How Does Feeding Birds & Animals Change Your Life?

In Hinduism, feeding the deprived and the needy is considered an auspicious activity. By doing so, we are not only helping someone in need and but also adding to our good Karma. Similarly, there is a special significance of feeding animals. According to our scriptures and Vedas, it is mentioned that feeding the animals can help one in absolving their sins.

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In this blog, we will help you find out how feeding different animals can help in attaining a favourable position of the planets in your charts. 

Feeding the Cows

In Hinduism, the cow is regarded as “Mata” or the mother of all animals, and is a symbol of Earth. In most of the Hindu communities, cow is considered sacred and thus, it is worshipped with great devotion. By feeding this holy animal, one can get rid of the malefic effects of planets in their charts. Also, people wanting to be blessed with a child or real estate favours must feed a cow. Feeding flour sweets or green grass to the cow gives beneficial results.

Feeding the Dogs

Human’s best friend and the most loyal animal on the planet, Dog, can also protect you from the wrath of planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. Many people feed Roti to a black dog on Saturday to neutralise the malefic effect of Saturn, but ironically, the dog’s colour and the effect of planets have no relation. You can feed a dog of any colour or breed and save yourself from troubles. People who have pet dogs must take good care of them, or it may anger the planets.

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Feeding the Fishes

People have been feeding these tiny creatures for centuries that are believed to provide you a shield against troubles and adversities. People under a lot of debt or seeking money must feed dry flies or flour balls to the fish. The right time to feed the fish is either in the early morning or after sunset. You can also keep an aquarium at home and feed the fishes to reap fruitful results.

Feeding the Ants

People who feed the ants can escape the negative impact of Rahu, the planet known to create adversities and troubles in the life of people. You can feed flour balls or sugar to the ants, but make sure that you do not wreck their homes. By feeding the ants, one can also fulfil their desires and wishes.

Feeding the Cats

These tiny, beautiful creatures are known to provide numerous astrological benefits even though there is no special ritual of feeding them. One can overcome ups and downs, enemies, and legal issues by offering milk to a cat. But remember not to serve a cat at your home. However, if a cat enters through your door on its own, it signifies the end of your troubles.

Feeding the Birds

Many people offer water to birds, which is not only a virtuous deed but has many astrological benefits as well. People facing career or education-related problems can feed grains and millet to the birds. Doing so can also help eradicate any problems related to your children. Along with this, people who keep water and food for birds on the terrace of their homes invite abundance and prosperity in their house.

Feeding the Rats

Where in the entire world, rats are regarded as a threatening pest, in India, they are considered auspicious. In India, near the Bikaner region, there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Karni Mata, where thousands of rats inhabit and are fed with sweets and food by the devotees. Legend has it that the rats inside this unique temple are trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth.

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