Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga: Positive Upturn For 3 Zodiacs!

Akhand Samrajya Rajyog: The constellations and the planetary movements create and are responsible for Yoga and Dosha. When auspicious Yogas are made in one’s horoscope, then they can take a person to much greater and prosperous heights. Similarly, if there are Doshas being created in one’s horoscope, then they can put a person in great distress and challenges. Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about one of the highly pious Yogas, which is known as the Akhanda Samrajya Rajyog. This rare Yoga is going to be formed with the influence of two major planets and they are Jupiter and Karma-effective Saturn. There are three zodiac signs for which this Yoga is going to be favorable and will also grant them financial progress!

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What Is Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga?

We will discover what Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga is eventually, but first, let’s find out how this Yoga was created. Whenever a planet for a long period of time transits into the houses of wealth which are the second and eleventh houses, then it gives birth to Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga. In Vedic Astrology, this Yoga is considered to be highly fruitful and favorable. With its effects, the natives are blessed with financial prosperity, and peace and respect are increased in one’s familial life. So, let’s now discover about the time of these transits due to which this pious Yoga will take place! 

Saturn Transit 2023: Date & Time

Saturn will come out of the zodiac sign of Capricorn and will transit into the zodiac sign of Aquarius on 17th January 2023, at 05:04 pm. Now let’s check out Jupiter’s information!

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Jupiter Transit 2023: Date & Time

The planet Jupiter will leave the zodiac sign of Pisces and will transit into its friendly zodiac sign, which is Aries. This transit will take place on 22nd April 2023, at 03:33 am. This transit of Jupiter will give birth to the Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga which is going to be booming for these three zodiac signs!

These Zodiac Signs Are Blessed From All Angles!


The beneficial planet Jupiter will transit in the zodiac sign of Aries, and with that Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga will be created. The natives of Ram will benefit from this Yoga greatly, especially from a financial standpoint. During this time, there are high chances that these natives will come across sudden financial gain. Those natives who are into business will be able to incur great benefits from their business as well. For those Ram natives who are involved in the stock market, there is a potential that they will experience favorable results as well.


For the natives of Gemini, this Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga will prove to be beneficial. Due to Saturn’s transit on 17th January, the effect of Dhaiyya will be removed from these natives, and they will be relieved. After this, Jupiter will transit on 22nd April, and with that there are chances that Gemini natives will get financial gain. The natives who are working will also come across promotions in their respective fields, during this period. Apart from this, if your matter regarding an ancestral property is delayed or stuck, then it is possible that it will come in your favor. During this period, if Gemini natives want to change their job, then it will be favorable for them!

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For the native of Capricorn, the Yoga formed by Jupiter and Saturn, Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga, will be prosperous. Saturn will be placed in your wealth house, and with its effect, you will be able to gain your old money which was somehow stuck. With this, these natives will also gain respect in society, and their familial relationships will become better. 

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