Rahu Will Bless These Signs For A Year, Will Succeed In All Tasks!

In astrology, two names frighten the natives. One is Rahu and another is Ketu. However, through this special blog, you will know about the lucky zodiac signs who will be getting best results for one year from Rahu and with the blessing of Rahu, these zodiac signs will be getting success, money, good health etc.

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Characteristics of Rahu Planet

First of all, it is quite important to know that in comparison to other planets, Rahu and Ketu are the slowest planets. Both planets take more than one year to change their zodiac i.e. these two planets transit after 1 and half year.  Both of these planets always retrograde which means they always move backward. 

In April, there was a transit of Rahu planet in Aries. In such a situation, the effect of this transit will be seen on all the zodiac signs for one year. 

Let us know about those 3 lucky zodiac signs which will be getting favorable results from Rahu for one year. 

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The 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs

The three lucky zodiac signs affected by Rahu are Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. The natives of these three signs will be showered with the blessing of Rahu for one year. 

Taurus: This transit of Rahu planet is quite auspicious for Taurus natives as it will bring a lot of opportunities to them for success. During this period, you will gain profit from all the international sources. Also, you will get a chance to travel in a foreign country. Also, professionals who are working in MNCs will get success in every task and will be appreciated by their bosses. They can also get a promotion. There is a possibility of an increment in salary or income. Apart from this, natives who are politicians or wish to step into politics will be receiving favorable results and their dream may come true.

Gemini: For natives of Gemini, the Rahu Planet has brought success in their career and economical life. During this period, your economic condition will be strengthened and your image will be improved at the workplace. Apart from this, you will get opportunities to gain money from more than one source, which will increase your income. The businessmen and students will also receive many benefits during this period. Those natives who are in politics will also be benefitted by Rahu and they can get higher positions. Overall, the natives of Gemini should be ready for success in life.

Cancer: The second lucky zodiac is Cancer, which will also be receiving favorable results for the whole year. The working professionals can get promoted to higher positions. Apart from this, those who are looking for a job will receive good news shortly. This duration will prove to be useful for those who are eagerly waiting for their promotion or looking for a job change. Also, making an investment during this period will generate profit. This time is also auspicious to buy a new house, new car or jewelry. 

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Signs of Adverse Rahu In Horoscope & Remedies To Strengthen It

  • If the southeast corner of your house is frequently contaminated, then it is a sign of weak Rahu in your charts. 
  • If your toilet is uncleaned and broken then it is also a sign of weak Rahu. 
  • If you have been indulged in black magic or Tantra, it means your life is wrongly affected by Rahu. 
  • Lack of sleep and frequent nightmares is also the signal of weak Rahu.  
  • If you feel indecisive and hesitate to implement your ideas, that is the sign that Rahu is in poor condition in your horoscope. 

If you can also relate with these signs in your life, then let’s know the remedies to remove the negative effects of Rahu on your life. 

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Remedies To Strengthen Rahu In Horoscope

  • Feed 7 types of grain to birds.  
  • Wear Hessonite Gem, but only after consulting a learned astrologer
  • Chant Vedic Mantras of Rahu. 
  • Recite Rahu Stotra regularly.
  • Recite Rahu Kavach. 
  • Avoid treachery and telling a lie. 
  • Donate things related to Rahu. 
  • Feed sweet chapatis to a black dog. 
  • Hang a peacock feather on the wall in East and North West Direction.
  • Always keep white sandalwood with you and wear a white sandalwood necklace.

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