Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023: Remove The Sins Of Past Life; Know Remedies

Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023: Within Hinduism, Ekadashi bears significant importance. It is a day deeply cherished by Lord Vishnu, exclusively dedicated to his reverence. Alongside, devotees also pay homage to Goddess Lakshmi. Amidst these numerous Ekadashi observances, Aja Ekadashi stands out as notably paramount. According to the Hindu calendar, Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023 aligns with the Ekadashi phase during the Krishna Paksha of the Bhadrapada month. 

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From a religious viewpoint, this fast holds immense significance. The conviction persists that upholding the Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023 grants individuals absolution from all transgressions. Commencing on the Ekadashi date, the fast concludes on the morning of the subsequent Dwadashi date. 

The recitation of the Vishnu Sahasranama (a compilation of a thousand names praising Lord Vishnu) on this day bestows distinct blessings, and acts of philanthropy and virtue are equally regarded as rewarding. With this momentum, let’s proceed to explore the timing and significance of Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023, its mythological story, and various other aspects.

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Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023: Date & Time

This year, the Ekadashi Tithi during the Krishna Paksha of the Bhadrapada month will align with Sunday, 10th September 2023, marking the day for observing the Aja Ekadashi fast 2023. Let’s now delve into the details of the favorable timings.

Start of Ekadashi Tithi: The Aja Ekadashi will begin on the evening of 9th September 2023 at 7:20 PM.

End of Ekadashi Date: The Ekadashi will conclude on the night of 10th September 2023 at 9:30 PM.

Aja Ekadashi Parana Timing: The breaking of the Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023 should be done from 6:03 AM to 8:33 AM on 11th September 2023.

Duration: 2 hours 29 minutes.

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The Significance Of Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023

Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023 stands out as the most superior among all fasting practices. As stated in the scriptures, it is firmly believed that individuals who conscientiously observe this fast in accordance with the prescribed rituals find absolution for all their sins, ultimately gaining access to the celestial sphere. 

Moreover, the mere act of hearing the narrative of Aja Ekadashi yields rewards surpassing even those obtained from elaborate rituals such as horse sacrifices, arduous penances, acts of charity, and ritual bathing in sacred rivers. Furthermore, beyond experiencing joy within this earthly realm, the individual ultimately transcends to the realm of Vishnu.

Follow These Rituals On Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023 

On the day of Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023, follow this procedure for worship:

  • Begin the day by rising early in the morning, and after completing your morning ablutions, take a solemn vow for the fast.
  • Clean the place of worship and set up a clean platform.
  • Spread a red or yellow cloth on the platform.
  • Place idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on the platform.
  • Offer yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu and white flowers to Goddess Lakshmi. Also, prepare a dish of kheer (sweet rice pudding) as an offering, as Tulsi (holy basil) is particularly favored by Lord Vishnu.
  • Perform the worship with proper rituals. During the worship, offer an arati and make sure to read the story of Aja Ekadashi.
  • Throughout the day of Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023, meditate on Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi while maintaining the fast.
  • Stay awake during the night, engage in the chanting of devotional hymns, singing of bhajans (devotional songs), and repetition of their mantras while focusing on Lord Vishnu’s presence.
  • The following day, break the fast at the auspicious time.

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Points To Keep In Mind On Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023

  • Refrain from rice consumption on the auspicious Ekadashi day, as it is believed that partaking in rice could result in reincarnation as a colored reptile.
  • For those observing the fast, it is advised to abstain from physical intimacy and instead uphold celibacy on this occasion.
  • Moreover, it is recommended to treat every woman with respect on this day to avoid displeasing Mata Lakshmi, as this could result in unfavorable outcomes. Nonetheless, it’s vital to maintain respect for women at all times, not just on this specific day.
  • Avoid the consumption of tamasic foods such as meat or alcohol during Ekadashi, as engaging in such practices might invite various challenges.
  • Individuals observing the Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023 are encouraged to refrain from daytime sleep.

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Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023: Fasting Story

The narrative of Aja Ekadashi was initially recounted to King Yudhishthira by Lord Sri Krishna, and it unfolds as follows: In the mythological tale, there existed a powerful ruler named Harishchandra within a realm. For some undisclosed reason, he relinquished his dominion, parting with his wife, children, and even himself. Subsequently, King Harishchandra toiled as a chandala, collecting garments from the deceased. He steadfastly adhered to the path of truth, and in moments of solitude, he contemplated ways to alleviate his suffering, striving for salvation.

He dedicated himself to virtuous actions over a considerable period. On a day of distress, Sage Gautama visited him. The king extended greetings and proceeded to seek guidance on attaining liberation from his tribulations. In that instance, the sage conveyed that the king was fortunate, as in seven days, the Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi, known as Aja Ekadashi, would arrive. 

He counseled the king to rigorously observe this fast with prescribed rituals, promising its positive effects on his well-being. Having shared this counsel, Sage Gautama departed. Seven days later, the king undertook the fast of Aja Ekadashi. Abiding by the sage’s instructions, he meticulously performed worship to Lord Vishnu and remained vigilant throughout the night. 

The ensuing morning saw him conclude the fast, partaking in the Parana ritual. Subsequently, owing to Lord Vishnu’s benevolence, the king’s sufferings were alleviated, and a cascade of blossoms descended from the celestial realm. He bore witness to the resurrection of his departed son and the restoration of his wife’s regal countenance. Through the fast’s merits, the king’s lost kingdom was reclaimed. Ultimately, as his life reached its culmination, he attained a heavenly abode, accompanied by his family.

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Easy Remedies To Perform On Aja Ekadashi Fast 2023

During Aja Ekadashi, specific remedies can be embraced to alleviate a range of sorrows and pains while also potentially paving the way for financial prosperity. Let’s now delve into the accessible astrological remedies practiced on Ekadashi.

Promoting Happiness And Prosperity

On Aja Ekadashi, blend rose water with sandalwood or saffron. Apply this concoction to the feet of Lord Vishnu and mark the forehead with a tilak. This practice is rooted in the belief that it bestows happiness and prosperity upon the individual.

Overcoming Financial Challenges

On this day, visit a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and present a betel leaf inscribed with “Om Vishnavay Namah”. Subsequently, engage in a worship ritual with meticulous observance and position the leaf amidst your valuables or money. This act is thought to provide relief from financial predicaments.

Obtaining Relief From Ancestral Issues (Pitru Dosha)

During Aja Ekadashi, kindle a Ghee lamp beneath a peepal tree and circumambulate the tree. Through this act, it is believed that all the deities dwelling within the peepal tree, in conjunction with Lord Vishnu, are appeased. Furthermore, this practice is associated with finding respite from ancestral issues.

Facilitating Business And Career Progress

As the evening sets in on this Ekadashi, illuminate a ghee lamp before a sacred Tulsi plant. While chanting the mantra “Om Vasudevaya Namah”, circumnavigate the tulsi plant seven or eleven times. This observance is thought to foster significant advancements in business and career pursuits, leading to swift benefits.

Enhancing Marital Life

Aja Ekadashi carries distinct significance for acts of charity and virtuous deeds. On this occasion, extend your benevolence by donating clothes, grains, fruits, milk, curd, money, and ghee to the underprivileged. This compassionate gesture contributes to a harmonious and felicitous marital life.

For Students

During this day, following your morning ablutions, partake in an abhishek of a deity representing Lord Vishnu, using saffron-infused milk. Afterward, recite passages from the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. This custom is believed to pave the way for favorable academic outcomes, amplifying students’ performance in their chosen fields.

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Recite These Mantras To Please Lord Vishnu

Shree Hari Beej Mantra

“’om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya||”

Chanting this mantra bestows wealth and abundance, as well as happiness and prosperity.

Mantra For Quick Results

“Shrikrrishna Govinda Hare Murari, He Natha Narayana Vasudevaya|| Om Narayanaya Vidmahe| Vasudevaya Dhimahi| Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat|| Om Vishnave Nama:||”

Mantra For Wealth and Prosperity

“Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino,Ma Dabhram Bhurya Bhara| Bhuri Ghedindra Ditsasi| Om Bhurida Tyasi Shruta: Purutra Shura Vrritrahan| Aa No Bhajasva Radhasi|”

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