Durga Puja Ashtami : Puja Vidhi & Kanya Pujan to Appease Goddess Maha Gauri

The 9 day long Navratri celebrations include quite a lot of rituals and festivities, most of them are religious in nature. Amongst all of these religious functions, one happens to be Durga Puja. In many places, this festival is also known by the name of Durga Utsav. Pretty much like the Sharad Navratri, Durga Puja also lasts for a period of 9 days, but in the truest of senses, Durga Puja begins from the Sashti Tithi of Navratri. 

There is a special significance of Shashthi Tithi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and Vijayadashami Tithi in Durga Puja festival. This pious and holy festival is celebrated every year with great zest and marks the victory of Maa Durga over Mahishasura, basically good over evil. If we talk specifically with regards to the Indian subcontinent, then there is a tradition of celebrating the festival of Durga Puja with great joy and gaiety in places like West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, Manipur, Tripura, Bihar, Jharkhand, etc.

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Navratri Ashtami Tithi & Muhurat

Navratri Ashtami Tithi & All the Dates of the Upcoming Navratri Tithis are mentioned below. 

Date Navratri DayTithiGoddess Worshipped
13 October 2021(Wednesday)Navratri Day 7AshtamiMaa Maha Gauri : Maha Ashtami Puja
14 October 2021(Thursday)Navratri Day 8NavamiMaa Siddhidatri : Maha Navami Puja
15 October 2021 (Friday)Navratri Day 9DashamiNavratri ParanaDurga VisarjanVijaya Dashami 

Talking about the day’s significance, the Ashtami Tithi or Maha Ashtami is said to have the most importance in Durga Puja. This day is also known as Maha Durga Ashtami in many places. The rituals of Durga Ashtami are pretty much similar to the Saptami puja rituals and Goddess Durga is worshipped with the Shodashopachara method.

Durga Maha Ashtami Date and Puja Muhurta

Durga Maha Ashtami Puja will be done on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

Ashtami Tithi Begins: 21:49:PM (October 12, 2021)

Ashtami Tithi Ends: 20:09 PM (October 13, 2021)

Benefits of Worshipping Goddess Maha Gauri 

  • Obstacles related to one’s marriage can be settled down.
  • The sins/grievances etc. of a person are redeemed.
  • Happiness and prosperity comes into life.
  • You get your desired life partner.
  • The troubles, sorrows and difficulties of life come to an end and victory over one’s enemy can be attained. 

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Zodiac Wise Remedies to Appease Goddess Maha Gauri 

We will now list down some remedies which can be implemented so as to appease Goddess Maha Gauri. 

  • Aries : Recite the Ram Raksha Strotam to gain an all rounder success in your life. 
  • Taurus : Visit any temple and light incense sticks in front of Goddess Mahalakshmi and offer her some Prasad. This will give auspicious results. 
  • Gemini : Fill a pot with a kilo or quarter Moong dal and fill the second pot with some rocksalt in the same quantity and keep it in the clean corner of the house covered in red cloth. This will increase the stability of your financial life.
  • Cancer : Offer lotus flowers to Goddess Lakshmi and after the Ashtami puja keep that lotus flower in your locker.
  • Leo : Take a fresh red cloth and wrap it around a jute and coconut, while venerating the Goddess and finally immerse the contents in flowing waters. 
  • Virgo : Offer food items/sweets of green colour to the Goddess in the temple or at your home.
  • Libra : Light a lamp of Pure Ghee and offer rose petals to the Goddess. 
  • Scorpio : Recite the Hanuman Chalisa and offer jaggery to the deity.
  • Sagittarius : Native should offer sugar to the ants or just keep some of this mixture under a tree or any place where there is an ant-hole.  
  • Capricorn : Tie two strands of broom with a blue thread and keep it in the south west corner of the house 
  • Aquarius : Distribute small gifts to poor girls on this day. 
  • Pisces : Recite Durga Saptashati Paath for favourable results.  

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Energise the Gemstones To Get Special Blessings of Goddess Maha Gauri 

The eighth day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Maha Gauri. Apart from this, it has already been mentioned in one of our previous articles that by worshiping and pleasing the nine incarnations of Maa Durga during Navratri, auspicious results related to the planets can also be obtained. We would also like to mention here that Goddess Maha Gauri has associations with the planet Rahu. In such a situation, the auspicious results of the Rahu planet can also be obtained by worshiping the Goddess on this day properly and at the same time the malefic effects of this planet can also be reduced.

Apart from this, if the Hessonite gemstone is worn on the Ashtami Tithi of Navratri, after consulting a good and knowledgeable astrologer, then many auspicious results surround the life of a person.

Special Bhog for Goddess Maha Gauri

We are also offering some information about the Bhog items which should be offered daywise to the Goddess. According to the beliefs, it is also stated that if coconut is offered to Maa Maha Gauri on the Ashtami Tithi of Navratri, then the Goddess can be achieved, she fulfills every wish of her devotees.

Mantra For Goddess Maha Gauri

trailokyamaṃgala tvaṃhi tāpatraya hāriṇīm।

vadadaṃ caitanyamayī mahāgaurī praṇamāmyaham॥

त्रैलोक्यमंगल त्वंहि तापत्रय हारिणीम्।

वददं चैतन्यमयी महागौरी प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

Significance of Sandhi Puja on Ashtami Tithi 

The last 24 minutes of the end of Ashtami Tithi and the first 24 minutes of Navami Tithi are called Sandhi moments and is considered very auspicious for conducting the Puja rituals of Ashtami and Navami Tithi. It is said that Mata Durga killed the demons Chand and Munda during the Sandhi period itself. Therefore, there is a special significance of this Puja .

Kanya Pujan : Significance & Things to Keep in Mind

There is a special significance of Kanya Pujan on Navratri. Many people perform the Kanya Puja on Navami Tithi and some perform the Kanya Puja on Ashtami day as well. Let us also tell you that worshiping girls on both the days of Ashtami and Navami is considered auspicious. During Kanya Pujan, girls between the age of 2 to 9 years are worshipped. These girls are considered to be the incarnations of Maa Durga. In such a situation, their feet are first washed after calling them home. After this, Tilak is also applied to them, their Aarti is performed, then pudding, Puri, Prasad are offered to them finally. In the end, their hands and feet are washed again, then their blessings are taken by giving them gifts.

According to a popular belief about Kanya Puja, it is the easiest way to appease Goddess Durga. In such a situation, if you worship even a single girl with reverence and feed her with dedication, then Maa Durga will surely be pleased with you and will shower her grace upon your life.

A person gets opulence by feeding food to one girl. Special results are obtained by worshiping two girls. By providing food to three girls, one earns respect. Worshiping four or five girls and feeding them gives wisdom and knowledge. Worshiping six girls leads to accomplishment of work. Worshiping seven girls leads to the attainment of the supreme status. The Goddess Ashtalakshmi is pleased by worshiping eight girls and by worshiping and feeding nine girls, all kinds of opulence are attained in life.

Kanya Pujan : Rituals & Things to Keep in Mind

Some of the rules and regulations associated with Kanya Pujan are mentioned below:

  • Along with 9 girls, one boy must also be included in Kanya Puja, who can be considered a symbol of Bhairav.
  • Like the girls, wash the hands and feet of the boy too.
  • After having food, give gifts to the girls as per your capacity and take their blessings.
  • However, we are still under the grasp of Covid-19 and in such a situation, if you feel right, instead of calling the girls at home, you take out food for 9 girls and one boy and then donate it to some needy people.
  • Do not disrespect any child on this day.
  • Also, do not offer stale food items to the girls even by mistake nor get angry with them.
  • After having food, wash the feet with all the children and send them off after seeking their blessings.

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