 August, 2022 –  ThursdayRaksha Bandhan
12 August, 2022 –  FridayShravana Purnima Vrat
14 August, 2022 – SundayKajri Teej
15 August, 2022 –  MondaySankashti Chaturthi
17 August, 2022 –  WednesdaySingh Sankranti
19 August, 2022 –  FridayJanmashtami
23 August, 2022 –  TuesdayAja Ekadashi
24 August, 2022 –  WednesdayPradosh Vrat (Krishna)
25 August, 2022 –  ThursdayMasik Shivratri
27 August, 2022 – SaturdayBhadrapada Amavasya
30 August, 2022 –  TuesdayHartalika Teej
31 August, 2022 –  WednesdayGanesh Chaturthi

Eclipses & Transits In August 

Talking about eclipses and Transits then there will be transits of 6 important planets, which will have an impact on the lives of all the natives. So, let’s read about these transits in detail:

  • Mercury transit in Leo: 1 August 2022: Mercury will transit in Leo on 1st August 2022 Monday at 03:38 am, and will remain in this sign till 21st August 2022 Sunday and will enter the next sign, Virgo.
  • Venus transit in Cancer: 7 August.2022: On 7th August 2022 Venus will transit in the 4th sign of the zodiac chakra which is Cancer.
  • Mars will transit in Taurus: on 10th August 2022: Mars will transit in Taurus on 10th August 2022, Thursday at 9:43 pm. During this, Mars will transit in its sign Taurus.
  • Sun transit in Leo: 17th August 2022: The Sun will transit on 17 August, 2022 at 07:14 am in its own sign, Leo. This transit of the Sun will be good for the people at official and administrative posts.
  • Mercury transit in Virgo: 21st August, 2022: Mercury will transit in its own sign Virgo on 21 August, 2022 Wednesday at 01:55 mid-night. Mercury transit in Virgo is considered to be very auspicious because Virgo is its own sign and it’s among the premium signs. 
  • Venus transits in Leo: 31st August, 2022: Venus will transit in Leo on 31st August, 2022 Wednesday at 04:09 pm when Venus will transit from the water element’s sign Cancer to the fire element’s sign Leo.

After transits, if we talk about eclipses then there are no eclipses in the month of August 2022.

Share Market Predictions For August 2022

Talking about the share market, according to the share market 2022 predictions, the first week of August will turn out to be good for the bulls. In the first week itself, there are chances of a rise in demand in the share of the companies dealing in raw oil (Reliance, Jindal, HP, ONGC). At this period, Saturn will be in a retrograde state in Cancer. In this situation, this condition of Saturn can result in instability in the shares of iron, steel, coal, and leather industries. After this on 7th August, 2022 Venus will transit into Gemini, and because of this, shares of the bank (VIJ Finance, Repco Home Finance, Keynote Finance) may see a boom.

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List Of Famous Stars Having Birthday In August 2022 

1 August: Ira Dubey, Mrinal Thakur

2 August: Chetna Pandey, Ruslan Mumtaaz

3 August: Manish Paul, Sunil Grover

4 August: Arbaaz Khan, Vishal Bhardwaaj                  

5 August: Kajol, Genelia D’souza

6 August: Swaroop Khan, Abhishek Kapoor

7 August: Akriti Kakkar, Sachin Joshi

8 August: Rony Schewwala

9 August: Jayesh Pradhan, Hansika Motwani

10 August: Nandini Shrikar

11 August: Sunil Shetty, Jaqueline Fernandez

12 August: Atul Shrivastav, Sara Ali Khan

14 August: Johnny Lever, Sunidhi Chauhan

15 August:  Ayan Mukherjee, Rakhi Gulzar

16 August: Saif Ali Khan, David Dhawan

17 August: Sharat Saxena, Ankit Karan Patel

18 August: Gulzar, Ranveer Shori

20 August: Randeep Huda, Amrita Puri

21 August: Bhumika Chawla, Barun Sobati

22 August: Chiranjivi, Yuri Suri

23 August: Vaani Kapoor, K.K

24 August: Mukesh Tiwari

25 August: Ejaz Khan, Rajiv Kapoor

26 August: Adhir Bhandarkar, Markand Adhkari

27 August: Jim Sarabh, Nega Dhupia

28 August: Deepak Tijori, Shilpa Shinde

29 August: Richa Sharma, Bikramjeet Kavarpal

30 August: Guru Randhawa, Rajbir Singh

31 August: Rajkumar Rao

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AstroSage wishes all these stars a very happy birthday.

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Monthly Horoscope Of All 12 Zodiac Signs

Now let’s understand how August 2022 will be for the natives of all the 12 zodiac signs.

This horoscope is based on the Moon sign. To know your Moon sign, click on the Moon Sign Calculator.

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