7 Vastu Tips for Home Garden

Nature is a wonderful gift of God. Seeing beautiful blooming flowers, green leaves, and walking barefoot on dewy grass pours our heart with utmost happiness. Just experiencing these amazing views of nature, our unhappy mind feels the unlimited happiness. Seeing a beautiful garden, our low mood automatically changes into a cheerful one.

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During the long journey, the memories of past childhood are awakened after seeing the flowing farm of mustard. The image of the moments spent with the parents goes in front of the eyes. Nature not only rejoices our mind but also provides spiritual healing to our unidentified souls. In both mental and physical areas, trees and plants help us to get rid of all the problems, we experience in our everyday lives.

Life Changes By Natural Vastu Treatment

In today’s modern era, where new discoveries are being made in the field of technology, in the ancient time, people used to solve their problems in a natural way. But, as we see, in the present scenario the more we have come forward, the greater we have lagged behind. Everyone looks healthy today from above, but due to rising pollution, bad eating habits, etc, our health gets deteriorated with each passing day. Our physical stamina, courage, and truth have lost their existence. People are going through mental depression. The economic problem is mind-eating-only like a termite is eating inside us. This problem is getting much more attention in cities and metros.

As we are moving away from nature, our problems are increasing as well. We all believe in God, but we are disrespecting the gift given by him, and hence, we are convicted of the punishment today. Whether it is in the form of a disease or economic problem or ideological differences, everyone is suffering from some problem or the other.

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Benefits of Vastu Treatment by Plants

It is a miraculous power cited by God, and if it is used in a composite manner, it is possible to resolve every problem. Modern architectural science is not less than a boon in today’s time. It can make our life naturally beautiful and happy. A key part of this Vastu treatment is planting green plants in the right zone and direction.

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Do you know that if we put a plant in the right direction, then it also changes our condition? It is possible to bring architectural and astrological changes in life by combining the tree plant. Every plant has its own healing capacity and keeping them in the right direction can affect the object of that direction. For kitchen and bathroom vastu, read more.

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Placement of Plants as per Vastu

  • The North side of the house or office is considered as the direction of Mercury. Being open and airy in this direction gives a lot of auspicious results. If greenery is arranged in this direction, then there is intellectual growth in our lives. Skin diseases, speech defects, voracious intelligence, drunken tendencies, leprosy, stomach disorders, tooth problems, irritability etc. can be treated naturally.
  • The North direction is considered as the area of Kuber. In this direction, by applying auspicious plants such as basil, banana tree, arelia, muga etc, the energy of Kuber Dev revives and gives us relief as a blessing.
  • The East direction is the direction of Sun God. In this direction, low-height plants should be planted. By spending time in this direction and by laying green grass, one receives the blessings of the Sun God. By doing this, the person gets the blessings of self-confidence, success, and health. A person can lead a healthy life by conquering headache, eyesight, bone disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, fatigue, and weakness.

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  • According to astrology, South direction is considered to be the direction of Mars. In this direction, planting the red flowers can help you overcome obstacles that come in life. To get rid of unrest, conflict, dispute, disease, fire, quarrel with brother, real estate dispute, blood disorder etc., planting red flowering plants in the South is one of the best miraculous solution. This is a great and simple way to get fame in life.
  • The West direction of the house is considered to be the direction of the moon. In this direction, planting plants like jasmine, Bela, aloe vera, hard leaves etc, proves fruitful for both people and environment. Purification of the West direction also involves the mental development of children and children living in the house. As far as the person’s health is concerned, the amount of fear is low and mental illness, depression, colds, secret diseases, arthritis, cough and digestive disorders improve.
  • The placement of plants in our homely space and office place plays an integral role in making our environment fun-loving and active. The measures taken by the vastu experts give the fruitful results. Changes in our day-to-day life are what makes our life happy and healthy.

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