Alert! Paush Month Begins, Don’t Perform Any Auspicious Work!

There are different beliefs and remedies associated with every month in the Hindu religion. Similarly, Paush month which is also known as poose month is the 10th month of the Hindu year and in this special blog, we will get to know more about the Paush month. Like its remedies, rules or guidelines and the work that should be avoided. Along with this, we will discuss when Paush month will begin. So, come let us begin this special blog by AstroSage! 

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What Is Restricted In Paush Month? 

Many things should not be done during the Paush month. Especially, the auspicious or Manglik tasks should not be performed in this month. From the marriage ceremony to all the other auspicious tasks, it is strictly advised to avoid performing any rituals this month. Apart from Marriage, doing auspicious works like housewarming, puja or dev puja, mundan, and jeneyu dharan is also prohibited in the Paush month. 

When Will The Paush Month Begin?

Paush month begins on 9th December 2022 and it will end on 7th January 2023. In this month, it is considered auspicious to worship Lord Sun (Surya Dev). In this blog by AstroSage, we will understand the festivities and fasts this month. Along with this, we will also discuss Paush Poornima fast in detail.

Significance Of Paush Poornima Fast

Paush month is considered to be the month of the Lord Sun and people attain salvation by the blessings of the Lord Sun by observing fast on Paush Poornima that falls during this month. On this day, people take bath in holy rivers and worship Lord Sun. To get fruitful results from Paush Poornima fasts, one should observe this fast with all the rituals, following all the rules. Here we are providing you the correct vrat-vidhi (guidelines for observing Paush Poornima fast), which are as follows: 

  • Once you wake up early in the morning, take a bath, wear clean clothes and take a vow of observing fast.
  • After this, offer Arghya to the Lord Sun.
  • After worshiping the Sun, worship Lord Madhusudhan and offer naivedyam to him. 
  • Offer food to Brahmins and give them charity (Daan- Dakshina) as a token to get blessings.
  • Donate Sesame, Jaggery, blanket, and Woolen stuff to needy people.
  • After fasting for the complete day and after worshiping Lord Sun in the evening, have your meal without salt. 

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Importance Of Worshiping The Sun In Paush Month

In the Hindu religion, each day in a week is dedicated to some other deity. Similarly, Sunday in a week is dedicated to Surya Dev, and the significance of worshiping the Sun increases in the month of Paush. According to the beliefs, worshiping Sun this month and observing fast on Sunday, strengthens the position of the Sun in the horoscope of a person and as a result, that person gets fruitful results in the field of education, business, health and family.

In Astrology, Sun is known to be the benefactor of the soul and father. Those natives, who have Sun in a strong position in their horoscope, will get good business results. Apart from that, the person gets the support of his/her father.

Paush Month 2022: Unfailing Remedies

  • Prepare Arhar dal and rice khichdi with ghee in it and offer it to the poor.
  • Give importance to wearing red colored clothes in this month.
  • Worship Lord Shiva every Monday and offer him Bel Patra,
  • Tie the roots of Bel patra with a red thread and wear it in your neck.
  • Donate copper utensils.
  • Apart from this offer jaggery, water and pomegranate to Lord Shiva.
  • To boost your intellectual skills, offer Hibiscus flowers to God Sun (Surya Dev).
  • Offer camphor and saffron to Suryadev to increase your prestige and honor in the society.
  • For promotion or increment in your workfield, add red saffron in water and offer it to God Sun.

Fasts- Festivals In Paush Month

Date & DayFast/Festivals
11 December 2022, SundaySankashti Chaturthi
16 December 2022, FridayDhanu Sankranti
19 December 2022, MondaySaphala Ekadashi
21 December 2022, WednesdayPradosh Vrat ( Krishna), Masik Shivratri
23 December 2022, FridayPaush Amavasya
02 December 2023, MondayPaush Putrada Ekadashi 
04 December 2023, WednesdayPradosh Vrat (Shukla)

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