Astrology Reveals Ill Effects Of Your Past Deeds On Present Life

When it comes to Astrology, people often think that an astrologer only predicts the person’s future but that is not true. First, let’s understand what is Astrology. Astrology is known as Jyotish in Hindi. If you split the word, you will get Jyoti and Ansh in which Jyoti means light and Ansh implies a single unit or part.

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So, the study of Jyotish is the study of light and a part of it. What has been stated here does not mean that it is not connected to the future. Now, the question arises that how it is linked with our Karma not only with our present life but also that of the past one. It is believed that our past and present deeds chart our life. For example, there are Yogas like Kal Sarp Dosh or Shrap Yoga or Pichasch Yoga or Guru Chandal Yoga which represent that a person might have killed a snake, might not have taken care of their parents properly, or misbehaved with teacher or students, etc. In this regard, we may say that deeds of past and present life make the planets favourable and unfavourable in our birth chart.    

Many of you would know when Dasha of Kundli is calculated then the first Dasha is divided into two parts i.e. Bhukt and Bhogya. It means that Dasha which was prevailing in the previous life also includes those nine months when the child remains in the womb of the mother. Next is Bhogya, the Dasha that begins when a child comes out of the womb of a mother and takes birth. 

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So, it is obvious that the past life is strongly connected to the birth chart of the present life. There are houses in a birth chart through which you can connect the events of past life. For example, if you look at the 5th and 9th house of a birth chart, 5th house depicts the actions of past life and if there is some negativity in the same house, there are chances that the person might not have been a good person in the past life and their deeds must have been bad. From the 9th house, you can see the situation of a child in the womb. D-3 chart or Dershkone Kundli also helps in understanding a person’s past life. The most important thing is that it is not easy to analyse these points and many times, they are misinterpreted by astrologers hence predictions are not correct. So, an astrologer must practice these rules diligently and then start predicting because such predictions consume more of the spiritual energy than the regular predictions. 

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Now coming to the present life, one should understand that future of a person is the sum of three things- actions, birth chart, grace of deeds and worship of a person. Now, the first two things might look the same but they are different. The birth chart is the result of actions of a past life as well as the present one. To explain this thing more clearly, when you approach an astrologer, you ask them certain questions and they address all your problems through your birth chart. Then, they analyse the Kundli between the lines and suggest you some remedial measures to overcome challenges in life. Now, we may conclude that an astrologer looks at the birth chart which is made on the actions of your past life, and suggests some actions to do in your present life to rectify the actions of your past life and hence you get the problem tackled. 

Remember one thing, future which is fixed, or some planet conjunctions in your birth chart which are giving you negative results can never be avoided. Their effects can only be reduced or good conjunctions’ result can be multiplied. For instance, if a person is destined to meet an accident, they can reduce the intensity of an accident through astrological measures but it can not be totally ruled out. Now, the intensity reduction depends on the remedy you are doing and the process you are following, and both play an equal part. 

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Now coming to the third part which is the grace of the deity whose worship was being performed by a person. Every person has some kind of positive energy which is helping them in life. Wearing a Janeu (holy thread worn mostly by brahmins) is a symbol of three kinds of responsibility. The first duty is towards parents who gave the birth, second towards the teacher who shows them the path of real-life and the last one is the positive energy which is always working for that person to improve the life or guiding them to mend the future.

Whatever has been mentioned above may not be possible, but certain blessings can be attained as in the case of Shankaracharya who had a life of 8 years only but was added by another 8 years owing to the prayers of her mother and another 16 years by the grace of Ved Vyas Ji. So, Shankaracharya lived 32 years which was granted by positive energies. 

To sum up this blog, the future of a person depends on many factors not only on the predictions and calculations of an astrologer. So, do not go with the saying of astrologers completely, but be confident of your deeds. 

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