AstroSage TV The Trusted Astrology YouTube Channel Reaches 1 Million Subscribers!, the most trusted astrology brand of the country, has now become a family of 1 million on YouTube.Our subscribers have already crossed the golden number. The AstroSage family is delighted as well as thankful to its users for being unwaveringly associated with the brand through the years. Just like our website, AstroSage TV has always offered factual information from an astrological perspective, without spreading any form of sensation or superstition. An entire team of expert astrologers research scientifically on various topics, and the rudiments of this investigation are visible in the content presented to the users. An essential subject for AstroSage is that we offer only trusted content to you, which is why the popularity of our YouTube channel is growing leaps and bounds.

AstroSage TV

AstroSage TV was launched on the auspicious day of 12.12.12 by the Bollywood actress Shreya Narayan, in Mumbai. At the time of the launch, AstroSage had made it clear that they will not play any part in giving rise to superstition and hypocrisy on their channel. In the past eight years, we have worked on the same and ensured that the entire systems of astrology and its various aspects are presented to you without any unnecessary commotion. In the same vein, we even prepared several informational videos like Learn Astrology in 2 Minutes, so that our viewers can not only learn astrology easily but also remain aware of those who are imposters.

AstroSage TV has also brought the astrology lovers to another new level in terms of languages as well. Not only do we offer regular Hindi and English content on our YouTube channel, but in 9 other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengali as well.

Significance of AstroSage TV

  • Tell you what your day ahead will be like.
  • Explains the influence of various transits on your life.
  • Offers you the opportunity to know predictions by being a part of our live show.
  • Describes the magic of numbers and their effect in your life.
  • Provides you with astrological knowledge in various languages.
  • Elucidates on the history, geography, physics, and chemistry of the planets.
  • AstroSage is a mentor for astrology students.
  • Keeps you completely astro-updated.

Watching our videos, liking and sharing them, subscribing to our channel, and returning to us on each notification – all of these makes you an integral part of the AstroSage family.

With a great number (of subscribers), comes great responsibilities. As our subscribers have now reached 1 million, our responsibilities have increased as well. AstroSage TV is overwhelmed with the love of our viewers. Many thanks to all of you!

A Glimpse At The Videos

Many videos of AstroSage TV have been watched millions of times. There are a few of them which were curated years ago, and still people, on watching them, mail us today. Let us take a quick peek at a few of such special presentations of AstroSage TV:

The first live video on AstroSage TV:

2 Minute Astrology Tutorials:

Astrology Myths & Misconceptions:

The first video watched more than 2 million times:

Libra Youth Horoscope 2020:

Horoscope 2020 Series:

Astrology Live Show:

Horoscopes in Regional Languages:


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