Amit Shah’s Kundli Reveals His Luck Factor

Amit Shah needs no introduction, as his commanding personality and patriotic appeal reveals his true self. He is one of the most powerful political figures after PM Shri Narendra Modi and currently serving the nation as the Minister of Home Affairs. He is considered a close ally of Narendra Modi and entitled as the chief strategist of Bharatiya Janata Party. We have evaluated his kundli on the basis of Vedic Astrology and chalked out his chances of becoming a PM in the Elections 2024. Also, know what challenges and opportunities will come his way being a Home Minister of India.

Amit Shah Kundli Analysis

54 years old Amit Shah, full name Amit Anilchandra Shah, was born in a well-to-do business class family in Mumbai. Below are his birth details based on which the analysis is done.

amit shah kundli

Let’s discuss the probability of him becoming the PM and future prospects regarding him being a Home minister.

  • Date of Birth – 22 October 1964
  • Time of Birth – 05:25 AM
  • Place of Birth – Mumbai (Maharashtra)

First of all, he was born with the Virgo Ascendant. Mercury is the ruler of this ascendant sign, which is placed in the 2nd house of Wealth. Here Mercury is posited with Sun which is a significator of Father. This shows his father’s connection with his business life.

In Astrology, 10th house lord depicts overall career, status and reputation in native’s life. As per his kundli, the 10th lord is Mercury, who is also the ascendant lord. This means that the planet Mercury is the giver of overall success in his professional (political) life.

In his kundli, Mercury is placed in Libra sign with Sun and in the Swati Nakshatra. Libra is ruled by Venus and Swati Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu as per Vimshottari Dasha System. Sun and Venus is forming a Parivartan Yog, which strengthens the status of these two planets. Due to the connection of these two strong planets, Mercury becomes strong as well. 

Now Mercury is in Rahu Nakshatra (Swati Nakshatra), due to which his Rahu Dasha will give him a good results in life.

Currently he is under the dasha of “Rahu”, which will remain effective till 14 November 2021. This means that he will rise in his career till this time period. There won’t be any major obstacles in his way.

Will Amit Shah Become The PM In 2024 Elections?

For attaining the status of “PM”, one has to have strong Jupiter and Saturn in connection with each other in his/her kundli along with favourable dasha.

In his kundli, Jupiter and Saturn are not connected or conjuncted. Plus, Saturn is posited in the malefic 6th house of his kundli, although sign wise it is powerful. Jupiter posited in Taurus isn’t favourable, as this sign belongs to its enemy planet Venus. Moreover, after the Rahu dasha gets over, Amit Shah will undergo the dasha of “Jupiter”, which doesn’t seem to be fruitful.

This means that Jupiter and Saturn will not favour him in becoming the PM in 2024.

Astrology Forecast as Home Minister 

Amit Shah will remain under the dasha of Rahu – Moon till 27 October 2020 and after this, he will undergo the last phase of Rahu Mahadasha, which is Rahu – Mars (27-10-2020 to 14-11-2021).

In his kundli, Moon and Mars are creating a strong Parivartan Yoga, which makes their placement very strong and powerful. Mars rules the third and eighth house and Moon rules the eleventh house of his kundli. Third house shows matters related to nearby countries and eighth house deals with internal conflicts or pending cases. Whereas the eleventh house depicts fulfillment of desires in life.

These planetary positions show that Shah will resolve several conflicts with the nearby countries by creating effective policies or laws. Also, he will try to resolve long-pending internal affairs for desired results. He will complete all his promises that he had put forward in the 2019 manifesto.

Note- He will always remain successful if he works under someone powerful and influential like PM Shri Narendra Modi. Because his Jupiter isn’t posited favourably in his kundli, he will encounter several hurdles and obstacles if he aims for the position of Prime Minister.

We wish him a great success and impressive political progress. May he achieve what he has desired for the welfare of “Great Bharat”.


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