Ashadha Amavasya: Significance & Rituals!

Ashadha Amavasya holds high importance in astrology. This year, this Amavasya will be celebrated on Friday, 09 July. On the day of Amavasya, natives usually perform charitable activities, make donations and carry out Tarpan for the ancestors. Amavasya falling in the month of Ashadha is considered special. Bathing in holy rivers and visiting religious pilgrimage sites is considered auspicious. However, since government has urged people to stay home and follow the guidelines pertaining to social distancing, you are requested not to go out in public areas and try to perform rituals at home.

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Ashadha Amavasya Muhurat & Duration

Beginning of Amavasya Tithi: July 09, 2021, at 05:18:53
End Of Amavasya Tithi: July 10, 2021, till 06:48:17

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Importance of Ashadha Amavasya

Ashada is said to be the fourth month of the Hindu year as per the Hindu Panchang or Calendar. The rainy season starts with the end of this month. Religiously, the day of Ashada Amavasya holds high significance. On this Amavasya, religious activities performed in the name of ancestors and forefathers are said to be highly fruitful. It has been said that bathing in any holy river and visiting pilgrimage sites on this day gives desired results.

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Religious Acts on Ashadha Amavasya

Like every Amavasya, performing Tarpan for the ancestors has special significance. Some special rituals are performed on this day, which are as follows-

  • On Ashada Amavasya, take a bath in any river, reservoir, or pool.
  • On this day, after offering Arghya to the Lord Sun, the ritual of Tarpan must be carried out for ancestors.
  • You can also fast for the salvation of your ancestors.
  • On the day of Ashadha Amavasya, offer donations to any poor or Brahmin.
  • On this day, light a Diya or lamp using mustard oil under the Peepal tree in the evening and remember your ancestors. Circumambulate around the tree seven times.
  • To eliminate life’s troubles, make flour dough balls and feed the fish.
  • On Amavasya, offer flour mixed with sugar to ants. By doing this, you will be able to gain fruitful results of your good deeds.

However, amid this ongoing worldwide pandemic, you are advised to avoid going out and carry out such rituals within your house.

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Puja Rituals To Follow On The Day Of Amavasya

  • On the day of Amavasya, bathe at night and wear clean, yellow-coloured clothes.
  • Now, facing north, sit on the seat made of Wool or Kusha.
  • After this, make a Swastika or “ॐ/Om” in a plate placed on a wooden plank or stool in front of you and install Mahalakshmi Yantra.
  • After that, place a conch shell on the plate in front of it.
  • Get some saffron-coloured rice and put it inside the conch shell.
  • Now, light a lamp or Diya using ghee and chant the following Mantra eleven times-

सिद्धि बुद्धि प्रदे देवि भुक्ति मुक्ति प्रदायिनी। मंत्र पुते सदा देवी महालक्ष्मी नमोस्तुते।।

siddhi buddhi prade devi bhukti mukti pradāyinī। maṃtra pute sadā devī mahālakṣmī namostute।।

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