Astro Report: Alia Bhatt, Her Career & Marriage in 2020

Alia Bhatt leads the brigade of youngsters in Bollywood as of now, and is regarded as one of the most versatile, acclaimed and adaptable artists in the Indian Film Industry. With the initiation of New Year 2020, she must have also expected great changes, new opportunities and challenges falling into her way throughout the year. Predictions based on the principles of Vedic Astrology reveal these key points and narrate how the position of nakshatras, planets and signs in a kundli and its houses can affect her life and its various aspects.

Read the predictions based on her birth details and find out more about her career projects, success and performance from an astrological point of view.

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Alia Bhatt Kundli Analysis


Alia Bhatt

(15-3-1993, 4:10; Mumbai)

Vedic Astrology has brought a lot of new challenges as well as opportunities for the youngest critically acclaimed actress of the Indian film industry, Alia Bhatt in 2020. As per the planetary placement and movement in Alia’s Kundli, we can say that she will undergo the Mahadasha of Venus and Antardasha of Mercury during the year 2020. Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth house in her kundli, placed with Sun in the third house respectively and acting as a major Yog Karaka. It is also being aspected by Dev Guru Jupiter as well.

At the same time, Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth house and placed in the second house with Lagna lord Saturn or Shani. Thus, Venus and Mercury forming Raj Yoga in her kundli proves to be very favorable, hence incurring her name, fame and respect. Hence, she is likely to remain a lot more popular due to her films and performances, and there are chances of her declaring a hike in her fees. She will attain love and appreciation from the viewers and become the topic of the town for her commendable acting. Talks of marriage can possibly start.


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