Alia-Ranbir’s Marriage: Exclusive Astrological Analysis Reveals How Long Will This Marriage Last?

After waiting for a long time, the most-awaited Bollywood couple, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have finally tied the knot! While on one hand, Ranbir is known for his casanova image, on the other hand, Alia is known for her charming and gentle personality. These love birds have been dating for several years now and finally decided to tie the knot on April 14, 2022, in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family, in their house in Mumbai.

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When Mr and Mrs Kapoor made their first media appearance, the happiness was evident on their faces. Nobody could help but gush about how adorable and in love they looked! Their fans have been swooning over Ranbir and Alia’s wedding pictures and the couple also received heartwarming wishes from various Bollywood celebrities.

We hope that this Bollywood couple stays in love forever. If you are also a fan of this couple and are curious about how their married life is going to be, then this blog is for you! We will also cover topics like Alia’s career after marriage, their relations with in-laws, and much more from an astrological point of view. All this information has been brought to you by Acharyaa Parul, a renowned astrologer at AstroSage.

Will Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor’s Marriage Be A Success?

Alia Bhatt
Ranbir Kapoor

The above-mentioned charts are for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor and we have made the predictions based on these charts. We would like to inform you that we don’t have the exact timing of their birth, so we are taking their Moon chart for the prediction of their compatibility. 

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As we can see that Alia’s Moon sign is Scorpio, whose Lord is Mars, and Rahu is also placed with the Moon. This shows that she is a very sensitive person on an emotional level. On other hand, Ranbir’s Moon sign is Capricorn, whose Lord is Saturn. This shows that he is more of a practical person. 

This is the perfect example of the opposite attracts and this is the beauty of their relationship. They complete each other. However, the same could become the reason for the fallouts between them. 

Every Bollywood lover must know that they had both been in a relationship for a long time and everyone was keen to know when will they tie the knots with each other. This is because astrologically till now the planetary positions were not that supportive, but the moment Jupiter transited in Ranbir’s third house and aspected the fifth house, their marriage got triggered. The same is the case with Alia. Jupiter’s transit in the fifth house and its aspect on the ninth house is again a suitable situation for marriage. 

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What Turn Will Alia’s Bollywood Career Take After Marriage?

Alia and Ranbir are finally married after a long wait, but we all have a question in our mind- Will Alia continue her exceptional acting career after marriage? This question is crucial as we all know the history of the Kapoor family where ladies mostly don’t continue their acting careers after marriage.

Therefore, we all are keen to know if Alia will quit her career at a point where she has recently given two big hits like ‘Gangubai’ and ‘RRR’.

To answer this question, let us have a look at Alia Bhatt’s horoscope: According to her horoscope, her tenth lord is Sun, placed in the fifth house with the seventh lord Venus, which is exalted and retrograde. This represents her strong acting career. Venus is exalted but conjoined with the Sun, which is making Venus a little uncomfortable. So there are chances that she might break her family tradition and continue working after marriage too.

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What Do Charts Say About Alia-Ranbir’s Family Planning?

As soon as a couple gets married, it’s natural for people to get excited about kids. And when the couple is everyone’s favourite, this excitement multiplies manifold. As such, people must be curious to know when will this lovely couple have kids and how many kids they will have.

So let’s have a look at Ranbir’s chart in this regard as for childbirth, the father’s horoscope plays a very important role. After two years when Ranbir’s fifth house will be activated and affected by both Jupiter and Saturn, and if this couple is ready to plan a family, then that would be a suitable time for that. There is one thing common in both the horoscopes that Venus is impacting their fifth house, which shows that their child would be really beautiful and bring a lot of auspiciousness and happiness in their life. 

Ranbir-Alia’s Charts Make Some Exciting Revelation!

  • Alia is temperamental so there could be frequent restrictions from her side which will lead to ups and downs in this relationship. Both of them are advised to be careful in this relationship.
  • Alia might make big decisions by being emotional. In this situation, Ranbir must remain patient and calm.
  • The lord of the house of marriage, Venus,  in Ranbir’s chart seems to be stuck with various conjunctions due to which, he will have to work hard to maintain trust and honesty in the relationship.
  • If we talk about Numerology, then Ranbir’s number is 3 and Alia’s number is 1. As per numerology, the relationship between numbers 2 and 3 is strong. So Ranbir and Alia have the potential to take their relationship to new heights based on their mutual love, trust, and honesty.
  • Their horoscope also reveals that this marriage will prove fruitful for both of them.
  • Besides this, their health will also be good after marriage and they will enjoy a happy and healthy married life.
  • In the end, if we talk about the depth and how long will this relationship last, then let us tell you that astrology never believes in giving assurance or prediction about this. The success of any marriage depends on the people involved in it. Astrology can provide you with remedies and suggestions to improve your marriage but not its duration. We hope that Ranbir and Alia enjoy their married life and establish a good example for everyone else. 

In the end, AstroSage and Acharyaa Parul Verma would like to congratulate the couple and wish them all the best for their future.

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