Atiganda Yoga: The Moon Casts ‘Bad Luck’ On These Zodiacs

Atiganda Yoga: Atiganda Yoga is the 6th Yoga out of the 27 yogas in vedic astrology. Atiganda (Highly negative or very bad) is an inauspicious yoga which is ruled by the planet Moon. In this Yoga, especially its first 6 Ghatis are truly malefic in nature. It is considered to be one of the 7 lower order yogas. Any auspicious ceremony or work performed during this yoga ends in lots of problems and hurdles. In extreme cases it can sometimes even result in the deaths of family members. 

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If a person is under during the Atiganda Yoga, he/she would have to face lots of hurdles and problems in life even if they belong to a wealthy background. Such a native would give lots of mental stress and worries to his/her parents and close loved ones. Such natives get angry very easily and often find themselves engaged in brawls and conflicts. They never experience peace of mind. Such a person can even be a criminal or fraud by nature. 

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Atiganda Yoga: These Zodiacs Should Beware


The Aries natives will be the most impacted by it. During this period one should not sign any business deals or finalize any deals as it may result in huge losses. Be careful to not lend money to anyone as that money may never find its way back in your hands. Make sure to not start any auspicious event during this yoga. 


Virgo natives should be careful when dealing with people from their professional networks or when signing new deals or contracts. You may end up making a deal with the wrong people. Think twice before doing any such thing. Someone from your professional networks may try to tarnish your image or cheat you in some way. 


Scorpio natives may be irritable, so be careful of how you interact with others during this yoga. Letting your anger out of control may result in losses, so much so that you may even end up getting in trouble with your authorities at work and in extreme cases one could even lose their job. Refrain from any kind of investment during this yoga.

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The Aquarius natives may experience losses in business and may also encounter fights, conflicts and arguments with family which may disturb the home environment and disrupt your mental peace. Financial losses or theft could be encountered. Caution is advised.

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Atiganda Yoga: Impactful Remedies

  • Observe a fast on Monday and perform a shanti pooja for the Moon.
  • Recite the mantra ‘Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandramase Namah’ 108 times.
  • Feed the poor with foods like kheer and poori along with donating them white clothes.   
  • Donate milk to the poor and offer clean drinking water to the poor or anyone who is in need of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atiganda Yoga auspicious?

Ans. No, as the name suggests ‘Atiganda’ yoga is an inauspicious Yoga.

Does Atiganda Yoga impact the wealth of a native?

Ans. Yes, Atiganda yoga impacts the wealth and gains of an individual negatively and brings financial troubles and poverty.

Which God rules Atiganda Yoga?

Ans. The Moon

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