Astrological Analysis: Find Out If BJP Will Come Into Power Or NOT!?

Astrological Predictions: Elections in India are almost here, with the Lok Sabha elections set to commence shortly. With little time remaining, every party has initiated its preparations. Currently, the political climate in the country is notably fervent, particularly concerning the BJP-led NDA. All eyes are on the BJP, which spearheads this alliance. Prime Minister Modi’s work within the BJP has garnered significant popularity among the populace. Consequently, it will be intriguing to observe whether the BJP can emerge victorious in this year’s elections.

In today’s special blog, we will delve into astrology to discern the BJP’s prospects in the 2024 elections and assess its likelihood of securing victory.

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What does the BJP’s horoscope reveal?

The Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, was founded on April 6, 1980, at 11:45 AM in Delhi, the capital city. At that moment, the party’s ascendant was Gemini, and its descendant was Taurus. Both the birth chart and the descendant were governed by the lord of the third house. Additionally, there was a transformative yoga for the lords of both the third and tenth houses. This positioning in the horoscope suggests that the BJP possesses the ability to persist in electoral battles until the final moments and potentially overturn a defeat. Sun and Moon are positioned in the tenth house in both the birth chart and descendant, and given that the Sun symbolizes power, there are indications of auspicious alignments for the BJP’s return to power.

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Religious Propaganda Helping This Electoral Campaign

In the BJP’s horoscope, both the lords of the ascendant and descendant in the birth chart and the descendant are positioned in the fourth house, which symbolizes the house of religion, namely the ninth house. This implies the potential for the party to gain advantages from matters related to religion. Owing to its stance on religious issues, the BJP has garnered considerable popularity among the public, and there is now a prospect of it also capitalizing on this during the elections. Furthermore, several favorable combinations are forming in the BJP’s horoscope, which could contribute to its resurgence to power once again.

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The Current Situation of the BJP

As of February 16, 2024, the BJP has entered the sub-period of Mercury within the major period of the Moon. During this period, the Moon is forming a debilitated and Gajakesari yoga for the BJP. The influence of this yoga suggests indications of success for the party in the political realm. 

Additionally, there could be an increase in their prosperity and abundance. Regarding the descendant chart, the Moon is situated in the tenth house, and in the D-10 chart, it aligns with Venus, the lord of the tenth house, in the third house. With these influences at play, the BJP is ready to exert significant effort to regain power. This time around, the BJP might intensify its efforts to secure victory.

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Astrological Predictions About Post-Election Conditions Of BJP

The lords of the ascendant and fourth house are positioned alongside Mercury and Ketu. Subsequently, the BJP will enter the sub-period of Ketu. With the favorable influence of Ketu, the BJP could garner significant popularity among the public. Additionally, the BJP might introduce a new religious dimension in the country. There are indications that the BJP could benefit significantly on religious grounds.

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