Amitabh Bachchan COVID-19 Positive: What Do The Stars Say For His Future?

With the sudden news about Amitabh Bachchan testing positive for COVID-19 and being admitted in the Nanavati Hospital flashing right in front of our eyes, it becomes clear that no one is spared from what’s lurking around amid ongoing pandemic. Adding to it, his son Abhishek Bachchan has also tested positive for COVID-19. On this note, below we are sharing some excerpts by our astrologers evaluating this situation and stating their views:

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Astrologer Punit Pandey

Punit Pandey, the CEO of AstroSage, has carried out an astro-analysis on this situation and shared his views:

According to the horoscope available in the AstroSage Celebrity Database of Amitabh Bachchan, the planet Mars is undergoing its Antradasha in the Mahadasha of Venus. The Mahadasha of Mars will last until February 2021. Both Mars and Venus are in the seventh house, which is known as Maraka Bhava in Vedic astrology. Mars is acting as a Navmesh as well as Badhkesh. 

Overall, it can be said that this time will turn out to be very difficult for Amitabh Bachchan.

I wish him good health and speedy recovery. May he emerge victorious from this struggle.

Acharya Raman Ji

On asking about the current situation revolving around Amitabh Bachchan, this is what AstroSage’s Astrologer Acharya Raman Ji had to say:

This is the most difficult horary question I have ever faced in my life! What will happen to my Life Icon Amitabh Bachchan? Between 1-249, I asked for a number and got the number 99. Based on that, I created a chart below:


Accordingly, the Moon is in the Nakshatra of Saturn and in the sub of Mars. Saturn is in retrograde motion. Mars is placed in the 7th house, which is the Maraka Bhava and the ascendant is Leo.

The Lagna sub lord is Saturn and placed in the star of Sun. Sun is in the 11th house and is the ruler of the Lagna. Also, the Sun is in the star of Jupiter, which is placed in the 5th Bhava. Houses 1, 5, 9 are the incremental houses. Thus based on that, I can say that Amitabh Bachchan will come out of this deadly situation smiling and healthy. Not only mine but at this time the whole country must be praying for him. As per the dictum of Shri KSK, the benefic Jupiter is aspecting the Lagna. Hence, there is no danger what so ever to his life. The 11th cusp sub-lord is Saturn, which is in the star of Sun placed in the 11th house. 

Therefore, he is expected to come out of this situation without much harm. I wish him all my best, a speedy recovery and smashing return.

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Acharya Vinnie Arora

One of the AstroSage’s panellists Acharya Vinnie Arora has shared her perspective on this situation:


According to the chart, Amitabh Bachan is running under the Dasha of Venus -Moon-Venus during this time. Venus is the fourth and ninth house lord positioned in the 8th house of uncertainties and mysteries and aspecting the second house, which represents nose and mouth. As per Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the lord of the sixth house of diseases and the Karaka planet of cold, cough, vomiting and lung disorder. It is positioned in his ninth house of luck. 

During this dasha, he got contracted with Coronavirus, which affects nose, throat and eventually lungs, causing cold, cough, nausea, dizziness and several unfortunate events. 

Venus is a beneficial planet for his chart, which will expectedly bring him back to normal life. However, this current time is not expected to be easy for him, and he may take some time to heal completely. 

I wish Amitabh Bachchan Ji a speedy recovery, and may he make a fierce comeback soon.

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Acharya Dr Sunil Barmola

Talking to Astrologer Dr Sunil Barmola, this is what he had in mind:

Amitabh Bachchan was born on 11 October 1942 at 4:00 PM in the evening in Allahabad. His Lagna Sign is Aquarius and Moon sign is Libra.


Currently, as per Vedic Astrology, Amitabh Bachchan is undergoing the Mahadasha of Venus (Sukhesh and Bhagyesh) along with the Antardasha of Moon, who is the ruling lord of health diseases and placed in the house of luck and fortune. Hence, it is clear that due to the Dasha of Moon, the lord of the house of diseases, such distressing situations came into the scene.

But he will most likely be making a speedy recovery from this illness. Nevertheless, due to the Antardasha of Moon stretching up to November 2020, minor problems may keep cropping up, due to which there is a great need to remain careful.

I wish Bachchan Ji great health and quick recovery. May he comes out of this situation quickly.

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Astro Yogesh Darira

Astro Yogesh Darira is an expert and has shared his piece of mind on the situation surrounding Amitabh Bachchan and his struggle with Coronavirus:

When I was asked about the condition of Mr Amitabh Bachchan, the time in the clock was 11:53 AM, based on which I have prepared a horary chart or Prashna Kundli:

download (2)

  • So as per the horary chart, the ascendant comes out to be Virgo, whose lord is sitting in its own house Gemini, which is a strong position. 
  • But it is aspected by only one benefic planet Jupiter and mainly surrounded by the Malefics in the form of Mars, Rahu and Ketu.
  • As we discussed earlier, as he is running in the sub-period of Moon as per his D-1 chart, which is in conjunction with the eighth house lord Mars and aspected by the sixth house lord Saturn, indicating some major infections and lungs related diseases.
  • So, both the Ascendant and Moon are in a malefic position, indicating serious illness. 
  • He is running under the period of Mercury/Mercury/Saturn/Moon till 17th July as per Prashna kundli followed by Mercury/Mercury/Saturn/Mars till 26th July 2020. So, till then these are careful periods to watch out for. 

Since he is undergoing the period of Mercury, his ascendant lord, the threat to longevity is less, still, care needs to be taken till 26th July 2020. We wish him a speedy recovery. 

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Such predictions shed light on the current planetary positions and reveal the subsequent cause and outcome. AstroSage and its Team wishes good and enriching health to Amitabh Bachchan Ji and hopes for his speedy recovery.

Disclaimer: We would like to add that the information and predictions provided are for astrological purposes only.


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