Angarak Yoga In April Brings A Significant Change In Lives Of 3 Zodiacs!

Angarak Yoga: Mars is known to be the commander of all planets which is the representative of passion and blood. The way a commander leads the army, similarly Mars prepares a person against the problems and obstacles that may come in their life. While on the other hand, Rahu is the planet that creates an illusion, and in such circumstances, it confuses the person and makes him deviate from his/her goals. Often, they get trapped in bad company. So, now both of these planets will come together in one zodiac sign and forn an inauspicious Angarak Yoga. This blog by AstroSage is going to give you detailed information about Angarak yoga, its impacts, which zodiac signs need to be careful, and more. 

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The presence of Rahu and Mars in Pisces will create Angarak yoga which will stay from 23rd April to 1st June. And, on 1st June 2024, Rahu will move to its zodiac sign, Aries and the impact of Angarak Yoga will end. In Vedic Astrology, it is considered as an unfavorable yoga and during this period, people are not supposed to do anything auspicious. But, when Mars and the shadow planet Rahu form a conjunction, Angarak yoga forms, and due to this yoga, 3 zodiacs have to get alert and very careful, otherwise they may have to suffer losses in their lives. So, now, let’s take a look at the 3 zodiacs who need to be careful during this yoga. 

Mars-Rahu Conjunction Forms Angarak Yoga: These 3 Zodiacs Need To Get Alert.


Aries is the first zodiac which is ruled by Lord Mars. The Angarak yoga is considered unfavorable for the Aries natives because you may have to stop your work mid-way. Also, you may have to face certain obstacles due to the stoppage of money. In such a circumstance, you are advised to keep money transactions limited during Angarak yoga.

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For the Virgo natives as well, Angarak yoga is believed to be unfavorable because this can create problems for you. You may get angry easily during this period and say anything in anger or without thinking and that’s why you are asked to keep control over your words. 

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The zodiac led by Lord Saturn, Aquarius may also go through a hard time and Angarak yoga may not be fruitful for these natives as well. This duration may get hard for you as you may have to bear certain allegations. In this situation, you may have to change your behavior according to the situation. Also, you need to be careful regarding your health as well. 

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