Astro Tell All: Will Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Motichoor Chaknachoor Break Box Office Records?

Motichoor Chaknachoor: Pointers As Per Astrology

  • Date of Release – 15 November 2019
  • Time of Release – 9:00 AM
  • Place – Mumbai (Mumbai is the base of Bollywood)

motichoor movie review

Prashan Kundli for Motichoor Chaknachoor Movie

Note – This prediction is the combined result of Vedic Jyotish and Ank Jyotish (Numerology)

  1. As per the Name Numerology, the  Motichoor Chaknachoor movie has Destiny number 9. The number 9 is ruled by Mars in numerology and in Vedic Jyotish, it is the number of Sagittarius sign ruled by Jupiter.
  2. Sagittarius is the 2nd house of the above prashan kundli, where Jupiter is posited in the strong position. Since Saturn+Ketu is also positioned here, it will diminish the power of mighty Jupiter & 2nd House. This will restrict the expected growth/success of the movie.
  3. Jupiter is also placed in the nakshatra of Ketu (Moola), which is already afflicting the Jupiter & 2nd house. Hence Jupiter becomes somewhat less powerful for the kundli despite being in its own house.
  4. Mars, the lord of destiny number 9, is placed in the unfavorable 12th house. But here, this mars is in exchange/parivartan yoga with Venus which is the lord of 7th house of the public.
  5. Parivartan Yoga is treated as a good yoga in astrology and due to this, the placement of Mars becomes quite favourable despite being placed in the malefic 12th house.
  6. Moreover, this Mars is posited in the Chitra Nakshatra, which is its own nakshatra. This makes Mars quite strong for the movie.
  7. Special Note: Mars (Destiny Ruler) is associated with the 7th house Lord Venus, which is why this connects the 7th house, where Exalted Moon is posited. This shows the movie will be loved by the public, especially females.
  8. For Astro Lover – Motichoor Chaknachoor is the film related to marriage and the destiny number lord of this movie i.e “Mars” is in parivartan yoga with Venus, which is the natural marriage karaka in astrology. This shows that the movie makers may have consulted the astrologer for the success.
  9. In a nutshell, the movie will do an above-average collection. You can count it as a one-time watch movie. The Male Actor of the movie will have dominance over the Female Actor of the movie.

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We wish the cast and crew of the movie “Motichoor Chaknachoor” All The Best.


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