How Did “AM’ & “PM” Came Into Existence? Read Our Exclusive Astrological Analysis!

It’s the 21 st century and today we cannot write down any time without the very mention of the words “AM” & “PM”. Many smartphones and even smart watches, reveal the “AM’ & “PM” while the time appears on them. But has there ever been any question in your mind regarding the meaning and origin of AM and PM? When we ask anyone, very often people will say AM is the meaning of morning while PM means the time after noon. Now, it cannot be said that it is not true at all, because it is factually true to every extent. 

Basically, a day is calculated in a total of 24 Hora i.e. 24 hours. Along with this, a whole day is divided into two ‘Pahar{s}’ according to the time. Out of these clocks, AM means before midday i.e. first hour and PM means after midday i.e. second hour. According to the time, the duration of these two Pahars is divided into 12-12 hours. In such a situation, due to 12 hours, AM and PM become 12-12 hours.

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The Scale of Measuring Times With Changing Times

According to the time and changing circumstances, there has been a lot of change in the scales of measuring time in today’s era. From the modern era to the present day, by using the latest inventions of the scientific era, we have discovered everything from crystal clocks to the most accurate time-telling clock “atomic clocks”. But today in the simplest language, whenever we express time, we often use the words AM and PM. In this, where AM is used to refer to the time before noon, the word PM is used for the time after noon.

Mythological and Astrological Significance of “AM’ & “PM” 

In the modern era today, wrist watches to phone watches are also an existence. But in ancient times, humans used to calculate the time as per the changing positions of the Sun. Now the question arises that the Sun can be seen during the day, but the Sun is not visible at night. So how would the time be calculated in this situation?

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In fact, the position of the stars played an important role in determining the time at night. According to experts, the words“AM’ & “PM” have actually originated from the position of the Sun.

It is believed that at noon, when the position of the Sun is just above our head, during this time we draw an imaginary line in the sky from North to south direction and this line is called meridian. In such a situation, when the sun is on the line, then that time is taken as noon time. Apart from this, when the Sun is situated on the east side of this line, then that time is considered to be the time before noon i.e. morning. When the Sun moves west from this line, then that time is taken as the time after noon.

“AM’ & “PM” : Meaning & Origin

Now if we talk about the origin of the words AM and PM, then the word AM is of Anti Meridian, while the word PM is a short form of Post Meridian. In this, the word Meridian is derived from the Latin word Meridis, which actually means the middle of the day. In such a situation, the word AM was taken before noon. During this time, due to the Sun being east of the meridian line, this time has been considered as the time before noon. This is what we express today in simple language in the word AM.

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Similarly, when the Sun is towards the west of the Meridian line, then that time is taken as the time after noon. This is expressed in simple language  as the PM word i.e. Post Meridian.

In both these Pahars, we consider the time from 12:00 in the late night to 12:00 in the day as the first watch and address it with the word AM. Whereas, considering the time from 12:00 in the afternoon to 12:00 in the night, we address it with the word PM.

Hindu calendar & English Calendar: Different Time Calculations

According to Vedic astrology calculations and Hindu calendar, a new day is valid from sunrise and according to the English calendar, a new day and a new date changes from 12:00 pm onwards.

But as per Indian astrology calculations, the sunrise is only valid for the calculation of birth letter, birth time, Ishtkaal etc.

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