Astro Tips: Avoid Making Chapati On These 6 Events In New Year 2024, Or Else…

When Not To Make Chapati In House : New Year is here in the town with happiness and good times all over the world, and with 1st January over here, we are pretty sure that you are extremely curious about this upcoming year and you wish for it to be filled with happiness, prosperity and good luck. But, there are times when we are not supposed to make mistakes, even mistakenly, to avoid bringing bad omen to our life. 

Today, through this blog of AstorSage, we are going to let you know about the 6 events when you are not supposed to make chapati at your homes, even mistakenly, otherwise there would be problems in your life. So, let’s begin! Shall we?  

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You might be astonished by the fact that making chapatis can be related to problems or bad omen in your life but the fact is it is. If you make chapatis on these 6 events,  then there are chances of obstacles arising on the way of your success and the problems in your finances too.  Come, let’s tell you what are those 6 events and why are we insisting on not making chapatis at these events and  why is it considered as a bad omen?

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Making chapatis at certain events can upset Goddess Laxmi,  and due to which, you can bring poverty and destitution in the house. Per the Hindu mythology,  there is a tradition of not making chapatis on the festivals related to the Goddess Laxmi. 

So, it’s time to unveil the events of the year 2024 when you are not supposed to make chapatis in your house. 

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New Year 2024: Don’t Make Chapatis On These 6 Events

Makar Sankranti (15 January 2024): The first festival of 2024 is Makar Sankranti and like every other festival, it is going to be on 15th January. This is also the very first event on which you should avoid making chapati, and there is a tradition of eating Khichdi. And if you want, you can have rice – based food too. 

Shitalashtami (O2 April 2024) : Shitalashtami is the 2nd festival of 2024 when you are not supposed to make chapatis at your home and the festival is falling on 2nd April this year. And on this festival, Sheetal Mata is offered stale food i.e; cold food and the stove is not lit in the kitchen and you are not supposed to make chapati. 

Naag Panchami (09 August 2024) : Naag Panchami is the third festival when you are not supposed to make chapati, as it is considered as a bad omen and it will be celebrated on 09 August 2024. According to hindu mythology, putting a griddle pan on the stove is considered to bring negativity, because on this day, Griddle pan is considered to be in the form of Lord Naag.  

Sharad Purnima (16 October 2024):  Sharad Purnima is extremely holy and auspicious in the hindu mythology, which will fall on 16 October 2024 this year. According to the Hindu mythology, we pray to the Goddess Laxmi and Lord Chandra and that’s why, we don’t make chapati on this auspicious day as on the festival related to the Goddess Laxmi, we don’t make chapatis at home. 

Diwali (01 November 2024) : Like on Sharad Purnima, we celebrate the Goddess Laxmi on Diwali too, and that’s why we don’t make chapatis at home on this day. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, it is considered as a bad omen to make chapatis. And,  according to the scriptures, you should not also leave the utensils empty on this day as it is considered to bring poverty in the house. 

Mahalakshmi Vrat (11 September 2024) : Like the festivals and vrats mentioned above, Mahalakshmi Vrat is also associated with the Goddess Laxmi. And, because of this, it is considered negative to make chapatis at your home. 

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