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Astrology has been a significant part of our life since ancient times which was composed centuries  ago by the saints. In astrology, the activities of the planets-starts of the solar system are analyzed and the science which talks about the planets and the stars is known as astrology.

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So, in such a case “ Should you believe in Astrology?” If this question has ever arisen in your mind then we will here provide you the answers related to all such questions, to which you will definitely get surprised.

Three Wings Of Astrology

There are mainly 3 wings of astrology, which are as follows:

  1. Hora ‘Mathematics’
  2. Code, and 
  3. result-orientation

Note: However, many astrologers consider theories, coding and results as the three pillars of astrology.

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Changes In Vedic Astrology With Changing Times 

If we go back many years from today then,  it is mentioned in many vedic scriptures of that period which says that there was a time when Algebra, Geometry and Astronomy were the branches of astrology.

Today, the number of such people has started increasing continuously, who might have doubts and disbelief regarding astrology in their minds. If you also have such types of questions regarding astrology  and disbelief of the same then today we will answer all your questions.

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Question 1: What is the relation of astrology with religion?

In the scriptures, astrology has  been given the name of the eye of the Vedas. To understand Vedas and Dharma first of all a person needs to understand Astrology. Astrology science has been discussed completely in the Vedas. But the question arises which astrological science we are talking about?

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Relation Of Astrology With Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, & Yajur Veda 

According to scholars, you will find the description of 30 verses in Rigveda that clarifies its connection with astrology. At the same time, you will find 162 verses in Atharvaveda and 44 verses in Yajurveda. 

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Relation Of Astrology To Vedangas 

Astrology is included in these six Vedangas. Some of which are as follows: 

  1. Education
  2. Science
  3. Grammer
  4. Dismissal
  5. Verses and,
  6. Astrology

The Need Of Changed Astrology Over  The Period Of Time 

Astrology that gives results includes predictions, horoscope, Birth horoscope and palmistry.  With its help, astrology, you are able to study the horoscope of a person and you can ascertain the fate, problems that are about to come in life and then you can resolve the problems of your life.

In mythological times, many learned people with the help of astrology attain salvation and meditation, to choose the right direction and  place and according to that building temples, monastery, gurukuls, ashram, houses, huts etc.

This Vedic knowledge has not only given many learned astrologers and astronomers to India as well as to the world. Even today in the list of these names the names of the wise knowledgeable men like Varah Mihir, Garg, Aryabhatta, Bhrigu, Brihaspati, Kashyap, Parashar, Pitrayus, Baidyanath etc are famous.

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18 Maharishi Promoters Of Astrology

In this era, astronomy used to be under astrology. According to many astrological scriptures, the total number of  Maharishi promoters of astrology are 18. As per the opinion of Maharishi Kashyap, their names in order are Surga, Pitamah, Vyasa, Vashishtha, Atri, Parashara, Kashyapa, Narad, Garga, Marichi, Manu, Angira, Lomesh, Paulish, Chyavan, Yavan, Bhrigu and Shaunak respectively.

Astrology Connection With Gita

Hinduism is purely  the Karma Pradhan, not Bhagya Pradhan. Be it the Gita itself or the Upanishads or any Vedas, all these mythological texts or scriptures have been taught to make karma the only and only basis. In which the sun has been given the position of the soul of the universe.

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Lord Krishna has said in Gita that this world is like an upside down tree. Whose branches are below and roots are above the surface. If you want to ask something from nature, you have to pray above. Because you are not going to get anything from below the surface. Hence astrology is also like this and human head is the root of astrology.

Conclusion: That’s why it would not be wrong to say that the way Karma has been described as the real form of astrology in our texts, scriptures etc. Actually, astrology is more than that. That’s why it is difficult to understand astrology in today’s era. In such a situation, it can be said that today astrology is not a matter to oppose but to understand.

Question 2: Should astrology be believed or not?

In the early days, the knowledge of astrology, which has been mentioned in the Vedic scriptures, was limited only among the kings, scholars, pundits, acharyas, sages, philosophers and those who understood science. These classes used astrology for accurate weather information, for information about Vastu, for information about changes due to the movement of planets and stars, for information about auspicious time and Muhurat. Using this astrology, the scholars used to save their state and their people from natural calamities during that period and used to ensure the correct date for any event.

Subsequently, others became aware of the potential of this knowledge and its positive power. And in this way, this knowledge gradually started reaching the common people from the scholars.

Conclusion: The real form of mythological astrology has become prevalent in different forms at present. Since ancient times, astrology is completely based on facts and truthfulness, which has been personally verified by many scholars like Varah Mihir, Aryabhatta, Bhrigu, Kashyap, Parashar, etc. in that era.

Question 3 : Do Planets Have An Impact On Human Life?

The luminous space body is known as Nakshatra, The Sun is also a Nakshatra (Constellation). It is not a living being who will get angry or happy with a particular person. The Sun has the maximum effect on the earth. After the Sun, the moon has the most influence on earth. And after these there is the effect of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn respectively. There is an impact of the planets on the complete earth, not on the particular human being. If the impact of some special planet on a part of the earth is seen, then changes are witnessed in that particular area.

The North and South poles of the Earth have an effect on the entire Earth. The earth also attracts all things towards itself to a certain extent. The flow of tides in the ocean is also due to the attractive power of the Sun and the Moon. Full moon and new moon also have an effect on the earth. 

When we talk about effects, it means that one root  or inanimate object, whether it is the moon, has an effect on another inanimate object. We can control our mind, actions, words and thoughts.

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