Astrological Benefits Of Feeding Cow

Cows are one of the most sacred animals in Hinduism. It is believed that a person can get rid of any problem present in the horoscope by feeding and serving a cow. There are many other astrological benefits of feeding a cow besides this. Our lives can be affected when a planet in our horoscope is in Pratyantar Dasha, or Antar Dasha. However, the problems associated with such positioning of the planets can be resolved by feeding the holy cows. In this blog, we will tell you the astrological benefits of feeding cows.

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Astrological Benefits of Feeding Cows

  • A person absorbs the breath, aura, and smell of a cow while feeding it. This helps in eliminating the negative aspects related to Rahu.
  • A cow proliferates energies that help people overcome anger and tension. So, going near a cow to feed it makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.
  • Feeding a cow also helps in obtaining a positive mindset and happy thoughts.
  • If the planet moon is not in a favourable position in the horoscope, it invites urine infections. Cow urine can be used to overcome such problems.

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  • Feeding a cow has a calming effect, and it reduces the chances of slipping into psychological issues like depression and anxiety.
  • The position of the planet Sun can also be strengthened by feeding cow with Rotis on a Sunday morning.
  • People having bad dreams or having Rahu-related issues in the horoscope can drink cow urine to get rid of these problems.
  • One can overcome financial constraints that occur due to the weak position of the Moon in the horoscope by offering water to the cow.
  • When Mercury is adversely placed in the chart of a native, it can cause several problems, especially in matters of communication. This problem can be resolved by feeding cow with green fodder on Wednesday.
  • Issues with Mangal in the chart can result in frustration and anger in a native. It also creates problems in the path of a successful career. Feeding wheat to cows on Tuesday can help in getting rid of this issue.

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  • To strengthen the weak position of planet Venus in the horoscope, feed rice to a cow on Friday. Make sure to offer something sweet along with rice to reap good results.
  • Problems related to Saturn in the horoscope can be resolved by feeding roti to the cow prepared in mustard oil on Saturday.
  • People with a weak position of Ketu in the horoscope must feed sesame and wheat to the cow.
  • Issues related to the position of planet Jupiter can be overcome by feeding Lohi made of wheat flour to the cow on Thursday.
  • People with no issues in the horoscope related to the planets can also feed cows for a happy and prosperous life.

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