Amavasya Yoga in Leo & Sun-Moon Conjunction; Challenge For 3 Zodiacs

Amavasya Yoga in Leo: The positioning of the Sun and Moon across different zodiacs has different kinds of impacts on the natives. In the month of August, the Sun and Moon come together in the Leo sign and it will result in difficulties for different signs. All planets keep changing their positions across different signs & houses and it will result in auspicious and inauspicious outcomes. The Sun-Moon Conjunction creates Amavasya Yoga in Leo and will prove to be tough for natives. The special AstroSage blog contains details of the timing of Amavasya Yoga in Leo and the details of negative effects on zodiacs. 

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Amavasya Yoga In Leo: Date And Time 

On 17 August 2023 at 01:23 pm, the Sun enter the Leo zodiac where it met the already sitting Moon planet in the sign. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Leo creates Amavasya Yoga in Leo and proves to be inauspicious for the natives. 

The formation of Amavasya Yoga 2023 creates inauspicious timelines and the yoga makes the position of the Moon weaker. Moon is the factor of Mind and Sun is the factor of the Soul. It will result in mental and health troubles in the life of natives. Let us now check the zodiacs that need to be careful in the Amavasya period. 

3 Zodiacs Facing Tough Time Due To Amavasya Yoga In Leo 


The Amavasya Yoga in Leo will be inauspicious for the Scorpio natives as Sun transits in the tenth house. It will result in the rise of ego levels in the workplace and will impact the overall repute of professionals. There are chances of people misunderstanding you and it will be vital to keep the ego in check. Be careful about the relations in your business so that there is no misunderstanding with your business partner. Avoid making any kind of big deal or investment in the period. Try to keep the home environment peaceful so that there are minimal misunderstandings among members. 

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There are different kinds of health concerns for the Capricorn natives due to Amavasya yoga. It will also result in mental troubles due to unwanted circumstances in professional and personal life. Be careful in driving vehicles safely across the highways and avoid hurrying to any location. It will also result in the rise of challenges in different aspects of life and face them with approved plans. Do the health checkups of the family to avoid different health troubles. There can be arguments with friends or family members and prevent such circumstances. The natives need to be careful in all the activities in the period so as to prevent losses. 


For Aquarius people, it will be a tough time to complete activities or projects successfully. Sun enters in the seventh house and also Saturn is positioned in the zodiac. Along with it, Amavasya Yoga in Leo will be challenging for businessmen and working professionals. Keep the anger in control in your work routine so that there are fewer chances of arguments. Keep your health troubles in check so that there is less spending on health spendings. The combination of the Sun and Moon in Leo will create different kinds of bad situations in life and can result in fights with other people. 

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Q1. What is the timing of the Sun staying in the Leo sign?

Ans. Sun enter the Leo sign on 17 August 2023 and will stay in the sign till 17 September 2023. 

Q2. What are the effects of natives born in Amavasya?

Ans. There are chances of people getting lunatic with time and will bring troubles in life across different situations. 

Q3. What is the relation between Sun and Leo?

Ans. Sun rules Leo and it will result in generosity and warmth within individuals. 

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