Article 370 & Jammu Kashmir: Astrology Reveals The Fate Of J&K

With Article 370 being scrapped from Jammu Kashmir, the state has been recognized as a Union Territory of India. On this occasion, our article sheds light on the upcoming turn of events for J&K and how astrology reflects on this new-found union territory.

Jammu and Kashmir has always remain an integral part of India. Article 370 & 35A, which gave separate constitutional rights to J&K as well as a status of a separate state, has been scrapped recently. As a result, it will soon be declared a Union Territory, after which it will be ruled by the Central Government and have its own state legislative assembly. Along with that, Ladakh has also been recognized as a Union Territory, but there’s no sign of any formation of the state legislative assembly. New initiatives have been taken to resolve the issues cropping up in J&K, which is widely appreciated as well as criticised by masses.

Jammu Kashmir: A History

According to the Indian religious scriptures, Kashmir was named after the great sage Maharishi Kashyap and during the Mughal era, Mughal revolutionaries managed to regain control over Kashmir. At the time of India’s independence, Maharaja Hari Singh was the ruler of this state, who wished for Kashmir to remain an independent state. But due to Pakistan’s political emergence and governance over some parts of Kashmir, he agreed upon the merger of Kashmir in India with certain conditions on October 26, 1947. From that day onwards, Jammu and Kashmir has remained in the news for disputes rather than its natural beauty and aesthetic value. From sometime, Presidential rule was being observed in this state, but on 5 August 2019, a resolution to make Jammu and Kashmir a Union Territory of India has been presented.

In this article, we have attached the kundli of Independent India and J&K according to the time of resolution by the Parliament to make it a Union Territory. With this, we have analysed and tried to find out what the future holds for the natives of this state.

Kundli of Independent India: 15 August 1947

article 370

Evaluating the kundli of Independent India, we can say that currently, the sub-period or antardasha of Jupiter is undergoing the major period or mahadasha of Moon. Third house lord Moon is placed in the third house itself, and eighth and eleventh house lord Jupiter is present in the sixth house. The third house majorly signifies transportation and communication, whereas the eighth house represents natural calamities, national crisis, death rate and insurance. Eleventh house tells about country’s associates, legal system, national income and local government. In the present scenarios, both Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde motion. In such a case, where on the one hand, efforts will be made to give a befitting reply to the anti-national forces, at the same time, the government have to face several obstacles and strong opposition. 

Revoking Article 370

On 5 August 2019 around 11:05 in the morning, the initiative to revoke Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir has been approved by the Parliament. Based on this timing, we have prepared a kundli and tried to predict the future challenges:

art 370

As per the above kundli, Virgo zodiac sign was present in the ascendant house in both Lagna and Navamsa chart during the time when the announcement was made. As a result, the state of Lagna becomes stronger, which means that the decision was taken with a strong mind, will and attitude. Lagnesh Mercury is posited in the eleventh house of both Lagna and Navamsa chart, which means that both Lagnesh and Lagna house are favourable in nature, and the presence of Lagnesh in the eleventh house indicates towards success in endeavours. Apart from this, the eleventh house lord Moon and first house lord Mercury forming a Rashi Parivartan Yog also specify success.

Formation Of A New Government Among Strong Opposition

The presence of Venus, Sun and debilitated Mars with Mercury in the eleventh house indicates that the government will have to face criticism, opposition and violent activities.. One cannot ignore the possibility of terrorist activities and pseudo-war taking place in this duration. Apart from that, third and eighth house lord Mars is placed in its debilitated sign, due to which several attempts to carry out violent activities can be secretly made. The placement of the twelfth house lord Sun indicates towards the participation of foreign powers in this matter, whereas the position of the ninth and second house lord Venus suggests the formation of new rules and regulations along with financially helping the state.

J&K To Finally Get Its Own New Government

The name sign of Jammu Kashmir is Capricorn and effective sign is Libra. Chaturgrahi Yog forming in the seventh house from Capricorn and tenth house from Libra signifies that despite the public remaining in a state of confusion, a new government bypassing all the obstacles and opposition and adhering to diplomatic and political norms will be formed soon. It can be predicted that a new government may get formed by January 2020. Shadashtak Yog formed by Saturn and Mars will remain effective, and the upcoming time won’t be easy for the government. 

Hence, we can say that the government will remain stick to its decisions despite strong criticism and challenges. It won’t be a path of roses for the government, but the process is likely to speed up.  

We congratulate the natives of newly recognized Union Territories Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh and wish for a prosperous future.


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