Aquarius Hosts Multiple Planetary Transits in March, Major Changes In Store!

It is a truth known to us all that in the domain of Vedic astrology, the influence of various planets and Nakshatras leave a deep impact on human lives because according to astrology, the transit of planets and their position in different zodiac signs affects not only humans but all living beings and especially us, the beings of this earth.

This is the reason that due to the movement of these planets and Nakshatras bring some invariable changes to our lives, which can both be termed as auspicious and inauspicious. 

The results vary according to the positions of the planets present in their horoscope. They not only affect the common man, but are also capable of affecting the whole country and the world, so whenever a special Yoga of certain planets is on the cards to take place, then its effect is visible on the whole world.

Something similar is now going to happen in the Aquarius zodiac sign during the month of March, when the movement of the planets is going to cause a lot of stir in Aquarius and the planet Mercury is going to make a special contribution to it.

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In such a situation, read this AstroSage special blog to know more about the special movement of planets in Aquarius during the month of March, which has been hailed as a major astronomical  and also an astrological one, by the esteemed astrologers of the country.  

Grand Conjunction of Planets in Aquarius

The month of March is going to be particularly proactive for Aquarius natives as the major planetary movements are going to be visible in the sign during this month. In this way, five types of effects will be seen and we will let you know about them chronologically. 

  • First of all, on March 6, at 11:10 in the morning, Mercury will transit in Aquarius and stay here till 10:44 in the morning of March 24 and affect this zodiac sign.
  • In the same zodiac sign Aquarius, the planet Mercury will now go combust because of being in close proximity to the Sun on 18 March at 4: 00 in the evening. 
  • The planet Venus, which also maintains extremely friendly relations with Mercury, will transit in Aquarius on the last day of March i.e. 31 March at 8:28 in the morning.
  • Apart from this, Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter is already seated in Aquarius and will remain seated in the same zodiac sign for the whole month.
  • The king of all the planets, Surya Dev will camp in Aquarius till 15 March. 

In this way, five types of planetary movements are going to take place especially in Aquarius this month, which are likely to have a good impact not only on the people of Aquarius, but on the country and the world in general. Let us try to know about it in more detail. 

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What Comes With The Conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius? 

First and foremost, we would like to notify our readers that according to astrology, the planet Sun is considered to be the benefactor of one’s self-expression, soul, father, personality, etc. Business and education are considered to come under Mercury’s lordship. On the other hand, Dev Guru Brihaspati is considered to be the provider of knowledge, wealth, children, religious beliefs, education, law, etc. In such a situation, the special movement of these three planets will make the Aquarius zodiac sign especially proactive and will affect many lives in different ways. Let us know how the effect of these planets is going to impact various aspects of the world and the country. 


This special coincidence is sure to have an impact on the country and the world. If we talk about India, then due to the conjunction of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in the tenth house of the horoscope of independent India, the economy is sure to be strengthened and in that sequence, there will be a possibility of the government working on some big policies. The government will lay special emphasis on policies that will play an important role in improving the economy. Its publicity will also be widespread and efforts will be made to make the public aware of them. With the Sun coming together with these planets, it is possible that some strategies will be planned about the banking sector, which can prove to be important in strengthening the economy. Along with this, there can also be talk of an economic package in a particular area. There is a possibility of good expenditure on education. In the field of infrastructure and real estate and also in the context of providing houses to the public, some special plans can prove to be economically important.

If we talk about the country as well as the world, then this situation will give some special powers to the important heads of state, due to which they will be able to take some important decisions, which will have a direct and widespread impact on the economy. The law will also have a special impact which will be reflected in the passing of orders by various courts.

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Health System

The presence of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius, which comes under the lordship of Shani Dev, will give clear indications of reduction in health problems and improvement in health of the people. However, at the end of the month when Venus will transit in Aquarius, then some problems may arise but they will not be of serious nature and they will get a definite solution.


From the point of view of politics, surely this time will strengthen the central government. Some important orders will also be passed by the judiciary, which will be very politically effective. The image of the government will be strong and they can be successful in attracting the public by putting their hands in some big works. There will be an increase in the influence of the government. 

This will also send a good message to the country’s allies. There is a possibility that some people from the opposition may join the ruling party. The government will put itself firmly ahead and will be able to enhance India’s credibility on the foreign stage as well and at this time India’s role will become very important for other countries of the world and they would like to get India’s support in many important matters.

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Weather: Surya Dev, or the Sun, who is symbolized by the fire element is already situated in Aquarius, the sign of the air element, but after that, due to the position of Jupiter and the influence of Mercury and Venus, the weather is likely to be almost pleasant and the people of North India will get freedom from cold and weather. The heat will increase.

Whatever planetary positions have been mentioned above, they are going to  take place in Aquarius only, so let us know what are the effects of the movement of planets under this zodiac for the people of Aquarius.

Impact on the Natives of Aquarius

In the first house of Aquarius, that is, in Aquarius, many changes will be possible due to the change in the movement of different planets. First of all, your decision making ability will develop. You will also be able to make difficult decisions with strength, which will affect your life in a special way and you will get a chance to move forward. Due to the presence of Sun God in your zodiac, there may increase a little fierceness and sense of ego in your nature, but Dev Guru Brihaspati will try to handle it to a great extent.

However, the effect of the planet Mercury will be more on your speech, due to which you will be affected by the feeling of ego and use more praiseful words towards yourself than others, which may not be liked by other people, so you should avoid excessive chatter, no So at times the situation may be opposite to you. During this time you will feel the growth of your intellect and the education you have earned will be useful to you in many ways. This time will be especially beneficial for the people associated with politics and you may get a big post. This time can be beneficial for the government sector. You will have to pay special attention to your means of communication, which can be affected and communication may decrease during the period of Mercury’s setting. This time is going to be favorable for you in terms of health, but there may be an increase of fat in the body.

Remedies for Aquarius Natives

People of Aquarius zodiac should worship Lord Shiva and Shani Dev ji as a remedy. You should do Rudrabhishek on Saturday and if possible reciting Sundarkand on Saturday can prove to be very beneficial for you. By lighting 108 lamps of mustard oil under the Peepal tree on Saturday evening, your desired wishes can be fulfilled and you can get health benefits.

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