New “Child Kundli” Can Transform Your Child’s Life!

With the birth of a child in a family, happiness and prosperity lead the way. On the other hand, there are times when new parents can suffer from anxiety or stress pertaining to their child’s future. Several thoughts cross their mind. Like- Is the child born in the Mool Nakshatra? If yes, then how to get rid of the Dosha? Followers of Astrology want to know what kind of “Paya” their children are born with? What alphabet can be favourable for the child when it comes to naming him/her? In case any health-related problems occur at the time of birth, then the native seems stressed about the child’s health in the coming future. Apart from this, when should auspicious Sanskars such as Namkaran or Naming Ceremony, Vidyarambh Ceremony etc. be carried out? Actually, there are several questions that arise in the minds of parents as soon as the child is born. However, one of the bitter truths is that there is no such practice of creating a child-centric birth chart here. All the companies related to astrology and astrology-centric software also haven’t dwelled in this direction as such., the world’s number one astrology portal, has taken an initiative in this direction for the first time – in the form of “Child Kundli”. This is a unique, child-centric report which has never been prepared by anyone till date. We understand how much parents worry about their new-born kids, which is why this “Child Kundli” report consists of major Muhurats for several ceremonies such as Child Naming or Namkaran ceremony, yogas in the kundli as well as Doshas and suggestive remedies.

Through this report, you will be able to get a deep insight about the future of your child. You will understand the characteristics of your child through the “Child Kundli” report. With CogniAstro, an advanced tool of Astrology, parents can attain a detailed view of their child’s attributes, so that they can move forward in life and make right career choices in the future. This report also sheds light on the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the life of your child.

But before going into detail about this report’s features, let us introduce you to some well-known and influential people, who invested their faith in the “Child Kundli” report by AstroSage, that served as the perfect director for their kids’ lives. Let us read their feedbacks:

  • Right now, my child is only 3 years old, but like every other parent, we too were extremely concerned about our child right from his birth. We used to visit the priests and purohits repeatedly and ask one or the other questions such as auspicious muhurat for his Namkaran ceremony, or about any other favourable muhurat. But then someone told my husband about AstroSage’s “Child Kundli”. Actually, we have never ever come across any such astrology report that reveals detailed and accurate information based on a child’s kundli. But we were impressed after witnessing the features of this report and immediately ordered it for our child. Believe me, after going through this report, all our mental worries and stress towards our child came to an end. Thank you AstroSage! This report has not only provided suggestions and remedies to tackle adverse situations but also highlighted every Dosha and Yoga present in his kundli. I can say that “Child Kundli” is really the world’s greatest discovery for children!

Yogesh Srivastava

  • My child is 8 years old, but since her birth, she suffered from health troubles, which were very painful to watch as a parent. Due to this, she was neither able to focus on her studies, nor play sports like other children. Her mood and behaviour often changed, which disturbed us. One day, we read about  AstroSage’s “Child Kundli” report, and planned to order it immediately. Since we have been associated with AstroSage for years, we showed our confidence in this new discovery and just like every time, AstroSage gave us a perfect solution to our problem! This report revealed details about my child’s career, education, traits, behaviour, yogas-doshas in her kundli, remedies to tackle obstacles and life predictions based on the child’s kundli. I will recommend every parent to order this report! 

Kavya Bijlani

AstroSage presents for you its best creation and the world’s first child-centric detailed report called “Child Kundli”. This 60+ Pages report offers accurate and detailed predictions for your child based on many aspects of astrology. Details revealed about the nature of the child, his/her career, his/her academic life, life predictions etc. make this astrology report unique. This report offers an elaborative insight about Gand Mool Shanti, Child’s Paya at the time of birth, Name/Initial Alphabet of your child’s name, Lagna Sandhi, Balarishta, Yogas and Doshas in the kundli and remedies and useful suggestions, inauspicious and auspicious circumstances at the time of childbirth and tips, factors when a child is born on unfavourable tithis or dates and outcomes, impact if a child is born during the Sankranti period, health life, shubh muhurat for all 16 Samskaras, Nazar Dosh or Evil Eye on kids and remedies, abnormal delivery and remedies and much more, which makes this the finest report ever for children.

Why “Child Kundli” Is The Best Option For Children?

Colorful, Detailed, Accurate And Different! AstroSage “Child Kundli” Report in a colorful format! Just like the colorful life of your children, this special report is adorned with many colors, which is very easy to read and understand.
60+ Pages: The Greatest Report For Children Enjoy a precise, astrological description based on the details of the childbirth. Also, learn about the Ascendant or Lagna Sign of the child, favorable periods, places, behaviour, career-related predictions, education and many important facts related to their life.
Doshas in A Child’s Kundli As Per Birth Nakshatras Based on the analysis of Birth Nakshatras of your child, learn about Gand Mool Nakshatra Dosha, its causes, consequences and appropriate remedies to get rid of it. Do you wish to know what kind of Doshas are forming in your child’s kundli due to these birth nakshatras? Order this report now to find out!
Doshas in Kundli & Remedies Know how to pacify several malefic doshas in the kundli of your child such as Gand Mool etc. Also, know more about the formation of adverse and favorable yogas in the child’s horoscope, such as Raj Yoga etc. through this report.
Dasha Phal and Favourable Period The “Child Kundli” report also sheds light on favorable planetary conditions and their impact on the child’s life. Also, it effectively provides accurate information about the future of the child.
Paya and Its Outcome Through the feature “Birth Paya”, find out what kind of “Feet” your child has brought with himself/herself, i.e. favourable or unfavourable aspects.
Name or Initials Of The Child’s Name Suggestions for initial alphabet or name for your child is also offered in this report.
Lagna Sandhi & Results With the help of this report, you can identify the position of your child’s Birth Lagna in the initial or last degree and appropriate measures to perform. 
Lagna, Tithi, Nakshatra Gandant and Pacifying Remedies You will find out if your child is born in the Lagna, Tithi or Nakshatra Gandant. Also, get remedies to pacify the negative effects.
Balarishta & Bhanga Yoga and Remedies Find out more about Balarishta, which is said to be the main cause of physical sufferings for your child. With this report, you will be able to identify the formation of this Dosha in your child’s kundli and perform suggestive remedies.
Identifying A Child Born in Inauspicious Periods and Remedies Know if your child was not born in an inauspicious period and useful remedies to fight off obstacles with this report.
Remedies for Childbirth in Amavasya and Krishna Paksha Find out if your child is born on the Chaturdashi and Amavasya during Shukla Paksha through this report and suggestive measures.
Childbirth in Bhadrakal or Inauspicious Yogas and Remedies Know if your child’s birth lagna falls during the Bhadra Kaal/Vyatipata/Tithi Kshaya. Also, know its effects and remedies.
Dantodram Phal and Elementary Education Learn about the Dantodram Phal and its impact by looking at the teeth of the child. Also, this report reveals details about your child’s primary education based on his/her birth chart.
Health and Characteristics of the Child In “Child Kundli”, you will find accurate solutions to every problem related to the health and nature of your child.
Significant Shubh Muhurats This report comprises of auspicious muhurats for all Samskaras or rites carried out in a child’s life, rituals to perform and its impact on a child’s life. Such details are calculated according to the birth kundli of the child.
Remedies To Get Rid of Evil Eye or Nazar Dosh Protecting children from evil eyes is recognized as the most challenging task for every parent. Therefore, this report offers effective remedies to perform in order to tackle the Nazar Dosha and other negative powers.
Inauspicious Time of Delivery & Remedies If your child’s facing any kind of physical deformity, it means he/she may be suffering from the consequences of abnormal or inauspicious birth. In such a situation, appropriate and effective measures have been also provided in this report.
Detailed Predictions  With the “Child Kundli” Report, you get detailed life predictions based on your child’s kundli. This report presents every aspect of the child’s life in a very simple way.

Presenting the “Child Kundli” report by AstroSage @ just ₹499. No additional charges have been levied on this report. Order now and get significant information about your child’s future.

AstroSage’s “Child Kundli” Report acts as a perfect gift for new parents, friends or relatives with kids, since it is the first-ever child-centric report that will help them get a detailed insight into the lives of their children. Go ahead and order now!

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