Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Silver Ring

India is one of the largest jewellery consumers in the world and wearing ornaments by Indian women holds great significance. Among various other ornaments and metals of different shapes and sizes, a silver ring is most commonly worn by Indian women. A silver ring not only adds charm to the beauty of a person but has many health benefits too. Today, in this blog by AstroSage, we will enlighten the readers with astrological benefits and astrological facts related to this soft, white, and lustrous metal, Silver.

Silver is the metal associated with Moon and Venus. Silver is known to be the symbol of prosperity as it is believed to be produced from Lord Shiva’s eyes. Therefore, it is worn by people in different forms, like rings, chains, etc., to lead a prosperous life. Without further ado, let’s move ahead to find out some astrological facts about wearing a silver ring.

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Importance of Silver in Astrology

Silver is a beautiful metal and is inexpensive in comparison to gold. In Astrology, Silver is associated with the planets, Moon and Venus. Moon dominates the emotions and mind of a person so, anyone who wears ornaments made of silver is induced with a feeling of tranquillity and calmness. A person with a weak moon in horoscope must wear a silver ring to get the blessings of the moon planet. Apart from this, silver also cools down the body and resolves issues related to the heat in the stomach.

Vedic Astrological Facts about Silver Ring

  • The first step of wearing a Silver Ring is to purchase one from a jeweler. This should be followed by immersing the ring in water overnight on Thursday. The next day in the morning, i.e., on Friday, place the ring in front of Lord Vishnu and worship it with due rituals. 
  • Once you finish worshipping, apply a small amount of sandalwood to the ring and offer an incense stick to it. After this, offer a small amount of rice to Lord Vishnu. Now, you are ready to wear the ring on the little finger of your right hand. 

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Astrological Benefits of wearing Silver Ring

  • Wearing a silver ring enhances the beauty of the wearer. It is known to reduce black spots and acne from the body and face.
  • A Silver Ring is recommended to a short-tempered and aggressive person as it calms the person’s mind and eventually reduces their anger.
  • Wearing a silver ring increases the mental capacity, thereby making the brain sharper and surging the intelligence.
  • Wearing a silver ring proves to be very effective with health issues like joint pains, arthritis, and cough.

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  • Silver worn as a chain instead of a ring can cure the stammering problem.
  • When silver reacts with toxins, it changes its colour. So, whenever the level of sodium increases in the body, the silver ornament signifies it by changing the colour.
  • Because of the numerous health benefits of Silver, many medical devices and tools are made out of it.

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