Akshay Tritiya, Its Significance and What Financial Advances are in Store for You!

Akshaya Tritiya, as the name suggests is the Tithi during which any activity performed does not decay, does not diminish( Shaya means decay), only multiplies. This Tithi is free from any malefic effects of the planets.  Both the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon are in their exalted forms indicating that the King and the Queen i.e. both the male and female forms are strong on this day. 

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This indicates any intention set on this day with pure heart and devotion has the capability to manifest. This is why it is considered pious to perform prayers to the divine in the form of Yajnas, hymns and Stotras on this day. There is no need to look for any auspicious time to do the tasks as this entire day is considered as magical and auspicious. So, it is a very good day to start or initiate any new task or new event. This year it is falling on 26th April 2020, Sunday. 

This day is considered sacred and a large part of the population celebrates it with great fervor and enthusiasm, and believe that any plan or investments regarding finances undertaken this day will bring good results the whole year. So, that is why we are preparing the financial report for each of the zodiac signs for the whole year from this Akshya tritiya until the next. Take a look at this to know your strengths and weaknesses as per the chart and take decisions according to that. 

The predictions are based on your moon sign. Know your moon sign: Moon Sign


This financial year will be full of success for you, especially for those who do their work from home, are freelancers, work on a personal bond, they can get new opportunities, success in land and real estate matters is also indicated. Multiple sources of earnings will be there for you. Still, maintaining a fine balance between income and expenditures is important. Also, keep a check on your ego and aggression, otherwise, it could lead to problems for you professionally and financially. 

Remedy– Keep fast on Mondays and pray to goddess “Mahagauri”. 


In this financial year, you may have to put in a lot of continuous and persistent efforts to earn a living, income is likely to remain low and expenses will be high. You may have to face fluctuations, transfers etc. in your job, But, things are likely to get better from August, so it is advised to work on your skills especially related to technology and computers until the arrival of this favourable time period. This will open  new doors of opportunities for you. 

Remedy – Recite Kanak Dhara Strotra daily in the praise of Mata Mahalakshmi. 

For More Information about this festival, Click Here to Watch the Video on Akshay Tritiya 


This financial year indicates mixed results for the natives born under the sign of the twins. Businessmen, those indulging in stock markets and trading are likely to earn good returns this year. But from January onwards, things can go up and down, so be a tad bit careful, especially those who run their business in the form of partnerships. Professionals, however may face some tough times as some of you may have to go through job loss, layoffs during the initial phases. But do not lose hope as from the mid of July onwards, things will take a better turn as you may come across new opportunities. Focus and consistency is required on your part if you want good results this year. 

Remedy– Recite “Sankat Nashan” Ganesh Stotra daily in the Morning.

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Businessmen born under the sign of the Crab are likely to get better results this year, especially those of you involved in creative fields like Jewellery Designing, Makeup, Cosmetics, Events  etc. Those of you who are indulged in family business are also likely to witness substantial profits and gains. But, try to sustain that profit by keeping a check on your expenditures. Professionals, however, may have to go through some challenges in the first half especially till September, but things will start to improve from then onwards. Also, stay away from aggression and hastiness as that  may prove to be hazardous for your career. 

Remedy– Take blessings of your parents before leaving your house for important work. Recite the Shiv chalisa daily in the morning. 


This year is going to bring good results for the professionals born under the sign of the Lion, especially those working in government organisations or into professions related to skills like sports etc. and creative fields like Media, Journalism etc. Businessmen may face some ups and downs especially until October and things may start to improve financially after that. But, you may have to keep yourself updated in terms of Technology and follow the latest trends running in the market to succeed. 

Remedy– Recite the Gayatri Mantra 108 times.

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This financial year is going to bring benefits and a good inflow of cash for both professionals as well as businessmen born under the sign of the maiden. There will be an increase in the luxuries and profits this year. The individuals indulging in the sale and purchase of properties, those of you who work on contract, Agriculture, Interiors and Catering may see an increase in income. The planetary alignment indicates that investing in small ventures will bring out the best results for you rather than investing in one big project. 

Remedy- Donate stationery to the needy and worship “ Goddess Mahagauri”. 


This financial year will start on a good note for the businessmen born under the sign of the scales, especially those indulged in IT, Import- Export, Cloth Business, Trading and Stock Market. They are going to see a rise in their income and expansion in their business. Professionals, however, may have to struggle a little to retain their position and finances especially till November. So, they are advised to shed their comfort zone and work on their productivity and efficiency. Those of you indulging in freelancing work may fare better results than permanent employees. 

Remedy– Recite “Sri Suktam” daily in the Morning. 


Scorpio professionals may find lady luck smiling on them at the beginning as they are likely to acquire good positions of authority and increment in their current organizations. If there are changes, then also they are going to bring auspicious results for you professionally. However, things may become a little stagnant after November, so, make sure to sustain the success earned initially. Those in the business are likely to face some problems in the shape of rising expenditure and lower incomes. But things will take a better turn from September onwards. Those working in education, travel, publishing and financial services are likely to fare better results this year.

Remedy– Chant ”Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay” during sunrise. 

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Natives born under the sign of the archer may feel uncertain and anxious at the beginning of the year as the planetary alignments do not hold much in terms of cash flow and income. This year may see you shifting jobs and professions until November, before things finally get to settle down. So, maintaining your expenditures play a very important role this year. Those in the fields of Government service, Freelancing, Stock Market, working from home, dealers especially in Real Estate may perform better and withstand this uncertain year better than other natives.

Remedy–  Offer Arghya to Lord Sun.


The planetary alignments hold a lot of promise this Akshaya Tritiya as you are likely to receive good flow of income and profits the whole year. Professionals or businessmen, both will see a rise in their status and income without putting in much of an effort. There are also going to be some profits from rental income, trading in metals, stock market, agriculture and ancestral property for some of the natives. 

Remedy- Donate to charity or to the needy as well as differently abled people.


After some initial setbacks, Aquarius natives are likely to receive good financial gains as the planetary positions are indicating favorable time after June 2020 for them. Sudden gains and profits can be there for some of the natives born under this air sign. However, investments have to be made for the longer terms, not short term. However, there may be some expenditures incurred on legal matters etc. Professional folks can make the most of this financially fertile time if and only they thrive to work upon the betterment of their skills. However, things may remain a little stagnant from November 2020 till March 2021. So, do not try to do anything fancy in this duration, otherwise, you are going to incur losses. Also, avoid loans and if essential to take them, then take proper measures to repay them.

Remedy– Recite the “Mahalakshmi Ashtakam” in the praise of Maa Mahalakshmi.


This year is going to be very auspicious in terms of finance for Pisces folks. Planetary positions are creating very beautiful “Dhan” and “Raj Yoga”, so that they will continue to get profitable opportunities this whole year. This start of the Akshya Tritiya has the majority of your planets in their second and eleventh houses, which indicates great capacity to encounter a rise in income and status. They will literally be blessed with the Midas touch. The only advice for them is to stay humble and take risks after weighing in pros and cons. 

Remedy – Take blessings of your Gurus, mentors and idols and donate to charity.

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