Venerate Maa Annapurna on this Day and Get Lifetime Freedom from Hunger!

As per the Hindu calendar, Annapurna Jayanti is celebrated on Purnima during Margashirsha month. This day is dedicated to Maa Annapurna. She was born on this very day. Annapurna Jayanti is considered to be one of the main Jayantis in Indian culture.  

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This Jayanti holds immeasurable significance among all the other Jayanti(s). It is believed about this day that one who observes the fast of Maa Annapurna with absolute sincerity and true devotion and worships with due rituals, faces no shortage of eatables in his/her house and it remains full of luxury and pleasures. 

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When will Annapurna Jayanti be Celebrated this Year? 

Annapurna Jayanti on Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Purnima Tithi Begins – 07:54 AM on Dec 29, 2020

Purnima Tithi Ends – 08:57 AM on Dec 30, 2020

Annapurna Jayanti Pujan Vidhi

  • Clean your kitchen after taking a bath in the morning.
  • Now, sprinkle Gangajal in the entire house. 
  • After this, worship the gas stove and Maa Annapurna. 
  • Worship the stove with turmeric (Haldi), Kumkum, rice, flowers, Dhoop and Diya etc.
  • Worship of this very day should take place in the kitchen. Bring the idol/photo of Maa Parvati and Lord Shankar in the same i.e. Kitchen and venerate.
  • Pray to Lord Shiva and Maa Annapurna for no shortage of food in your house. 
  • Further, recite the Mantra of Maa and hear the legend.
  • Furthermore, serve the food prepared at home among the needy.  
  • The main purpose of Annapurna Jayanti is that people must understand the significance of eatables and respect the same.
  • As per beliefs, when Lord Shiva was blessing the souls of people with Moksha in Kashi, Maa Parvati incarnated herself as Annapurna and saw the condition of people.
  • Complete the worship with Aarti and distribute Prasad. 

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Why did Lord Shiva take food from Maa Annapurna?  

There was a condition of drought on earth. It got barren completely. The production of crops, fruits etc. got destroyed. In this situation, the species faced a crisis and then Lord Shiva took the form of a beggar and Maa Parvati incarnated herself as Maa Annapurna.  

After this, Lord Shiva asked for food in begging from Maa Annapurna. With this food, Lord Shiva came on earth and distributed it among the people. After this, once again the condition of drought came back to normalcy and everybody started getting food. It is said that the tradition of Annapurna Jayanti has been followed on Purnima Tithi during Margashirsha month.   

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Things to be Done on the Day of Annapurna Jayanti

  • We must not disrespect food on this very day.
  • In addition to this, it is believed that there is no dearth of wealth by worshipping in the kitchen, gas stove etc. and there remains the grace of Maa Annapurna.

Maa Annapurna is venerated on the day of Annapurna Jayanti. Specially, donation holds high significance on this very day. Women prepare the Prasad of rice and sweets and light the lamp filled with Ghee. Take food without salt on the day of Annapurna Jayanti.  

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Legend Concerning Annapurna Jayanti

As per mythology, once there was absolute dearth of water and food on the earth. There was a condition of drought. In this pretext, everybody was about to die. After this, people started venerating Brahma Ji and Lord Vishnu.   

Lord Vishnu requested Brahma Ji and Vishnu Ji after visiting Brahma Lok and Vaikuntha Lok to find a solution to this problem. After this, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu went to Kailash Parvat with all Rishis. After reaching there, all the deities along with Rishis prayed to Lord Shiva and said that people on earth had been facing an acute problem and therefore, he was requested to break his meditation and come into the awakened state. 

Then, Lord Shiva opened his eyes and asked for the reason of their arrival. Everybody spoke about the situation of absolute drought on earth and people had been highly worried owing to the same. Then, Lord Shiva assured them of giving a solution pertaining to the same problem.   

After this, Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati came on earth. Where on one side, Maa Parvati incarnated herself as Annapurna and on the other, Lord Shiva took the form of a beggar. After this, Lord Shiva asked for food in begging from Maa Annapurna. With this food, Lord Shiva came on earth and distributed it among the people and thus, the condition came back to normalcy.

All the people started chanting the name of Maa Annapurna. It is believed that Annapurna Jayanti started since then.

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